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Monday, May 10, 2010

The two chefs —

Happy Mothers' Day everyone
  I hope you all had a lovely day; its a lovely day for family, and I can never resist the opportunity to be with my kids. My Mum lives a few hours away so a lengthy phonecall was in order, likewise with BB. However we were able to meet with the 2 girls for lunch in town, which was lovely.
I really wanted to show you these photos as both girls did baking for me. They amused us with stories of icing filled kitchens and not a spare bit of bench visible.......
ED's cupcakes; fancy packaging but tasted good! Pretty aren't they?

YD's cake - do you think she knows her Mum likes sewing..? Can you see we had already started eating this before the photo was taken?! First ever fancy icing effort for this girl so I think she did well!
(That's a quilt she's done in blue)
I was touched by the amount of time and effort they had put in to their gifts. 
And here are the two Stars.... Thanks girls!!!
I hope everyone else felt as loved as I did.


thecountryyard said...

Hey Raewyn

That is just so sweet of both your girls. Aren't we blessed to have lovely daughters.

Leeanne said...

Lucky you! Glad you had a nice day and they appreciate you. I can't show you the cake my ES made me because it turned out to be giant biscuits!And they are all gone..I didn't eat them all..I shared.

Lynne said...

Hi Raewyn, thank you for your comment on Stash Manicure this morning - it made me laugh - you were right. I did have a lightbulb moment. I suddenly realised that stashing was all about what I have a tendency to do anyway - go out for one thing and come back with another. Your name sounds Welsh to me - my husband is Welsh - but you're a long way from Wales! I love those cakes your girls made.

Joanna said...

Oh yum those cupcakes look delicious!!! What good girls you have :)