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Sunday, April 25, 2010


I am so excited to be starting a new project!!! Having completed the Chocolate Quilt and given it to ED it is time for SOMETHING NEW!! Check out this BOM on Esther's Blog! Beautiful isn't it? And check out the fabrics above which I spied in my favourite little quilt shop the other day... they are (mostly) Old Primrose Inn, by Moda and I think they are absolutely gorgeous!!
Here are the first 2 blocks......yummy! (Not the best photo, sorry)

Sometimes my head absolutely spins with all the projects I want to do but that's quite an exhilarating feeling!! They do say an active mind and busy hands are good for you!!
Happy sewing everyone!!


thecountryyard said...

Looking good ... colours working well!!

teresa said...

Your blocks are lovely... Thank you for leaving a comment on my blog, but unfortunately you appear as a non reply blogger, so I couldn't reply directly to you. I love you Flirting with Flowers block this month. It's my favourite!

Rose Marie said...

I'm debating about doing Ester's BOM .... but sure do love your fabrics you've chosen.

Rae Ann said...

Love the fabric and your blocks are beautiful!