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Tuesday, April 7, 2020

Foxley Progress

I'm pleased I prioritised my goals yesterday - I was in danger of having a muck around day in The Palace. However I checked my list and got myself on track. I'm still trying to keep relaxed in our current state but do want it to be a productive relaxed time!
So out came Foxley Village. Here is the applique block of Month 1, completed some time last year. The rest of Month 1 has some piecing.
I pulled out some fabrics, cut and started sewing.
It didn't take me too long to piece the block —
Quick joining together and Month One is complete.
These are all Tilda fabrics of various collections. Some were in the original pattern and some not. 

Nigel Cat accompanied me on my walk today. I think he was feeling sorry for me as the wee dog isn't coming with me —
I was a bit concerned as he'd crossed over the road with me. There's barely any traffic at the moment as I hoped he'd be safe coming home.
I went up the hill but he decided not to go all the way!
This photo shows how some of the hillsides look at the moment. We're getting cricket damage compounding the drought conditions —
For a change I walked down through the paddocks. A little bit of autumn colour appearing.

How are you all coping with the lockdown? Generally I'm trying to stay positive but I must admit to feeling at a bit of a loss and restless at times. I'm finding that having a routine really helps. NZ's numbers aren't climbing too rapidly at the moment so we are hoping we may have locked down just in time. Time will tell.
'til next time,
stay safe and well,
happy stitches,


Janice said...

Foxley Village is going to look so good. This is proving to be a good opportunity to make progress. I love how Nigel Cat joined you for a walk. Your poor paddocks do look to be suffering. Hopefully things will turn around before too long. I'm enjoying my days at home, but do find I'm just wandering from one thing to another without any pattern. Going to work for my three days is actually giving me a break from it.

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

in that one photo you show of a river I can't see a bridge? but yet you have a drought going on right now so I feel it didn't flood. I am trying to do all the same as I would normally do each day but I fail as I keep looking at the news too much and checking numbers
My state had been staying low but all of a sudden we are getting more cases every day and I wonder where will it end - how many sick when will I start to learn of family members being sick - so far all well but I have such a huge family.

Maria said...

Well done getting block one of Foxley Village done.
Hope Nigel got home okay... My DD cay used to follow the kids to the schoolbus stop so they had to make sure he was kept inside...
Paddocks are looking dry and those crickets aren't helping.
I think we all feel at a loss some time during the day..but I do think its definitely help keep Nos down in West Aussie too.
Stay strong and well.

Marjorie said...

We are 3 weeks into lockdown in Boise Idaho (NW United States) as our mayor shut down Boise a week ahead of the state. Our numbers are starting to improve. I didn't get projects done that I'd hoped as there was new guidance for masks and I jumped in to make some for my non-crafty friends. I'm also still working 3 days a week which helps to get out of the house. My husband, however, is getting stir crazy. He's off to take a long drive on back roads.

Radka said...

Thank you for sharing your walk with us :-)
Foxley Village - that reminds me, I have that pattern, planned to do that one day.....
Thanks for reminding me ;-)
Take care,

Carla A Few Of My Favorite Things said...

Those blocks look so lovely together! I am having a hard time relaxing and I really think getting lost in my stitching is just what I need!

Jenny said...

I think we are all feeling a bit lost and anxious during this time. Lucky we have our stitching to do, and it doesn't matter if we have trouble focusing on any particular project. Does your cat usually join you outside on your walk? Perhaps your little dog must wants to hunker down till things are back to normal, I'm sure that pets can pick up on our moods and concerns.

Julie said...

Foxley looks great Raewyn - love that block. Pretty autumn colours appearing now here too. I was feeling more anxious the first week & now I feel as though I have settled into more of a rhythm. Take care Raewyn - it will all hopefully be over soon & we can look back on it & say "Oh yes, that was the sewing I did during lockdown".

Fiona said...

Foxley is lovely and I think creating a new routine is very important. I have always done lots at home anyway but I am missing my sewing groups a lot. I am enjoying Hubz at home more though he does spend the days working during the week. The hardest of course is not seeing family....

kiwikid said...

Foxley Village is looking wonderful Raewyn. Good on Nigel cat for coming on your walk, and typical of a cat he decided nup, come far enough I heading home now, 😁😁, I hope he got over the road ok. You certainly need some rain over there, we seem to have crickets here too, I can hear them in the evening, but not the damage you are getting. I think it is a difficult time for us all Raewyn it especially for you as you can't see the grand children as you usually do. Numbers seem to be levelling off here to, let's hope we can get back to normal soon.

Karen S said...

Great to get the block complete. This should spur you on to get the others done.
Love that the cat decided to come walking, too.

LindaLee said...

I love the colors in Foxley Village. So very pretty and you do beautiful work. We're home just about all the time now. I do take my morning walk each day, and we go to the store about once a week only. Our church services are now what we call, parking lot services. We all park and sit in our cars with our windows down. Pastor uses a sound system with microphones. It's a lot like a regular service really.

I'm so thankful that Billy and I both have our hobbies and interests, and that they can be done right here at home.

You have a great week ahead. Be well and stay safe.

loulee said...

Your finished block is looking good. Such pretty fabrics.
Good of Nigel to accompany you at least part way on your walk.
I wonder, if you popped a lead onto the dog would he be a happier companion. One of mine refused to go even out to the car without her lead. LOL

Lin said...

Very nice finish on your block Raewyn. xx

Michelle Ridgway said...

I love Foxley Village! It is a bit challenging to stay relaxed. I find having projects to look forward to work on definitely helps.

QuiltGranma said...

I love your blocks. One time, when we were living in town, we had a 10 pound poodle as well as 2 ten pound cats. One day we took dog for a walk around the block and the loving cat followed along with us, till we got into territory she was unfamiliar with, and started complaining. She was a home girl. Some cats don't mind new places, but with all the people and houses and various dogs they may own, she tended to stay home. What does MOML stand for? not mom in law, Man of my life? AHA! I think I figured it out!

Bethan said...

Really lovely blocks, and how sweet that your cat came for a walk with you! I'm not finding lockdown too bad (about to enter week 5 for me, as I started before the UK officially went a week later). However, I keep pressuring myself to make productive use of the time - and sometimes I just need to relax x