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Thursday, September 19, 2019

Sopwell and Sisters

I've been sneaking in a bit of sewing time on The Sopwell Ladies Basket Society Quilt (yes, it is a real mouthful!!). I'm making the sample/display quilt for The Country Yard and I must admit to having got a wee bit behind on it.
The first four 'blocks' completed.
Two more left.
Each 'block' is a lot of work - fun and simple units but there are a few of them!
As I said last time, I am 'invisible machine appliqueing' these blocks with invisible thread and a tiny zig-zag. If I did the applique by hand the shop would never get the sample...I have other hand applique projects vying for attention in the evenings!

I'm making great progress on my International Sisters blocks too - I've having a blast sewing these and a good sewing session quickly adds to the pile.
I had a good day on Sunday!
I'm happy to do a bit of joining to make my scraps work. The sister at the top
has a lovely decorative feature on her dress, and the sister who works for
Zespri (as mine does) has a (nearly) invisible join in her kiwifruit dress.
This chocolate lover salvaged these scraps from a quilt I made for ED in 2010.
(I cant believe there's not a photo of it anywhere on my blog!!)
A coffee lover sister
Another Australian Sue fabric at the top, and a knitting sister at the
The top fabric is actually indigo blue - a Japanese Sister perhaps.
The yellow-orange sister above needs a special mention for her dress. Santa brought me the fabric years ago when I was quite young.There was a square of this, and another fabric as well. So started my hording stash building days - I felt so special having my very own fabric that I didn't want to use it for anything....I'd just pull it out and gaze at it and stroke it and put it away again!! Finally I've used it.

I took this photo while out feeding calves the other day. It was a beautiful spring day, in fact the last few days have been gorgeous. After continual rain throughout August, it's nice for things to dry out a bit.
'til next time,
happy stitches,


Maria said...

The Sopwell baskets are gorgeous as are your lovely Sisters... Both very temping projects BUT I must stay strong for now...(:
Now nice to finally use the treasured yellow fabric for something special.

Such a fabulous photo of the calves feeding on a delightful Spring day.

Jenny said...

Your sisters are growing in number. You must have fun picking out the fabric for each dress, there are some great choices there.

gz said...

At least you are in Winter...we've been having similar damp cold summer!

Suz J said...

So many things to love about the Sopwell Ladies blocks! It is so bright and cherry. Great way to make those scraps work for you... I had to look and look before I realised you had added a border to the edge! Duh! And those baby cows tails... so cute! said...

Your sopwell blocks are cute, love the variety of fabrics in your sisters blocks, and who doesn't love calf bums.

Needled Mom said...

The Sopwell Ladies is such a beautiful project. There is really so much work in it!! I love the International Sisters too. That is a fun pattern.

Leeanne said...

A showcase of needleturn perfection!

kiwikid said...

Wow! The blocks for the Sopwell quilt are beautiful, lots of work in them as you say! The Sisters are gathering, you are using wonderful fabrics, great idea to do some joining to get the size you need. So good to see the calf bums, all feeding away there, and look at your grass!! Wonderful.

Sue said...

Beautiful work Raewyn. We are on the countdown now to Symposium!!

Karen S said...

Your blocks for the Gail P quilt are looking lovely. Smart to use the machine and invisible threads. It works so well.
And it looks like the sisters blocks are multiplying.

Fiona said...

fabulous Sopwell blocks... it will be gorgeous and invisible zig zag is a great option …. I love your sisters... I hope I can sew a few more soon....

Michelle Ridgway said...

Love Sopwell.....beautiful! Your Sisters are growing and just lovely. Wish you could have sent us some dry xx

Karen's Korner said...

Your Sisters are sew pretty. Must give that invisible thread a try in the future.

Janice said...

I can understand why the baskets are taking a while. Lots of work in each. Your sisters are looking great. A fun way to use your special fabrics. I have a knitting bag in that knitting fabric that came to me in a Chooky Christmas Swap. A small world.

Preeti said...

The baskets are a darling with all of the lovely details, but you know I am partial to the sisters. I love the red border on her dress. I am awed by the neatness of your perfect seam in the kiwi dress. These may be your sister blocks but they bring me so much joy. Big Hugs to you!!!

Susan said...

Your cow picture is a lovely setting and amusing to see all the cow butts together. Feeding? Now this Sopwell baskets quilt - that is something I could really love making. I'm a basket freak! It is another wonderful thing you have down under. I don't suppose the shop will make the pattern available monthly by mail? Or is it available somewhere? I think I have the perfect fabric scrap stash for it!