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Sunday, January 26, 2020

Weekend Greens

I resolved this year to try to use up a few more scraps and decided I would sew along with Angela and the Rainbow Scrap Challenge.
Green is the colour for January and Green is what I sewed this weekend.

I really wanted to sew some blocks to send over to Australia. The Wollongong Modern Quilt Guild has put out a call for 12½" tree blocks. They're assembling them into quilts for those who have lost everything in the terrible fires they're having.
There's been quite a few block patterns shared lately online to encourage people to sew up a block or two.
I decided to go through the patterns I'd come across and see how many of them I could make over the weekend —
These were the first ones I made, Impro(vish) Tree Quilt, by happy sew lucky patterns. I enjoyed making these ones. There's a great video showing us how to draw up these blocks. The rest is adding bits on until it reaches the right size.
Then I made this tree block by bonjour quilts.  Again, another good tutorial. Make a few HSTs and the rest goes together pretty quickly.

The Regenerate block below was kindly given by Anorina Morris of Sameliasmum. Fun to do, her's is finished using raw edge applique, but I chose to do buttonhole stitch instead.
This block below is my least favourite, largely because of the fabrics I chose. It looks better on the pattern and ever so slightly better in real life than it does in the photo! It is a simple foundation pieced block which sews together nice and easily. The pattern is found via the Wollongong Modern Quilt group page *here*.
It's hard to tell but I popped a couple of wee kiwis in the tree trunk so the recipient gets a hint that someone in NZ was wishing them well.

For some reason I ended up making two of the Improv blocks but that's ok!
I used a constant light background fabric though out because I found a decent sized scrappy chunk of it, and I know me, I could spend forever hunting through trying to find different suitable backgrounds for each block!
Here they all are together.
Really, I see I struggle to do Modern as such but I do hope they work in with the other blocks they receive!
I'll post these off next time I go to town.... they want them all by the end of February. That gives them a  month to get there - surely the postal service can handle that time frame!

Not getting posted just yet is a wee pile of Joey pouches I made a couple of weeks ago. A call was put out for them but I think we all jumped on board so well that they quickly got inundated with plenty! I'm happy to wash these and store them away until another call goes out for more.

Time to do a few jobs before I get busy doing an easy Sunday night tea. It's still very hot so I don't feel like moving much but I need to.
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Tuesday, January 21, 2020

WOOFA and PHD update

What on earth is going on down here?!!

That's what the MOML said when he came down the stairs yesterday afternoon.
Here's why!!
I was in the midst of a sort out :-)

I've set myself some pretty strong goals for the year, signing up with Gail's PHD and Cheryll's WOOFA, and still wanting to do more.
I really felt I needed a sort out so that the projects I want to work on are at the forefront in The Palace and those that are taking a backseat are stored tidily away.

Several hours later I had sorted enough to tidy my brain and my room. I now have clear floor space, I've reorganised a few shelves, and the wardrobe, set up a planning folder, I've reboxed projects and so on.
I have, all in one place, my PHD projects. Here they are all stacked up waiting for a year of creativity and finishes. I discussed all these ones back *here*. There's 12 (gulp) in all.
12 finishes for 2020!!

I've also sorted out my WOOFA projects. As I see it, these are the list of projects I want to work on, but I'm not necessarily aiming to finish them. Accordingly I've made a separate list for these items. The PHD list is Must-DOs as far as finishing; the WOOFA list, I'm not aiming quite as high. (I hope that's acceptable, Cheryll.)
Wouldn't be be great though if they were all finished as well!
I have 6 projects on this list —
Pieces of Time —
This wasn't even on my radar but Joanne put it on her list. As we both started ours at the same time, I thought I should pull it out!

Not even a Mouse —

Row By Row quilt —

Country At Heart —

Flash Cat Medallion —
I haven't really blogged about this yet but that will wait for another day!

Omigosh quilt —
Such a long term project. But as I love making the blocks, I don't want this to fall by the wayside. And I want an excuse to sew them, when I clearly have other projects on my list!

Believe it or not, I have a fair few projects that need attention and I am hoping that my approach this year will help me to refine that list. I'm listing both lists on my sidebar.

I must do a sing out to Yvonne of Quilting Jetgirl who organised the 2020 planning party which I linked up to in December. The process, although incomplete, really got me thinking and planning. She also arranged for some sponsorship for the planning party and I'm thrilled to be the winner (randomly selected) of the Aurifil collection prize! As Aurifil is a thread I already enjoy using, I'm very happy about that! Thanks Yvonne, and thanks Aurifil!

Okay, that's enough list making and tidying to make my head ring :-) I'm off now to sew-sew-sew ♥
'til next time,
happy stitches,

Saturday, January 18, 2020

An extended Friday Night Sew In

I've had one of those lovely FNSIs that has lasted through several hemispheres!
Last time I shared my afghan it was needing blocking before I worked on the border.
I did that last week.
On and off over this last week I've been working on the border. And I continued on with it for Friday Night Sew In last night.
Today I carried on with it a little more. Joanne Threadhead and I skyped while we both took part in FNSI. She was still on Friday and I was on Saturday and it was lovely to have the virtual company in the virtual sew-in (hehe if that makes sense!)

The photo below shows the final round - little picots along the top edge.
What the photo doesn't show is how little yarn I had left!What you see below is all that I had for over half of that last round!
The border makes the whole piece - it just finishes it off so nicely. I did consider not doing the last round of picots. As it was, the orange I am using in the above photo is from a different coloured Caron Cake and isn't quite the same as the one in the original cakes. Same tones just slightly brighter.

I hunted a bit and came up with two options —
The salmon on the left is very similar colour wise. It's a leftover from a baby cardie but is 100% wool, whereas what I've been using has only been 20% wool. (It will look fine but that will quite possibly change when it gets washed, and I intend this to be a child's afghan that will get used and used!) The yellow on the right is a Caron Cake yarn, so is the right mix, but yellow hasn't been used at all in my afghan! A bit of a dilemma. 
As it's a child's one, I've decided to go with the yellow. It may look a little odd to us crafters but I know it will be absolutely ok for the child involved. Consider it a special design element!

After Joanne and I signed off and I did a few jobs, I spent the rest of my extended FNSI sewing some bassinet sheets. We need some summer ones, not the cosy winter ones I made a few years ago!
I'd already done the planning, and pre-washing. It didn't take too long to cut them to size and hem around the outside edges once I sat down to do it! [Isn't that always the way :-)]
Just need the baby to go with them now ♥
A special thank you to Wendy of Sugarlane designs for hosting us. The linky is on her blog *here* if you want to see what others got up to.
'til next time,
happy stitches,