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Sunday, December 18, 2016

Small things

As Christmas gets closer I come to the realisation that I cant make everything I had wanted to make...for a start the Christmas quilts are well off the list (hehe), even the medium sized gifts will be a no-show this year (all these things will be done for next Christmas, right?)
But there's something about 'making things' that makes gift giving all the more special, isn't there? The pleasure of the planning and the creating adds an extra dimension to a gift - for both giver and receiver.
Take these face clothes received from my Nana many years ago...a simple cloth with a simple crocheted edging, but one of these (or a decorated hankie) was in everyone's birthday cards for a number of years...a simple gift but also very special. (With 20+ grandchildren and well over that many greats, I'm sure she was crocheting non-stop to ensure a steady supply!)
Nana's been gone for 16 years now but these surviving cloths are still
used and treasured - although they are looking a little worn!!
So when I come to my own gift making, I can't help but want to 'make something'. This close to Christmas, 'quick' giftmaking is the order of the day.
When I stopped and thought about what I could do for Friday Night Sew In, I decided a few more decorated hand towels would be a nice way to spend some time.
The rest of the evening was spent on the top-secret crochet project below. I have high hopes that this will turn into something gorgeous!!! Fingers crossed :-)
Thank you Wendy for hosting us on FNSI - this weekend and through out the year. You can visit Wendy's Sugarlane blog and the FNSI lineup by clicking *here*. 

A few other quick and easy - but made with love - gifts I've crafted lately have been these two pillowcases -
Once I worked out which direction to cut my fabric so the fairies would lie the right way these were a really quick and fun make. (Luckily YD bought extra for me to use as I had to cut long ways to accomodate the directional print).
These are made burrito style - and no raw edges - if you google Buritto style pillowcase plenty of tutorials come up; I cant remember which one I used.

And these cloth books don't take long to whip up either —
(I like to top stitch the edges of the pages which adds extra time but gives
a tidy finish).
A couple of nights with a crochet hook had this market bag finished too —
If you want to make one too, the link for this can be found *here*.

And while I'm talking Small Things, we've been distracted by these small things lately...4 more wee chickens to add to my flock. I love getting them young as they get used to being handled.
About a week old, they spent their first few days in the cat cage.
Which was shut away in the laundry.
Away from highly interested and excited cats and dog. 
See the shavings as bedding? It travels quite a distance when flicked out of the cage by busy chicken feet!
They spent a day in our strawberry patch where they had a ball.
(This is an old aviary so is very cat and dog proof.)
Now they have progressed to the guinea pig cage (by day) giving them more room to stretch their wings and peck a bit while still nice and safe from 'hungry predators'.

I'm looking forward to the day when they are big enough to give the wee dog a peck on the nose - then he will learn who is boss and will stop dreaming of Chicken Dinners!

See you next time,
Happy Christmas preparations :-)


  1. Homemade is always so sweet. Always a gift from the heart, made and given with heaps of love. It is, also, becoming quite vulnerable (what if it isn't just right!). Ahhh, the artist's heart....worn on their/my sleeve!!!! I couldn't agree more with your thoughts on this!!!!!

  2. I loved todays post---those chicks are just so darling--I want one--thing Santa will bring me one!!!
    love your quick holiday gifts--
    I really really need to start my gifts earlier next year!! (note to self--you tell yourself this every year!!!!!!)
    love and laughter, di

  3. I also love to make homemade gifts , it just feels good although there are days I say what was I thinking. I made the pillowcases too , they are fun to make and make great gifts , very pretty fabric you used . I will have to check out the market bag , thanks for the link . Oh those little chicks are so cute 😊

  4. You have created a bunch of nice gifts! Who wouldn't love to receive any one of them?
    I am doing one baby quilt for Christmas--period!
    I especially love the flower faeries--those are such pretty pillowcases. Made a flower faerie for a granddaughter years ago.
    Oh, those little chicks bring back many memories. My grandpa was a chicken farmer and I loved petting the little chicks. : )

  5. Lovely new feathery babies. I bet the kids will enjoy them. My Mum used to do those crochet face cloths too, kind sweet. The 'posh' (as I call them) hand towels are my go to in my gift box where I like to keep a supply on hand. I too wanted, thought and planned on making many things as Christmas presents, but the year of quilting for my customers was once again a busy one!

