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Thursday, October 28, 2010

A poem for keen quilters!

Here is a cute poem I have been stitching up lately......
Great sentiments I thought!!
It's a kit from my favourite quilt shop, a Brandy Gully design, nearly finished - just needs another border and some fancy buttons attached, and so on.
I've been fairly focussed on trying to get my 9-patch swap quilt ready for this weekend's exhibition....but I did pop out to feed some animals and found some treasures — this... my first strawberry of the season - yum (didn't last long!)
..and Mother Chook has come out of hiding...look what's trailing behind her —
here's my quilt; still a few too many pins in it for my liking!!
 I know, I should be sewing, not blogging, but I think I'm suffering from withdrawls - just got the urge to do a quick post!
I missed One Flower Wednesday totally this week,
here is a substitute!! Just love the colour!!


retdairyqueen said...

I just love that poem
Your photos are great too

Leeanne said...

Cute fluffy babies!Yum, won't be long before they lay lovely eggs like your others!Oh, the nine patch is looking great.We missed you at the shop today.

Michelle said...

Great poem! oh those chicks are so cute, and yeah pins can be a nuisance have you every tried spray basting, I think I'm going to give it a try next time!

Angelika said...

the stitched truth :-))

ms lottie said...

So bl**dy true!! I'm never vacuuming again. (And I'll say Raewyn told me not too!!)

Shirley said...

Lovely post Raewyn. How true that poem is.

Kate said...

Hi Raewyn....Loved your post today...The poem is so true,,,,How is your new machine going? Kate xx

Cisca said...

When we were in New Zealand last year, we stayed our first week in Whangarei at the home of our nephew Richard and his wife and daughter. He took me to a lovely quiltshop in the neighbourhood, before we went to see the rainwood. I bought among other things the same poet as you show on your blog, with lovely buttons and fabric, in spring colors. A couple of weeks ago I wrote about it, unfortunately I still didn't finish the poem. how nice you have the same, but with different colors and perhaps the same buttons?!
Happy stitching, Cisca

Brigitte said...

I like that poem but I also wish I could have some of those strawberries right now.