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Thursday, October 24, 2013

Geese, a Playground and Stars

Hello again, gosh I don't know what is happening but just at the moment these blog posts are coming thick and fast!
I've made some good progress on a couple of my evening stitching projects. I've now finished Block 4 of Lynette Anderson's latest Button Club, Chateau Hexagon.
Aren't these Cranky Geese characters? ... they look like butter wouldn't melt...!
Love this button!
(Leanne, I can't help but think of you when I look at these! Everyone else, click here to see what I'm talking about!)

And I've also finished Block 2 of Quiltmania's current mystery. Sorry it needs a good press, I'm always worried about pressing applique and stitching as I don't want to flatten it all..... has anyone got a good tip of how to press a block like this?
Aren't the little touches like the skipping rope too cute? Amazing the
different look you can achieve by simply using a few more strands of thread.
(I've just checked the real piece to make sure that bit of fluff we can see in
the photo above is just fluff and not my seam falling apart - whew,
I was worried for a minute there!!)
I have recently been tutoring a series of classes at my favourite quilt shop. We had four classes, holding the last one last week.
We called it StarMastery - covering different stars with lots of variations for each to keep everyone's brain's ticking. It was lots of fun, although I will admit to feeling slightly uneasy when several of my sewing buddies decided to take part!! They wanted to keep me on my toes, I think, and I hope the feeling was mutual - insert a sly he-he here!
Here are some of the stars made, they all look so cool and different of course in everyone's unique fabrics.
You'll notice that I was one of those teachers who gave homework.... and you 'll be able to see who did their homework and who didn't!!
Leeanne in Kansas Troubles
Kerry (if you click on the photo you may see that
Kerry is using a NZ Paua print as her colour inspiration)
Liz, who missed a couple of classes; we'll hold a catch-up soon.
Kerryn's been hanging her's up on the wall. Didn't get the best photo sorry Kerryn.
(But I did get some good advertising for the shop!!)
These are the samples I made for the classes.
 We still need to discuss different ways of putting them together, it will be so much fun to see what everyone does with them :-)
Time for bed to recharge my batteries for some serious sewing tomorrow :-)
Happy stitching everyone, and thank you for visiting,


Lesley said...

What a wonderful post to read with my morning coffee! Your appliqué is exquisite! I tend to press mine so yes, they are flat, so sorry I can't help you out. I have heard that pressing on a towel will help the appliqué prevent flattening. Your stars classes must have been wonderful, because your students' stars are fabulous!

JoAnne said...

I always press my finished applique blocks/projects. I place a thick towel down on the ironing board, put the applique piece face down on top of the towel, mist with a bit of water and press it. The backing fabric gets nice and smooth and the applique keeps its dimensionality--it pops right off the backing. If you spray with a little starch on the back, the backing fabric is nice and crisp. I love the geese!! And it would have been fun to take a class with you!

Melody said...

Totally charming projects. Love love love your little geese

Anonymous said...

yes i love your geese too and your needle turning is perfection,what lovely work you do Raewyn,well done.xx

Janet O. said...

Everything here is wonderful. What a cute little gaggle of geese!
My goodness that applique work is gorgeous.
What a delightful assembly of stars! I love all of the variations you have created, and it is fun to see each student's grouping. Looks like a fun class!


I love those 2 blocks you are doing--what a beautiful job of stitching you have done--and by the end of your post--I was seeing stars!!!!!
Hugs, di and miss gracie

ms lottie said...

If only I lived a little closer...I would have loved that class!!

Cottage Tails said...

Oh what a fun blog post. I'll have to go and get some geese buttons!!! SMILE.
Wish I lived closer so I could of come and played.
Looking forward to seeing how you place the stars.
The sun bonnet sue's are delightful
Love Leanne

Leeanne said...

Haha....funny I was thinking of Leanne's goose, Gus when I looked at these photo's too!
Looking great, all of it. I have found a spritz of water helps to get the applique block looking pristine, but I guess if there was any fabrics you thought the colour might run, maybe you wouldn't do this?
The star class was fun! I loved the no waste flying geese method you taught. Now how to put them together??

Kerry said...

Oh my gosh your little sun bonnet sue's, and sam's? are just awesome!! And all the stars look great....was a fun class and as you can see I was one of the students that didnt do homework!!!!! xxxx

marina said...

so love your sun bonnet sue girls, they are gorgeous and your appliqueing is amazing. Your goose is so perfect too.
so many great stars. the different fabrics look beautiful. Look forward to seeing how they come together.
Happy teaching!

Fiona said...

such beautiful work.. and how fun to be tutoring others! I also do the upside down on a towel pressing with applique and stitcheries...

Starr White said...

Hi Raewyn! Thanks so much for visiting me today. Your quilting and applique' is beautiful....oh how I wish I could quilt!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful stitching Raewyn. The star blocks are lovely. If you lay your applique blocks right side down on a clean light coloured towel folded and press from behind the appliqué won't flatten.
Hugs xx

Doniene said...

Absolutely loverly!!! Of course, you know that I'm gushing over all the fabulous star blocks!! Got some inspiration for a quilt I want to make!!! Of course is has stars!!!!

Your applique is second to none!!! What a great pressing tip from JoAnne!! And the geese!! I LOVE that button - what a fun project!! I may just have to get an embroidery project going besides my redwork!!

I've been busy here - too busy to post, but trying to comment on my favorite blogs!!

Blessings and hugs sweet friend!

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Mr. Goose button is adorable. I had not seen the Mystery before. Is that from the magazine?

Charlie and Wendy said...

Your geese are lovely, it is always nice seeing what fabrics everyone chooses. Love your playground and the skipping ropes! And all the star blocks are lovely too.

Barbara said...

I just love your little people with their skipping ropes. I look forward to seeing the rest of the blocks as they are completed. It looks such a fun project to do. I loved the star classes and thank you for putting so much time into the planning. Now how to put all those stars together? I am looking forward to seeing what all my fellow class mates come up with.

margaret said...

you have shared so much today, love the Lynette piece but your hand stitched geese get my vote over the button one.
so cute the applique piece, see someone has suggested using a towel to press.
Quilt blocks amazing come on and lets see them made into a quilt, will allow you a few days!

sigisart said...

Dear Raewyn,
your Chateau Hexagon Button Club Looks lovely and the second Blog of the Mystery is amazing. What a lot of work!!!
You´re all done such a lot of beautiful stars!!!! Wow!!!
Have a good time and until soon.

Maria said...

Beautiful needle turning Raewyn and what fun it would be to attend one of your classes.
Lots of gorgeous Stars there.

Anita said...

Hi Raewyn,
Those little special touches sure did make that project mighty special. Love the geese button, lovely stitchery.
Cheers, Anita.

Nicky said...

Those geese are just too cute! The little details on the applique are gorgoeus, brings it to life for sure. Your star class looks like it was a big success, so many lovely stars from all your students!

The Knotty Lass said...

You have been so busy and productive! I love how the second block turned out. I have two little people still to applique and then I need to do the embroidery. Have you seen the finished quilt design? I don't think it will work for my blocks so I will have to come up with a different design.