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Monday, July 9, 2012

Another block and some gifts.

I seem to have had another bloggy break but I am hoping I am back with a vengeance this time.
While I have been 'absent' I have finished another of my Hop To It blocks...
Block 7 - Batik Beauty. Fromthe book Hop To It by Edyta Sitar.

I am so keen to get this done - I have just 3 blocks to go. In my last post I was wondering about my colourwaves for the sashing/borders. I've gone off the rust idea and think I will go for a different look incorporating the fabrics I have used in the blocks. In the end I decided that the rust just didn't let the blocks shine... so I will continue to play and see what happens.

I've also been the lucky recipient of some lovely gifts recently... it was my birthday and some of my gifts included handmade items from my clever crafty friends.
Leeanne made me this cushion. It is made using the Trapunto technique, with extra batting put behind areas at the back. Very lovely.
I've put this photo first as it shows the real colour.
I didn't realise the colour had washed out in the photo until I loaded it! It does
show the dsign off very well though!
Barbara made me this tape measure cover. All done in wool felt. Absolutely lovely.

Great detail - very effective.
And Kerry surprised me with this scarf. Lengths of yarn laid out between wash-away and joined at intervals with zig-zag stitch. Cunning huh?
Just my colour! And I've worn it on an outing already.
Love the textures

Wasn't I spoiled?? Thank you so much, lovely ladies. - I love them all.
I've run myself out of time tonight - will share more next time. In the meantime, I hope you're all finding some creating time - and keeping warm, or cool, and dry, where-ever you live!


Maria said...

You were spoilt. Lovely gifts from all the ladies.
your block looks great. Waht about a small maroon and then a bigger green borders??

Michelle said...

Hi Raewyn... Happy Birthday!!! For whenever it was...;o)
Lovely gifts... :O)

Annie said...

Happy Birthday to You....happy birthday to you....happy biiiiirthdaaaay dear Raeeeeewynnnnnn Haaaaaapy Biiiiiiirhdayyyyy toooooooooo Yoooooooooooouuuuuuuu (sung with lots of gusto :) Hope you had a lovely lovely lovely day xoxoxox
Now to business - how about lots of 1 inch squares of the fabrics you have used? I think that would look really good!!!!

Janet O. said...

Your block is beautiful. Will you show all the finished ones together? I would love to see them and get a better idea of what you are talking about for the sashing/border.
Looks like you had a good birthday!

Leeanne said...

Your Hop to it blocks are stunning, I love the touches of red coming through.
The scarf Kerry made is awesome! I feel she needs to take a class for those who want to learn how!

Shirley said...

What talented and thoughtful friends you have to make and give you such beautiful gifts. The blocks look good. What about a paler green for the borders?

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your hop to it block is gorgeous, I love the colours you are working with. Happy birthday, the gifts you were given are really lovely.

Carrie P. said...

your block is fabulous and look at all your fabulous gifts. Love that tape measure cover. too cute.