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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Our Kiwi Christmas

Thank you all for your Christmas wishes. From the blogs I've read, it sounds like our family wasn't alone in having a lovely day, it was so nice to spend time with our two daughters and one partner.
(Sadly our son and dil weren't able to be in NZ for Christmas).
Allow me to share a little of what our Christmas was like.
I thought that as the kids grew up (our youngest is now 21) that Christmases would lose a bit of their magic but that shows no sign of happening!! (Big smiles).
Gift of the day was this outfit being modelled by Oscar-Riley.
He he! Ever so cute,whenever he shook his head the
bells jingled!!
The antlers didn't fit so well and didn't stay on for long!
Most excited pet of the day - Oscar-Riley - loves getting his own Santa sack. Something must have smelled good as one of the parcels had chew marks!!

This little brooch was made for me by a friend - so cute!!
 It was attached to Oscar's stocking so he would know it was his one.
(It's been retrieved and is in a safe spot now!)
Oh Golly!
 Yummy mains of the day - the simplest Christmas Dinner ever but oh so delicious.
Ham, twice-roasted pork belly and the yummiest salad ever.
Yummy dessert of the day
Pavlova, fresh fruit salad and Christmas cake.
I didn't do a lot of sewing for my gift giving this year, time ran out on me- but I did manage to complete a couple of small things.
I made two of these Gail Pan ornaments. Easy to make and very sweet.
 And I made two notebook covers.
 You probably know by now that I love making these; I love playing around and coming up with a pleasing (to me!!) design -
(the sheep and the dog appliqué are reduced from blocks in the Quiltmaker 100 Blocks magazines)

These are the backs - I had fun with the four patches!!

Wow - I've just realised what the time is!!Way past bed-time!
Thanks for visiting every-one, may all your days be happy, 


  1. The perfect Kiwi Christmas :-)

    Love the little ornies and notebooks, your designs are gorgeous!

  2. Lovely post Raewyn, nice to see how you celebrate Christmas .I love what you did for the notebooks!

  3. Thank you for sharing your Christmas with us..
    Nice gifts you did manage to make...

  4. I'm not showing Abbey your post, she will get ideas about dressing up her poodle.
    Looks like a lovely day - perfect.
    Love Leanne

  5. Glad you had a good Christmas. Family is wonderful at that time of year!

  6. cute little coat for Oscar! You look like you had a great day, I hope the girls had their chocolate for breakfast!

  7. I'm glad you had such a wonderful Christmas!!

  8. What a lovely Christmas you had! Your hand-crafted gifts are so special...they must have been loved by the recipients!

  9. Looks like you had a wonderful day, Oscar looks too cute in his reindeer suit! Love all your projects too, the journal covers are gorgeous.


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