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Friday, May 17, 2013

Friends, gifts and books

I'm still sorting through my photos from when I was on holiday.....
One of the great things about holiday-ing is the opportunity to meet people. I was so excited while at Paducah to meet fellow blogger Sharon. Sharon was doing the 365-day blog at the same time as I was, since then she has set up another blog, More Curiously.
Sharon and I got on incredibly well, and we were lucky to be able to spend a fair bit of (but not enough) time together in between classes, drooling over quilts and shopping at Paducah Quilt Week.
We went out to tea together one night and - would you believe it - spent
 the whole time talking!! Sharon's friend Julie (on the right) was really
lovely as well; it was a bonus meeting her also.
Sharon and I exchanged gifts. She made me this gorgeous little bag/purse with a matching pin cushion.
Just beautiful - and being used already....
Isn't it sweet? The pin cushion is stuffed with a mixture of walnut shells
and some layers of old woollen blanket and has a wonderful feel.
I ran out of time before I left NZ to make Sharon a gift, so sadly, I was only able to give her a few 'NZ kiwiana' bits and pieces I had gathered for her. I did make a couple of 'kiwi-flavoured' star blocks for her but forgot to photograph them.
I've already posted about my trip to Texas, to stay with Doniene and her family. Doniene was also a 365-day blogger and we also got to know each other well, before we had met. Here is Doniene's main blog.
I had a wonderful visit there, and have a beautiful wall hanging made by Doniene to remind me of the time we spent together.
Isn't it great? It is so fitting, just love it!!
I love the clever use of the 'T' block and the border fabric - perfect!
 I made Doniene a table runner which I hoped she would find a spot for in her gorgeous wooden home.

 (The kiwi was a free pattern (foundation pieced) from Regina Grewe but I'm not sure that it is still available).

On the way to the airport to start my journey home, Doniene kindly detoured so we could attend a book signing by Marie Bostwick, promoting her latest book, "Between Heaven and Texas" .
I have loved all of the Cobblestone series so it was very exciting to meet Marie and purchase her latest book... and just so fitting considering the title of the book! Marie was such a lovely bubbly person, it was really lovely to meet her.
I refrained from actually wearing my newly purchased cowboy boots while reading the book but I was so tempted!! Loved the story!! Looking forward to Marie's next one, which she says is in the pipeline.
And my cup runneth over - I also won a copy of one of the Elm Creek series books, 'The Giving Quilt' by Jennifer Chiaverini in a recent bloghop through Wendy's blog; it was waiting for me when I arrived at my brother's place.
 The other new book I have to report on is one I bought at Belle Meade Plantation while in Nashville. Apparently Belle Meade was the most influential thoroughbred stud farm in America's history, and this novel is written around the plantation. It will be fun to picture the house and the farm that I saw while reading this.

Whew, I think I am all talked out now and this post has stretched on and on!!! I'll just leave you with a photo I took yesterday. How Nigel managed to get safely up there without toppling anything over beats me!!
Precarious Cat.
 Happy stitching everyone, and thank you for visiting,


  1. Oh my goodness! What a time you had! So glad you were able to spend time with your friends from far away! I see some wonderful gifts are all so talented!

  2. Wowzie! You did have a rocking time! So many nice people & great places to visit. Lucky you with some yummy new books to read.
    How on earth did Nigel get up there & not bring it all down on himself???

  3. You look so happy to be with your blogsy friends that it makes me feel so full of joy for you. Treasure those memories.x

  4. have enjoyed catching up on your travel tales. boy you saw some gorgeous quilts and met so many lovely people.
    Love your kiwi runner and your texas hanging is wonderful.

  5. So nice to hear of your fun visit and see your goodies. Thanks for sharing

  6. Hi Raewyn, lots to comment on today . . . firstly, you photograph really nicely (yourself I mean), secondly I love the gifts & swap gifts you made but am particularly drawn to the pincushion filled with walnut shells - I have heard of them being used before & seen it in patterns.
    I have read a couple of Jennifer Chiaverini books but would be most interested to read some of the other authors you mentioned.
    And as for Nigel - look at him, you honestly cant tell me that is comfortable but of course, he had to have the last word & go up so high out of reach :-) Just love that pic. Happy weekend, Julie xx

  7. What a fun post, Raewyn! I love seeing all of the bloggers (and author) you met, and all of the goodies exchanged.
    And Nigel? Well, that is one talented , and agile, cat! : )

  8. such a lovely post and what a wonderful time you had,i love the table mat you made with the kwiwi's so cute.xx

  9. I am loving reading about your amazing adventures in America, looks like a fantastic time. Love the runner you made and the gifts you received too. As for Nigel, what a funny cat!! Cute photo.

  10. I absolutely am in awe of your runner with the white kiwi's Raewyn, magnificent. What a fun time you have had. Speaking of Belle Meade, I think Jennifer Chiaverni mentioned it in one of her books also. I must go and look further into your Marie Bostwick book.

  11. That's the best thing about blogs - the people you meet in blogland! Lucky you!

  12. You had such a great time! Meeting your friends, travelling, giving and receiving presents - perfect time :)

    I love the kiwi table runner! So cute!
    You know, it's New Zealand's fault I started quilting :)))


  13. Wonderful post Raewyn , really enjoyed reading about your visit with friends and loved your gifts .

  14. Sounds like you had a blast! Love all the goodies and of course the kitty!

  15. you have had a wonderful time on your travels and so good to meet blogging friends.

  16. What wonderful memories came flooding back when I re-read this post! (Yes, I read it when you first posted it, but am just now getting back to comment!!) Been busy with the goats - maaaaaaa!!! LOL

    We marked kids and drenched nannies yesterday - it was cool all morning and Mike and I finished by about 1:00 p.m. Tired, but a nice day to work stock. We're basically done kidding - a few stragglers as you well know how that goes. For the most part the kids are doing very well. Had a gray fox sneak in and get a kid the other early morn - Sonya must have been sleeping. I saw the fox run when I went on my walk about early, but didn't realize that is was one until I found the kill - nanny was bleating trying to get it up - poor nanny.



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