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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Organising myself

This week I took a bit of time to have a bit of re-organisation in my sewing cave. First step was to buy a bunch of skirt hangers for my flimsies. Second step was to find somewhere to hang them....a simple plastic hook that hangs over the top of the door was the solution. I very rarely shut this door so they will be tucked away out of the way (and the sun) but still visible enough to remind me that they are there waiting for attention!
Please note I bought 5 hangers but have only
used 4!!! Grin.
The third  step was to tidy up the storage on top of my (Grandmother's) sewing cabinet. A small bookcase (2 for $25) was a perfect solution.
I even coped with having to assemble it...
Having a sense of organisation cleared my mind for sorting out my UFO list for my committment to the 'Sew It's Finished' blog.
Here goes - 
1. Breast of Friends - Homespun magazine project 2009 - 5 blocks completed
2. Flirting with Flowers - BOM by Toss's Corner (now the Pickledish Patch) - 6 blocks completed, only 3 to go (I think)
3. Crumbs quilt - this is at flimsy stage so just needs quilting
4. Klosjes quilt - make it up as I go - own design (!) want to do at least one more border of spools
5. Reproduction jellyroll quilt - this was intended for the MOML for Christmas - Dad's illness stopped work on this one - just have the last border to do plus the quilting etc.

There now - I have it in print!! Now this doesn't mean I won't be starting or working on other projects but these are some that I REALLY WANT TO COMPLETE!~!!!

See what I mean - another wee project started - this is the start of the stitching for my New Beginnings kit for one of the many crafters who have suffered from the Queensland floods.

Happy stitching every-one, and thanks for visiting,


  1. I love it when things are all organised - I just don't like the organising bit!

  2. I love the idea of the skirt hanger for flimsies, I'm going to do this with mine today.
    It always a great feeling to be well organised.

  3. Great organization tricks!!!
    Here is the link for the lily bom--
    I am really tempted to do this one--but????
    Hugs,Di and miss gracie

  4. Only four hangers of flimsies ... at least you didn't quite get to having to use no. 5!!! All looks great, the trouble is when I tidy up too much it slows down progress because I don't like to start untidying!! Anyhow I know who to call on next week when I am in a complete muddle and need help with a sort out??

  5. the skirt hangers are a smart idea! I hang/roll/ fold my tops and before you know it that is the state they will stay in for ever :)

    Your klosjestop is very beautiful

  6. Oh Raewyn, you make organising look so easy!!!! Love what you've done and can't wait to see those finished flimsies!!!!
    sugary hugs
    Wendy x :O)

  7. Very nice and neat, ihave those same storage boxes for my fabric, works good, i use hanger also for block that i working on and hang my finish item. Happy sewing

  8. First; thank you for your nice comment to my UFO. You had the perfect idea for hanging those tops; now why didn't I think of that?
    Mine are folded in a pile...yours are much neater; going to do just that..ty again
    Your sewing room and your projects look wonderful!!

  9. Nice idea to hang up the tops. You sure have some cute project in process.

  10. I think you've done the hardest part - can't wait to see your progress. ;-)


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