  6. Love homemade myself and of course the baby chicks.

  7. I agree with you about making and giving, but this year I have taken a break. I feels weird though. Thank you so much for the link to the market bag! :-)

  8. Ah yes, handmade gifts are lovely! And kinda special. Sweet pics of the chicks!

  9. Oh love your vintage flannels from Nana... great quick gifts you made. The little ones will love their books and how cute are those pillow slips...hand towels are always fabulous gifts...

  10. I definitely agree. There is something special about a hand made gift. You have come up with some lovely ideas. Good luck with your secret crocheting. And have fun with the chickens.

  11. Home made gifts are the best aren't they?? I like to think the person is being thought of as they are made. Your Grandmothers face cloths are beautiful. Something to treasure. Thank you for the link to the market bag, might have a go at that one (one day!!) Cute little chikkies, he he, the dog will be in for a surprise when they grow bigger!!

  12. lots of pretty little makes here, and loving you still have your grannie`s makes. I have a few things too Grannie did and we lost her in 1956 so they have lasted well too.
    Chicks look adorable and as you say lovely o be able to handle them hopefully they will remain friendly as they grow and come to you

  13. I have never had baby chickens so maybe when my girls are done I might do the baby thing. Love the photo of your dog checking them all out.

  14. Hi Raewyn,wow lots of beautiful projects made ,well done xx

  15. A handmade gift is so touching...I know exactly what you mean. I love all your sweet gifts. A friend of mine who has recently started sewing made me a little makeup pouch for Christmas and it is so special and she was so proud of herself. You cannot buy that in a store. Love your new feathery babies xx

  16. You've been quite busy! I love making things for gifts, and my small gifts this year were sets of coasters. How wonderful to have the face cloths that your grandmother made. Such nice memories.

  17. Such beautiful small things. Thanks for sharing them with us, and the sunny chicken pictures as well. We're up to our ankles in snow.

  18. Lovely memories of your Nana - what a great, but simple idea. In France we have face mitts. Christmas 2000 we had lunch with friends and she had embroidered (machine) a face mitt for each guest with Christmas 2000 on it. We still have them and they always remind me of our friend who has now passed away.
    You have made some lovely gifts too. Gorgeous little chickens! I hope that you all have a lovely Christmas. xx

  19. There is so much goodness going on in this post. The cloths from your Nana are so special. I too have had to give up the idea that a couple quilts would actually be done on time. I think in the coming year I am going to just make things and give them right away. Your pillow cases are lovely. I love the burrito method. Towels, market bag and chickens, oh my! Have a very merry Christmas. Oh, I almost forgot - thanks for the topstitch tip on the fabric books. That's such a great idea.

  20. There are going to be some who feel very "special" when they receive their lovely gifts. Nice work.

  21. Homemade gifts are always the best! I really like that market bag.

    Your little chicks are so cute. It won't be long before they are standing up for themselves.

  22. Everything is lovely Raewyn ..yes its that time of year when we need the "quick gifts" that are handmade. Your fur babies are gorgeous too. Hope you have a wonderful festive season Raewyn.

  23. It's so true about handmade gifts Raewyn. You just feel that they have an extra measure of coming from the heart. Love your quick gift ideas!
    The little chicks look like they have the best home.
    Merry Christmas to you and your loved ones!

  24. lovely post .... the washers are great and wonderful they are still be used and appreciated. I think hand made is a special gift -

    sweet little chicks.....


  25. Will definitely have to google burrito pillowcases - sounds very intriguing. Handmade gifts are always special - especially when made to a recipients taste.

    Cute little chicks

  26. I loved seeing what you've made. Thanks for the link to the market bag, as that looks like about the amount of time my hand will allow me to crochet. It was so lovely to see the things your Nana did still in use and still treasured.

    The chickens are terrific. So cute when they are this size. Thanks for sharing pictures of them.


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