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Saturday, October 16, 2010

Cant resist...friends wanted!!

I've sat on my hands for a while now, smiling at the various Christmas swaps and mysteries, thinking what fun they would be but not signing up for anything new.... but I think I may be crumbling!!!
Have you read about Helen's (Hugs ‘n Kisses) free friendship project? This is like a round robin, with groups of 4 participating...... Sounds fun, and she promises that its only a few nights stitching for each round. But the catch is, if I want to take part, I need 3 friends to join me - preferably NZ-ers. That way postage, time, etc won't become an issue. Go to the above links to find out more.
SO PLEASE, please, please...will you be my friend???

Yahoo - I now have some friends ... looks like Leanne, Nicky, Janis and I will have some fun!!
We have a SECOND GROUP!!! LeeanneCat and Kerryn and Kerry are teaming up!! 


Cottage Tails said...

I'll play with you if you want me to play with you grin.
sounds doable.

Love Leanne

what do I do now?

Farm Girl said...

Hi Raewyn,

Count me in, sounds like fun! Will I live to regret this moment of madness!! Who needs sleep anyway?


Quilting Nests said...

Hi Raewyn - you have another friend - I would like to do this also

Cat B said...

And if I'm not too late I'll be your friend - or maybe from your post you'll get 8 NZ'ers enough to make 2 groups?

Leeanne said...

I looked at this the other day and like you, sat on my hands! But CatB maybe right, we will get 8 NZ' if that is the case count me in...I'm off my hands!

thecountryyard said...

Okay ... just to let you all know I am going to check this out and may be a count in as well!! You girls tempt me with SO much!!

thecountryyard said...

I will have you know I am meant to be outside shovelling shell for my man and here I am drooling over projects on blogs!! As long as my hexagon mad friends help me with the hexagons COUNT ME IN.