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Monday, May 13, 2013

Quilt Week at Paducah

Wow!! What an experience!!
Aren't I lucky that my brother lives only 1 1/2 hours from Paducah!
And that my sister-in-law is a fellow crafter and quilter :-)
Can you imagine 4 days of non-stop movement, diving from quilt to quilt, booth to booth, talking, talking, meeting, greeting, sighing, thinking, scheming, oohing and aahing? [No time to eat, little time to sleep!!].

That was Sandie and I while we were at Paducah.
Quilt week started off with a boom; flash mob style---copius amounts of quilters dancing and waving behind a local school band weaving it's way around the convention centre - so much fun - what a blast. (It was also great that the 'mob' finished in the main convention centre so we didn't have to queue to get in!) (To see the fun, click this link if you haven't already seen it- I am the goofy one calling "Hello from New Zealand!).

And it was non-stop from there.
Quilt week at Paucah was HUGE - like nothing I have experienced before. It had at least 4 BIG exhibition areas and many other places around town to hunt out and explore. It was fabulous having so many exhibition quilts to examine and so many booths to get lost in.
So many people, this was the lunch area on one of the fine days.

It was incredible to see all the quilts on display. So much inspiration and beauty. Lots of very clever quilters out there. Quilts old and new, small and large, colourful, muted and made using every technique you could think of.....I took so many photos of them all - where I was allowed to - and to show my favourites would take a Very Long time. Instead I'll just show the Best Of Show, an applique quilt by Karen Kay Buckley. The quilter was Renae Haddadin, and you will see that she surely deserved to be sitting up there with Kay's eye-catching quilt.
Best of Show, Fiesta Mexico by Karen Kay Buckley.
Longarm quilting by Renae Haddadin - Back of Best of Show quilt

I took two great classes - both centred around free motion quilting - how great to have the opportunity to take classes with Sue Nickels and Jenny Bowker.... both have made award winning quilts and are reknown teachers. It was wonderful to have the opportunity to get up close and personal with some of their creations.
Sue Nickels and I. Class - Feathers Wholecoth.
One of Sue's beautiful quilts, which was inspiring to
fondle and examine.
Sue used a camera and an overhead screen to show us closeups of her demonstrations. Very effective.
Jenny Bowker and one of her inspiring quilts.
Class - free motion quilting with an inspirational piece. 
Jenny Bowker was also responsible for bringing the Tentmakers of Cairo to Paducah. Historically the insides of their tents were decorated with colourful applique - nowadays the same techniques are used to make quilts for sale. It was fascinating to watch the tentmakers in action. Incredible skills.
Very fast needleturn. 
All made using huge sicssors and big needles!!
Beautiful quilts by the Tentmakers of Cairo. For Sale.
We also visited the National Quilt Museum... amazing to see even more (famous) quilts - the highlight being seeing Innocence by Hollis Chatelain (please go to this link to see it) which won viewer's choice at the Houston International Quilt Show in 2011. Absolutely heart shopping, if you ever get the chance to see it in the flesh, please do.
We also got the opportunity to meet some quilting legends. Eleonor Buns was a hoot, and the evening spent with Alex Anderson and Libby Lehman was very entertaining. It's so sad to hear of Libby's illness since Paducah and I hope she recovers soon.

 The bag I made to take to Paducah was well used... it was often heaving with purchases [:-)] and is looking slightly more adorned now than it did when I left New Zealand.
Fun to have these signatures and badges... Alex Anderson, Ricky Timms,
Gwen Marston, Sue Nickels, Pat Holly, Jenny Bowker
Karen Kay Buckley (Best of Show), Lisa Bongean, Lori Smith
and Edyta Sitar.
Of course there was so much more to see that I haven't shared... but I hope I have been able to give you a little insight into what Quilt Week was like. If you ever get the chance to go, I say, grab it with both hands. I've started saving for my next one!!
Happy stitching everyone,


margaret said...

well that was the next best option to actualky going to this wonderful show, thank you for sharing what was a wonderful time, I am so envious.

Shirley said...

Wow indeed. What a great way to collect autographs and you have some great names on your bag. Looks like you packed a lot of fun into your trip. Great post.

Paula said...

Thank you for sharing, beautiful pictures and a fun video.

Leeanne said...

Thanks Raewyn, this all looks so amazing! What a great idea to get your bag signed.

Anonymous said...

wow great post Raewyn,glad you had so much fun.xx

Wendy said...

Your bag was a really good idea. You'll treasure it forever, I'm sure. I'm glad you had so much fun. I'm so jealous!!!

Wendy said...

Your bag was a really good idea. You'll treasure it forever, I'm sure. I'm glad you had so much fun. I'm so jealous!!!

ms lottie said...

Thanks Raewyn, you've whetted my appetite! Looks like a truly amazing experience. I'll be there one day!

Lesley said...

Oh wow! What a time you had! And your bag with the signatures is so awesome...what memories you have. Thanks so much for sharing! The tent maker quilts are all so stunning, as is the best of show quilt....fabulous!

Julierose said...

Thank you for sharing your tour of Paducah with us. I've always wanted to go there for their shows...Karen K. B's work is magnificent! Julierose

Janet O. said...

Wow, what a trip! I can't even imagine how much that was to take in, but it looks wonderful. You have captured it very well for us non-participants. Thank you!
I'm glad you got this opportunity, Raewyn!!

Maria said...

How wonderful for you to be able to visit Paducah with your SIL. Sew many wonderful quilts to see and to be able to meet such talented folk and attend some classes too. what fabulous memories you will have Raewyn..

Angelikas quilts and knits said...

Thank You for sharing those wonderful and stunning photos, Raewyn :-) I´d love to go to Paducah one day - time will show :-)

happy quilting

Angelika from the most northern part of Germany

PS. Do you collect pins ?

Charlie and Wendy said...

It all looks so wonderful, the innocence quilt is amazing, are the 'hidden' images made by thread? I love how your bag is now a reminder of your fantastic trip!! Wendy xx

Grethe said...

No doubt, you had a super time, lucky you! Thanks for showing some lovely quilts, One of my dreams visiting Paducah, but I do get the little book from Hancock P. now and then:-)

Michelle Ridgway said...

Wow what a great time you must have had. Thanks for sharing those amazing quilts... I adore the ones done by the Tentmakers...they look gorgeous.

Kerry said...

What fab memories you will have!
Hope the jet lag is sorted...gosh a week ago your were on your way home, goes too fast!!!! xxxxxx

Barbara said...

Thanks for sharing your memories Raewyn. A never to be forgotten experience. I saw the tentmakers of Cairo in Melbourne a few years ago - amazing work.

Sheila said...

Wow , a trip of a lifetime , sounds wonderful and nice to hear you were able to take part in classes with such renowned teachers .

Fiona said...

how awesome... i love the links and just seeing all that went on there... wonderful..

Tatkis said...

Wow, whole 4 days at such a huge show, and classes and chatting and looking at all this beauty! Lucky you :)

Great idea about signing the bag ;)