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Saturday, May 22, 2010

Not quite a bull in a China Shop!

More excitement on our few days away (for 25 years wedded bliss) included visiting Patchwork Passion, a quilt shop I hadn't been to before. What made it so exciting was the MOML's reactions... he's getting quite comfortable at calling in at my favourite quilt shop while I'm there, asking for Jelly Rolls, fat quarters and fat eighths, trying to sound knowledgeable and interested in what we are up to (I'm sure he's not the only male to behave in this way!!). However, I didn't realise he didn't actually know what a Jelly Roll was, as all of a sudden from a corner deep in this newly found shop, I (and everyone else in the shop!) heard the cry... "OH so this is what a Jelly Roll is!! It really is like a jelly roll!!" He was nearly beside himself with excitement!! Then he got very intrigued with the 1840s range of fabrics....SO...... as any good wife does, I capitilised on the moment, and before you know it, we'd come out of the shop with a Jelly Roll and pattern to make the MOML another quilt for 'his' sofa!!

For tea the second night we booked into the revolving restaurant nearly at the top of the Sky Tower. Absolutely fascinating!!!! We spent the meal continually trying to work out where we were facing , and were entertained by Army Helicopters doing exercises around the city with no lights on, dropping people off on the top of buildings and picking them up from different places later on. Of course we clicked after a while that they would have all been wearing night vision goggles, but for these country bumpkins it was fascinating!!
And so ends our few days away!! it's back to normality and some more sewing now....!!


Leeanne said...

I think your husband and mine should get together!Mine asks for bullets!And when the shop doesn't know what a bullet is (yes some quilt shops don't?!) they direct him to the local gun shop!

Cat B said...

Hey I don't know what a bullet is . . . do I need to?
We love going for dinner at the revolving restaurant and even as a born n bred Dorklander I still get lost, and need the boy from Tokoroa to point out things to me LOL
Now to get my hubby interested in fabrics . . . he does, however, work out the shapes sizes and cuts I need, Maths was never my top subject