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Thursday, April 2, 2020

Another Day

I trimmed all the truck and tractor blocks today and had a bit of a play. You'll notice in the picture below, the design for this quilt is set on point.
I've decided I don't want that as it will make all the vehicles sideways when it's laid out straight on the bed.
We make 18 blocks using the method outlined in the book - 13 are used in the layout suggested above and the rest are used for cot bumper pads. If I set mine more traditionally I'll use 15 and have three leftovers. Perfect, they'll form the basis of a quilt for my g-nephew who's also waiting patiently for his quilt :-)
I felt like I didn't achieve much today; I must say the days are quite leisurely at the moment. They're very relaxed and surreal - hard to reconcile the peace here in my bubble with the turmoil in the world; not only the sickness and the deaths but also the loss of incomes, jobs and so on. I do worry about how things will be when we get out of all this but for now I'm just getting on with my life here at home.

Anyway, I also finished replacing the zip in the sleep sack I started yesterday. I'll put it in ED's driveway tomorrow when I go into town for groceries. Maybe there will be some flour on the shelves!
After talking about my current inner peace, I'm wondering if anyone else is going into a frenzy with the lovely lockdown projects on offer around the world at the moment? (I know, I'm a contradiction!) Free projects, and patterns and some tempting looking QALs too. I'm about to start stitching Michelle's lovely stitcheries and she has offered a sweet basket applique design too.
Kris has invited us to join in with 'Love and Hugs from Australia'. Edyta Sitar is running a gorgeous QAL and Bonnie Hunter is starting one too. There are plenty more but these are the ones that come to mind at the moment!
I'd like to do something to commemorate this time and maybe a combination of these will make a unique and positive reminder of the kindness and sharing in the world.

I kept this morning's walk relatively flat and simple- I've downloaded an app and was surprised to see I still clocked up 2.15 kms, so I was pretty happy with myself. (Yesterday's hill effort was 2.17 kms but three times the effort and heart rate!)
'til next time, 
stay safe and well,
happy stitches,


Janice said...

The trucks and tractors really do look odd before they get their wheels. The colours look great. I know what you mean about busyness or quiet. Like you, I feel I want a project that was created as a memory of this time, but what. I'll see what Kris' stitch along is like. Today, I went into work for a while, we did the groceries, and other than that did next to nothing. I didn't feel a bit guilty. I think it is a case of just do whatever feels right at the time. Take care and I look forward to seeing your next walk.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I've got so many projects going I am passing by some of the new offers for free but it is so nice of them to do it. I am saving the pattern instructions for Edyta Sitar's quilts
It is odd staying at home so much - we never notice how any times we actually get in the car and head off to the store to pick up one or two things and not think any thing of it. Now I am figuring out how to do a pick up of groceries and I got things in my cart only to be told there is no pick up time available and you have to keep going back morning after morning I guess to pick a slot and then some of your items will no longer be available - do you finally just go to the store and hope for the best and clean up as best you can when you get home?
I like the trucks - the way you are doing - on point is cute but then not straight on the bed

Quiltdivajulie said...

I feel fairly peaceful here at home but I do worry about our other son/wife/grandson who are out in the world daily (hospital employee/working at home/going to preschool). We have been out three times in the past 3 weeks - FAR less than our usual. But the peak is due here in the coming weeks so I'll go out even less going forward. I am enjoying the photos from your daily walks - keep sharing, please. said...

I have been trying to not start any new projects, but have I been saving or printing the steps for some QAL, sure thing! Keep walking and moving, we are lucky we have some land to do it on and still be at home.

Linda said...

Yes, I found teal a difficult colour to use, so in the end I used everything from pale aqua through turquoise to almost a sea green. And now we have light to bright blue, so not too different really. As one of my blocks is Sailing boats ( backgrounds Blue sky and blue sea ) that’s another challenge!

Fiona said...

I love your version and I think I would have preferred to do the same and have them not on point… I don't think its too bad slowing down a bit in a way.... I think I am slowly prioritising…

kiwikid said...

You habe done a lot on the quilt Raewyn, I like it the way you have laid it out too. It will come alive with wheels!! Well done on the sleep sack repair, there are lots of new projects on offer over the internet, great way to feel involved. Life is pretty different for us now. I am enjoying your walks,. Hope you got some flour on this shopping trip.

loulee said...

Your trucks and tractors are coming along well, and there are bonus blocks too. That's always good.
Keep on enjoying your walks.

Janet O. said...

I prefer the vehicles in a straight set, as well. That is going to be a very fun quilt for the little guy.
I don't live on as large a spread as you do, but when I just stay at home on the farm, knowing that I don't have anywhere else I have to be (most of the time--still help with Mom a little bit each week), I do feel like I am in a kind of bubble, too. It will be interesting to see how everything plays out and what recovery looks like after all this upheaval.
I find the more SALs I resist, the easier it is to avoid the next new one. I have so many things I am trying to finish in my sewing room that SALs rarely draw me in anymore. This from someone who used to not just be content to sew along--I had to make 2 or 3 versions when I would follow a Cherie Payne, or Temecula SAL--sometimes even the Humble Quilt SALs would get 2 versions. :)

Karen S said...

I agree with your layout of the quilt. If was only used as a floor rug they would work en pointe, but if it is going on a bed the straight layout makes more sense.
I think we are all going to have days when we feel blah, and I think that is very normal. The hard part is we have never been here before so have no understanding of how we will all come out at the end. Very tricky. It almost feels unreal.I am being grateful that my family is well and that I have plenty to do.

QuiltGranma said...

thank you for the link to make the blocks for Basket case, and her embroideries too. I will not be doing any Bonnie quilt-alongs… too may pieces too pointed. I like the simpler things, like the Basket Case or the daily stitching in a grid that Michelle Ridgeway was showing. Simpler means less stress in these trying times.

Marjorie said...

I've been making a commemorative quilt for a healthcare worker friend in Texas who is recovering from Covid19. It makes me feel like I'm doing something helpful, and is a good reminder to myself why I'm only mildly annoyed to isolate. I am sure I will never run out of projects to do, no matter how long this lasts.

Bethan said...

The trucks and tractors are looking great, and are far more usable in the straight way you are stitching them. I haven't spotted many of the lockdown projects, but I am so spoilt for choice in my house anyway that I shouldn't really start anything else x