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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Foxley Progress

I'm pleased I prioritised my goals yesterday - I was in danger of having a muck around day in The Palace. However I checked my list and got myself on track. I'm still trying to keep relaxed in our current state but do want it to be a productive relaxed time!
So out came Foxley Village. Here is the applique block of Month 1, completed some time last year. The rest of Month 1 has some piecing.
I pulled out some fabrics, cut and started sewing.
It didn't take me too long to piece the block —
Quick joining together and Month One is complete.
These are all Tilda fabrics of various collections. Some were in the original pattern and some not. 

Nigel Cat accompanied me on my walk today. I think he was feeling sorry for me as the wee dog isn't coming with me —
I was a bit concerned as he'd crossed over the road with me. There's barely any traffic at the moment as I hoped he'd be safe coming home.
I went up the hill but he decided not to go all the way!
This photo shows how some of the hillsides look at the moment. We're getting cricket damage compounding the drought conditions —
For a change I walked down through the paddocks. A little bit of autumn colour appearing.

How are you all coping with the lockdown? Generally I'm trying to stay positive but I must admit to feeling at a bit of a loss and restless at times. I'm finding that having a routine really helps. NZ's numbers aren't climbing too rapidly at the moment so we are hoping we may have locked down just in time. Time will tell.
'til next time,
stay safe and well,
happy stitches,

Monday, April 6, 2020

Setting Goals and Challenges

Well I knew it was a new month (6 days ago to be honest) but had forgotten to get busy with my planning to give me some guidance for the month.
And I'm going to go with three goals this month - ahem - well, with all this extra time on my hands, surely that's possible?!
For my One Monthly Goal, kindly hosted by Patty over at Elm Street Quilts I'd like to get the Tractor and Truck quilt finished.
I have all the blocks pieced but they need some applique. I started on some today.
Yes I was right, those knobbly tyres do take a while to do but I will chip away at it. Thank goodness the trucks' tyres are smooth.

I'm also making a Woofa goal (Working on or finishing) for the month too. I've pulled out Foxley Village again recently. I'm getting through the hand applique but have barely touched the piecing - it's time to do that. Maybe by the end of the month this will look a bit more together.

I'd also like to make a PHD goal, hosted by Quilting Gail. My Hannah and Harrington quilt is on this list and needs finishing.
The quilting is started - I have stitched in the ditches of the applique rabbit blocks and will move onto filling in those blocks. I found the foot I bought for this job; you can see it's got a very curved shape so it doesn't snag on the wool pieces. Now I just need to work out how to change feet on my machine!
So there we are, three goals and plenty to keep me busy! Thank you to those who run these challenges - it really does help to prioritise and get things done.

I said the other day that the small dog refuses to come on my daily walks now.
He skips down to the chookhouse to help me feed those but then turns tail and disappears as soon as he senses a farm walk coming on.
This is the look I get! —
Look at the tail - it couldn't get too much lower!
He is 13 ½ so I let him off ♥
I had thought I'd just go down to the bridge and back as I was feeling a bit jaded, but once I got walking I decided to go further. So it was over the bridge, past the pump shed and straight ahead.
I ended up in the paddock above the quarry where the MOML was busy loading some rock. This is the rock we use on all the races (tracks). We're very lucky with this rock as it packs down nicely and doesn't cause foot problems in the cows.
Looking across to the bush. This is a beautiful piece of bush, untouched by fire for quite a while. Pretty impenetrable - wild pigs love it as it's easy for them to hide in it.
Following the MOML back home —
And so Day 13 of the lockdown passed by pretty quietly. I wonder what tomorrow will bring...???!!!
'til next time,
Safe and happy stitches,

Sunday, April 5, 2020

Keeping Company

Today found me babbling to the bees —
Talking to the Tractors —

Prepping a poodle —
Querying a Quiltshop —
(Sorry, I couldn't think of another Q word!)
(I prepped enough evening hand stitching to last the week.)
What's more, we had neighbours raiding the orchard —
Feijoa time - yum
And I had a lovely cyber-style catch-up with Mum and my siblings (we're dragging mum into the modern communication world!).

For today's walk I went over the road and up the hill, climbing further than usual —
Northland is looking so dry!
Went as far as the beehives.
The MOML was shifting the cows to a fresh paddock and silage.

'til next time,
safe and happy stitches,