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Thursday, May 6, 2010

more on klosjes...

I asked a Dutch friend today how to pronounce Klosjes ... and she told me "Closhes"; well that's what it is in Kiwi-speak for us New Zealanders! She also said that one lonely klosjes would be "Closher", so I guess that would be Klosje. Oops not sure. Also that a BIG one would have a different ending but that's more like the cable reels that telephone wire, etc, comes on and I don't think I'll be making any that big!!

I commented yesterday about trying a Sewline glue pen to baste my paper piecing shapes. I have found Sue Daley's blog which has a very helpful tutorial about this so when I get to making my next Klosje, I'll be ready! Apparently it is so much quicker this way.
That's all for tonight, happy sewing, or happy dreaming about sewing!

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oh what a cool tool, would be perfect for hand piecing too.