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Thursday, August 2, 2018

Little sewing but —

Nigel thought he'd just pop in to show you how much activity there has been in The Palace lately....not much at all!

There has been a bit of action in the evenings though - relaxed in my comfy chair, I've made some progress on a few bits and pieces.
I finished these two vests I'd started earlier in the month —
Both the same pattern, needles etc - just different wool (although
both labelled as the same weight).
hehe - photo bombing pic
The pattern is Milo found on Ravelry *here*. This is 6 vests I've made lately, think I'll have a break from them now!
And I've finished this month's Whimsical Woodland Mystery Stitchery block (through The Country Yard) —
Plus a couple of stitchalong blocks for Ruth's Quilt. I'm doing this with the nofussswappers group but aren't being a very active member!
In between other projects in the evenings I've been making more zoo animals blocks
ED and I were making this together; her's were the grey background and mine the white....below are our blocks together. I'm thinking 6 more will be enough.
I was thinking a teal to join them all together (ED's favourite colour) but she thought something more earthy. So we'll have to play and see.
ED's really slowed down on the crocheting lately - last week her babies Lily and George were born. 
They were decent sized babies so it's no wonder ED spent the last weeks of her pregnancy feeling very large and uncomfortable. (George was 7 ½ lbs and Lily was 8lbs!).
They came for their first visit to the farm the other day - no tractor rides but I think Mum and Dad just wanted a change of scenery. We're so lucky that they live close, it's nice being able to help.
Proud Ganma.
And, finally, a kitchen update. At last I have the oven and cooktop connected so I've been baking again. Here is lunch for the babies' first visit. As you can see, there is still (a lot of) electrical work to be done but we're getting there. We had several 'dinner parties' while my brother was here and I managed to feed everyone without the oven and cooktop - whew!
Bacon and Egg Pie (to be cooked) and Chocolate Weet-bix Slice.
First major cooking achievements in my new kitchen :-)
It's nearly calf-time so I'm off - 
Happy stitches ♥


Chookyblue...... said...

Omg another set of twins?.... Great size were they full term?.. .
Enjoy granny.... Love the animals.... . You're busy at the moment on numerous projects.......

Janet O. said...

You may not have been doing much in the sewing room, but you have certainly been busy creating, and all of it looks great. Especially enjoy the whimsical stitcheries.
Wow--you have been twice blessed with twins. Are there many sets in your extended family?
You are a wizard in the kitchen if you have been able to feed a crowd without an oven or stovetop!

Leeanne said...

It seems like over night you have become a grandma to SO many! Big beautiful babies. I love the crochet this rate Raewyn you better keep the baby blanket, quilts and baby knitting going at full steam ahead! Congratulations.

Fiona said...

how gorgeous are those babies... congrats to all... Big for twins.... lots of lovely craft... I really love those crochet animal blocks.... you cant stop with the vests.. there are two more to make now!!! haha....

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

more twins - are these grandchildren of yours too? so big and healthy. How many twins do you have in your family?

sunny said...

More twins? And I read back a few posts and see there is another baby, too! How exciting. You'll always have a reason to make more quilts. Congratulations to your family on all the new arrivals. What are the twins' names?

Needled Mom said... sweet. Congratulations to everyone. They really were big babies for twins. She must have been miserable for those last few weeks/months. Glad you are there to help out.

Those little animal blocks are so cute.

Linda said...

Goodness, is that your second set of twin grandchildren? I presume there are twins in either you or your husband's familes? Any more of your children available to produce twins? My next door neighbour is a twin and neither she nor her twin sister have twin grandchildren. Or twin children although I understand twins skip a generation.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Twins again, how lovely! And great that they are so close too, you will be called on I'm sure! Love those little vests, very cute! And those sweet crochet animal blocks, wondering now what you will make with them?

Jenny said...

Such beautiful babies, congratulations to parents and grandparents alike!

kiwikid said...

Love the photo of you and the twins..they sure were big babies!! Hope Mum and Dad are doing well. The crochet animals are wonderful, they will make a great blanket. More little knitted vests on the horizon for you now!! Love the photo bombers!! Your stitcheries are lovely Raewyn. Congratulations to the family.

Kerry said...

Hey Raewyn so happy for all that the twins have arrived safe and sound. Lucky you and Daryl, enjoy those cuddles. Also love the wee crochet animals such cuties and what a busy time you are having, hope the kitchen is up and running before the end of calving!! Hugs xxx

Ellie Merk said...

Beautifuls babies and great picture :)

Julie said...

Wow it's all happening at your place. Congratulations on two new grand babies. That crochet animal throw is very cute. Happy days!!

Susan said...

Yay for new babies! Yay for the new kitchen working! Yay! for finishing more vests. You are so capable of doing just about anything. =)

Maria said...

Congratulations on the arrival of George and Lily. They'er gorgeous and BIG for twins.
How good they live close sew you can enjoy watching them grow.
Cute vests and lovely stitcheries... Love those zoo crocheted squares..
Good to see the kitchen is getting there. Great to be able to cook.

Mystic Quilter said...

Congratulations to all Raewyn!! Two beautiful little babes. At lease you have found some time for stitching, crochet and knitting but maybe as they live quite near your time for needlework may be limited!!!

KaHolly said...

More twins? Oh, my goodness, Raewyn! And aren’t they beautiful babies! Wow! Those animal squares are adorable. Can’t wait to see them all together in a blanket. Too cute!

Suz J said...

I had heard the news of the safe arrival of the babies from Kerryn... definitely a good size! You will have to share the weetbix recipe as I have one for a weetbix slice, but not a chocolate one. Would be interesting if it is more than the addition of cocoa!

Karen S said...

Lovely news on the arrival of the twins. Congratulations. That is so exciting. Glad I have caught up on the news. They look wonderful, and what a good size. I hope your daughter is doing well, too.
I am amazed you have been able to get any projects done when there are babies around!

Lin said...

Gorgeous little ones - congratulations. xx