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Thursday, April 22, 2010

To thimble or not to thimble?

Just sitting here getting a bit bored with stitching on binding (yes, the cat has moved from the quilt and I am up to the binding stage). I calculated I have 360 inches (or 900cm) worth of binding to sew on in the next 2 days so I figured that using a thimble might be a good idea to save my finger pads? However, inspite of owning one for many years, I've never really used one!!!
I feel all thumbs!!
Is anyone out there a proficient thimble I just keep my thimbled finger tucked out of the way until I need to use it to push the needle through?? Any thoughts...?


thecountryyard said...

I would say whatever works to get the binding sewn on before Saturday!!


I am the same way, I feel so awkward with one on. Once in a while I look around for a thimble to use to push the needle through something thick ot tough, but 95% of the time I am thimbleless. But I don't do a lot of "quilting" where you would tend to use one more. Mostly I just stitch on kona cloth or something similar, no need for a thimble............I also stitch hoopless!! Tried quilting hoopless not recommending it! LOL! cyndi

Rose Marie said...

I use a clear acrylic thimble that is flexible and so easy to use for applique and binding, etc. Whatever works for you is the way to go because you want to be able to just sew and not worry about where your finger with the thimble is.