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Wednesday, December 28, 2016

'tis the season for leftovers

Interesting vignettes abounded this year with the kiddies doing the decorating!
I hope this blogpost finds you all content after a lovely Christmas. We had a nice day spent with close family, there were lots of laughs, happiness and good food aplenty (hence the title of this post!).
Although I was relaxed with my Christmas crafting, the lead up to the big day was a little busy as YD and I had baking (and other) things we decided we really needed to do - at the last minute of course.
The obligatory Christmas cake *recipe here*
I agree,  my decorating skills need some improvement - think I'll stick to quilting!
A little crumbly but very yummy - the recipe said to leave it a month before cutting - maybe 12 hours wasn't quite long enough!!!

And YD really wanted to make a Gingerbird house —
She thought it was wonky but I thought it pretty darn good for icing under pressure - tastes great too!
Our Gingerbird House
Cold meats and salad made up the rest of the meal plus of course a Pav (had to make two - the first one was an absolute FLOP!!) with fresh fruit salad.

We had a fun time with 'stockings' hung for all. Earlier in the week YD and I spent a day remodelling the step-grandies' Santa sacks - the felt applique on them was becoming hideous so we appliqued over it with huge shapes and added a little fancy-ness :-)
After lunch was scrabble time —

And crackers —
I put our own together this year - it was fun shopping for bits that would fit - how nice to have crackers where people actually wanted the gifts inside them!

Gifts were chosen and received with love. Even the pets were remembered —
(I bet you don't see many 'farm-dogs' with their own squeaky toys - now maybe she won't sneak into the house to steal the wee dog's toys!)

To give credit to the beautiful handmade gifts I received, I'm going to save them for my next the meantime, here is a sneak peek.....

Here's to Christmas leftovers ... not having to think of what to serve for meals for a few days is much appreciated!


  1. Hi Raewyn what a wonderful post,i am going to try the xmas cake,it sounds yummy,would you make it again xx

  2. It sounds like a great day was had by all.

  3. Sounds like a perfect Christmas. Scrabble is such a good game to play in the holidays.

  4. Looks like there was loads of fun at your house Raewyn! I am off to look at your cake recipe, I made on with coconut flour and it is very crumbly...we are eating it as pudding with cream!! Found some brandy cream this year it is yummy!!! Good to see the working dog was remembered!!

  5. Great post and sounds like a lovely day....neat makeover of the Santa Sacks. YD did a great job on the gingie house....yes, love leftovers!

  6. sunds like a lovely day was had by all. Reminds me we did not play scrabble this year

  7. Love the post looks like you all had fun and a happy Christmas...Merry Christmas to you

  8. Lovely Christmas decorating and the sacks and stockings look great. Hope you received my email

  9. Pleased you had a happy Christmas..
    LOL loved your post and you seam to cook as well as me... I'm not good cook either..

    The sneak peek looks good....

  10. Hi Raewyn--
    It sure looks like you all had a great day--
    even the dog!!!
    Look forward to all your great posts in 2017--
    Happy New Years-
    love and laughter, di

  11. Great 'leftovers'........looks like a special family Christmas. You guys did a great job of remodeling the stockings.Looks like it's back to thinking about meals now our leftovers are gone!

  12. You certainly had a jolly Christmas - and I love your cake decorations, the Gingerbread House is a delight!

  13. Thanks for sharing, enjoyed all the pictures

  14. Fun, fun, fun! So nice to have goodies and family with which to share!

    Happy, happy new year from .Texas!

  15. It looks like a lovely time all round. Last minute cake and g/bread house look fine to me!! It's the taste that counts!!!
    Great fun with the stocking stitching and so pleased the farm dog was happy, too.

  16. looks perfect Raewyn... Christmas is all about fun and family ...

  17. What a great time you've had...the gingerbread house and cake look good to, OK so your farm dog actually works but she is not alone with the squeaky toys - the kelpie who doesn't work also got new toys, a couple of which squeak, for Christmas too!


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