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Monday, October 18, 2010

Slow progress

I'm feeling like I'm spending a lot of time getting nowhere at the moment!! However, after the excitement of joining up for the Friendship Stitching Round the Block over the weekend I have knuckled down and got a bit of sewing done.
Trailing down the garden path is a picture of what my 9-patch will look like - all 144 blocks are framed and trimmed to size, which took a lot longer than I expected but now I am able to start joining them.
A couple of those blocks look positively white but I assure you, they're not!

I took this one below to show how big it will be - 12 squares x 12 squares makes a HUGE quilt - I'm starting to worry about quilting one this size, and it's not long until The Exhibition when I want to have it done by!!
I lie when I say I haven't got much done, as I have made these blocks below for the Quilts for Christchurch Kids - Cat sent me some fabric she'd been given, so I made a few more to send back to her.
:-) Actually, they look fairly impressive laid out like this!!
 And on a totally different note, YD went fishing in The Bay Of Islands this weekend ---- this is one of what she came home with - Yum - but I'm not sure if I like that eye staring at me!!
This was the biggest of the snapper, but even the littler ones tasted good!
Happy stitching everyone!!


Leeann said...

wow that is going to be one big quilt! Maybe you could piece it into quarters and then join quilt as you go style. We will need updates!

Angelika said...

I´ve never before seen those tumbling ninepatches - they lokk really great :-)

Leeanne said...

Yeah!your ninepatches are looking great.They might get mucky if you leave them on the garden path.But then you wouldn't have to quilt it!You could ditch stitch the rows and then add buttons to the centres of the ninepatches?

Maria said...

Looking forward to seeing your 9patch made into a quilt.
I am so pleased you are able to help Cat with blocks.

Michelle said...

Wow it's certainly going to be a big quilt, happy sewing!!!

Yvette said...

You had me until I saw that fish. LOL!!!

I love those blocks and yes, you lied. You really did a lot!

Robyn G. said...

They do look great Raewyn and I too love your setting.
Maybe the QAYG is a really good idea for such a sizeable quilt.
You have got plenty done... :-)

Brigitte said...

How are you ever going to sew all that fabric together? The weight would kill me.

Farm Girl said...

Your 9-patches look fabulous, can only imagine how huge that is going to be when it's done! Love your kid's quilt blocks - really bright and cheery, just what they need there at the minute.

Karen said...

Looking good! I feel the same way, spending a lot of time getting nowhere! :(