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Thursday, May 9, 2013

Home again...

Last time I posted I was just about to head off on my big adventure to the United States. Now I am home again - I cant believe I've just had three fabulous weeks away!
At the end of a little cul de sac in Nashville there was a house with a New Zealand flag flying... a great welcome by my brother and his wife.
So what did this kiwi girl learn about America?
  • It's an awful long way from New Zealand to America
  • It's just as far from America back to New Zealand
  • Light switches are upside down in America
  • Toilets flush funny
  • It's best to close your eyes at intersections as all driving is on the wrong side of the road
  • Supper is at tea-time
  • Dimes, gallons, pounds and farenheit is a whole new language
  • Many people cant tell a Kiwi accent from an Aussie one!
  • Taxes are added onto the price of everything
  • Tipping is expected, and necessary
  • Spring was a great time to visit, everything looked nice and green and it hadn't got too hot yet.
Just a few pics to show you some of the things I saw/got up to....
...of course, me being me, I was excited to see some of the wildlife....
And Cardinals. Such gorgeous birds.
I saw Bluebirds, Crows and Hummingbirds too.
And Turkey Buzzards.
Deer on the roadside.
And a turtle randomly crossing a road.
Smelt a skunk.
The Parthenon, an exact copy of the original, was fascinating.
Athena (in the Parthenon) in all her glory. 40 feet tall.
Nashville Symphony Orchestra. Amazing building.
Marble staicase and chandaliers by the dozen (nearly).
Belle Meade Plantation. We had a tour through the beautiful house ...
...led by a real Southern gal!
Cool to see inside the original cottage there too
I saw that lots of things really are big in America....
Doggy bags needed...and as for the bibs - I couldn't stop laughing!!

The shops were huge And the Oprey Motel (all under cover)
was MASSIVE! Another of many gobsmacking moments.
Here's my brother the tour guide.
Nashville wouldn't have been complete without an evening
spent downtown.

After Nashville I visited Texas, where I stayed with bloggy friend Doniene.
Another great adventure and just wonderful to experience a bit of life on a Texan ranch. 
They were kidding while I was there. Nannies popping out cute wee
babies everywhere.
Sonya the guard dog patrolled at night to keep them all safe from varmits.
In need of rain, some came the day before I arrived.
Cacti grow everywhere.
They were just starting to bloom.
Awesome horseride around the ranch and up the mountain. Here's the view.
The cowgirls, Doniene and Raewyn.
I also went to Quilt Week at Paducah in Kentucky (absolutely fantastic) but I will leave that for another post.
I'm going to try going to bed now but I'm not having much luck righting my confused body clock...
See you all next time - and thank you for visiting,


  1. welcome home! looks like you had an amazing time. Looking forward to more photos and tales of your travels.

  2. Welcome back Raewyn, it sure sounded like a fun packed vacation , thanks for sharing your adventures .

  3. You had such a great time, lots of new impressions and lovely places!
    But it's great to be back, isn't it? :)


  4. Glad you made it back home! I've been checking in every once and awhile. Your trip sounds like great fun. I love your comments about America, such as the light switches are upside down, too funny. Looking forward to future posts showing more of your trip.

  5. Sounds and looks like a fantastic experience and how fun you visited Doniene!!
    Glad you made it back home safe and sound.
    Cheers and sleep well.


  6. wow what an adventure,such amzing pics,thankyou for sharing.xx

  7. welcome home! upside down light switches - amazing and smelt a skunk, a cow girl too! - oh my you really had a good taste of the USA

    Looks like you had a fab time

  8. So glad you had a great trip. And hope you don't think all of Texas is like the ranch. We don't all have horses and cattle - or oil wells either!! Come back some time and check out the rest of our beautiful state!

  9. Such a great post to read Raewyn, it all sounds amazing and different!! Hope you're getting rested up now, hugs Wendy

  10. I've been waiting to hear what you got up to in the big U.S of A! Looks like you had a fab time and I love the little quips about what you learnt. Can't wait to hear about the quilt show. Hope you recover from the jetlag soon.

  11. So lovely to hear you had a great time Raewyn, thanks so much for sharing a great informative blog post - had been thinking of you lots & hoped you were having a wonderful time but also glad to have your back home again :-)
    Cant wait to see your quilt show post also !!!! Julie xx

  12. What fun you had here in the states. I have been looking through your 365 days photos. You have some really great shots of "life"
    I read Doniene's blog. What fun that you got to hang out with her and go horse back riding.

  13. Fabulous post and what a fantastic trip.... welcome home...

  14. What wonderful adventures you had. I am very happy you are home again, welcome back

  15. Oh I'm glad you had such a fun visit! I just wish you had been closer.

  16. Sounds like an amazing time. Hope that body clock is adjusting. Have missed you. X

  17. Welcome home...looks like you had a ball.....

  18. Thanks for sharing your trip and the oddities of the US from your perspective. Amusing and interesting! So fun you got to visit Doniene, too! Look forward to reading about Paducah.

  19. My Kiwi DH would agree with you about all those things. :-) So glad you had a wonderful time!

  20. Your trip must have been awesome. Thanks for sharing all those pictures - it's like travelling oneself.

  21. Oh gosh, I can't believe this is how far behind I am in reading blogs. It looks like you had a wonderful trip away, what a fantastic opportunity to check out the ranching in Texas with Doniene, so cool! Welcome(belatedly)home!!


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