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Tuesday, September 10, 2019

International Sisters

I'll just make one, I thought, to try it out —
"You won't be able to stop at one" they said.
Hmm, that was fun, maybe another one —
"Be careful" they warned "they're addictive" —
"You'll be hooked" they laughed.
Oh, Karen's sent me some fabric, I'd better make another —
Golly, now Sue's sent me some fabric, I'd better make another —
Ahhh, there's no stopping me!
There's a small movement going on in blogland, with these International Sisters slowly taking over. Preeti of Sew Preeti started it all after seeing a block she liked and sharing a tutorial for it. (And later discovered the origin of the block *here*.)
I saw them on Karen's Kaholly blog, and Sue's Kiwikid blog and instantly fell in love.

These blocks have been a relaxing and fun sew while we are so busy on the farm. They don't require much thinking and energy so have been great for when there's a spare 15 or 30 minutes to spend in The Palace.

And it's fun sifting through my stash to find suitable dress fabrics! My ladies are a mix of International and Other. They're all just great friends regardless of their origins.
Canadian sister —
Doniene sent me this a few years ago  (Texan Wildflowers)—
Found some fabric from Dad's quilt, must use that —
(Do you notice how some sisters are waving and some have their hands to their sides? The one in Dad's fabric is dancing!)
Some of the sisters love to show off that they're gardeners or sewists.
I have a wee pile of more sisters cut so I expect some more Happy Sewing soon :-)
Will you join us?
(PS I believe Fiona of bubzrugz has started some too!)
Time to be going,
'til next time,
Happy stitches, 


Janet O. said...

Oh, these are so fun--and yes, I had noticed the different hand placements. I don't even dare make one, since I am so far behind on so many other things. But my mind is sorting through fabrics thinking of what I COULD do, if I DID make some. :)
Great work here, my International friend!

June's Jottings said...

Goodness me Raewyn, your sisters look wonderful and I only wish I had the time to sit and work them out and make some too. However at the moment, fishing (ha, ha!) is the flavour of the time. Although sadly the dam is in short supply of water and hardly any bait available - ah well, I'll (at least) continue with my stitching.

Jenny said...

I've seen the International Sisters on Preeti's blog, and you are right, they have really proved so very popular. Yours look so nice - wonder how many more you make?

Mien B said...

I started making one to see how it was and ended making a whole quilt with ladies all dressed in african fabriscs. It was o joy to make it!
The VLISCO-fabrics are made in Helmond a town next to our village. So I have a great collection of these fabrics and I make most of my quilts with these fabrics.

Mien B said...

I live in the Netherlands in Deurne a village next to Helmond where the vlisco-factory is.

Cottage Tails said...

oh my! These are cute. Not seen them before. Love Leanne

Maria said...

All your Sisters are beautiful and se far I've resisted since seeing them on Karen's blog........very busy with Quilt Hanging things...
Yes Fiona is also making them.

LIttle Penguin Quilts said...

I love your Sisters - aren't they a fun block to sew?! I've made some, too. I love your choices for their dresses - perfect!

Preeti said...

Oh Raewyn, this post just brightens my day like sunshine and rainbow together!!! The sisters are so accomplished with their gardening and sewing, they look adorable in their lovely dresses but their willingness to dance and have fun makes me want to join in too. Your commentary in the beginning - making one, oh another one, to addictive, to hooked had me laughing. Have a great time with them!!! Thank you for sharing the link on your post.

Fiona said...

YOur sisters are great.. they are fun and not too hard at all.... we will hve lots of sisters all around soon..

Sandra Walker said...

Ah you’ve had a DrEAMi!! I have resisted but they are on my to make pile. Such a clever block, such a great way of turning the ‘mistake’ of the turned hands into expressive hands (Preeti’s so clever) and really neat to read of her getting to MEET the creator of the block! I love your ladies’ finery. Of course I’m partial to the Canadian one!

kiwikid said...

Your Sisters are beautiful Raewyn, they are a bit addictive aren't they!! Great fun to make and special when they have meaning to you.

Karen S said...

You definitely found out how addictive they are. And they are rather gorgeous, too. Lovely way to play with a lot of fabrics.
Keep having fun with them.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Oh the Sisters are growing and gorgeous....I am NOT looking lol!

Janice said...

Oh dear! She’s succumbed. They are rather lovely, though.

moosecraft said...

You've got quite a crowd gathering in your sewing room! :-) They are so cute!

Lisa J. said...

I love these blocks and I am so happy that you are making them. i think I have to start a movement at my guild.

Helen said...

Oh wow they are adorable....such a great idea.....would be great for swapping too....well done

Suz J said...

These do look like fun but the most important question is what are you planning on doing with them?

Mego said...

DARN YOU...I have so MUCH to do but...I'm looking at this on my lunch hour and I KNOW as soon as I get home I'll be digging for scraps! The 'ladies' are so BEAUTIFUL!!!

Mystic Quilter said...

These are so cute Raewyn!

Anthea said...

Hi Raewyn! Oh I can see how these little blocks could be addictive! They are super-cute & have such personality... can't wait to see what you do with them all.
Anthea x