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Monday, January 8, 2018

Happy New Year

2018 has got off to an interesting start for us.... we managed a few days away....our 'summer holiday' as the kids tease us. Special thanks to ED and her hubby who offered to milk for 2 days and pushed us out the door, taking care of the cows, dogs, cats, chickens, sheep and pig for us!
We headed up to the Far North, to Taipa which is rapidly becoing a favourite spot of ours. An interesting drive not toooooo far away, beautiful uncrowded beaches and somewhere to stay that is on the water's edge. Perfect to just chill out with enough around to keep us just a little busy, but not too much. Friends live nearby too which is a bonus and a further excuse to visit the area.
You can see how un-crowded the beaches are - not bad, especially for
the summer holidays!
While we were away a storm was approaching NZ so the weather started deteriorating ... planned fish and chips on the beach became fish and chips outside our unit.
Dinner for night #2 gets the thumbs up from the MOML.
The ocean is just beyond the trees, not that you can see, it was starting to get
a bit grey and 'a storm is coming' looking.
As always I planned to do a bit of knitting (or crochet) in the car. Last year I made a wee vest for needy children during a car trip so I thought I'd do the same again... but I got thwarted with the knitting in the round - I couldn't remember how to get the first few rounds done.....
Knitters who knit in the round may understand my to join these
without doing knitting gymnastics. I've since found out, I should have had a
Double Loop thing going with my needles....
and didn't get any further. For the trip home I googled a simple wee hat and easily got that knitted.
It seems far too tiny to fit a baby but is newborn size so we'll see...!

We got home before the storm hit....a reasonable amount of rain but not a flood-amount for us. Our sheltered valley got a good battering from the wind though, as did a lot of the region.
We had our fair share of trees and branches come down...this Poplar caused the worst damage, taking out the power line to our pump shed on its way down.
It was a huge tree, we cant believe it was snapped off like this!
Fortunately we have a backup water supply so we could still milk and the cows could still drink... we weren't sure how long the springfed dam and siphon effect would last but thankfully the power crew were here to do repairs before we ran out of the reserve water supply.

I've read a lot of inspiring posts lately with New Year goals, words of the year and so on... I'm still in catch up mode so am holding off any planning until I feel caught up.
It does feel good though as I have a couple of finishes to report - wow, so early in the year Raewyn? - awesome!!
Well, a couple are Christmas presents so they are rather late... and another is something not finished at work (The Country Yard) last year...all catching up stuff....

This Kiwiana runner just needed the quilting and finishing done when I brought it home —
I'm trying to show the quilting here but it doesn't show up as well as I thought.
I did continuous curves in the squares and crosshatching in the borders/sashing.
Although it was started at the shop I'm still calling it a finish for me as that is what it is!

Then there is this Christmas (2017!) project I cant show just yet —

And this one too!
The 'proof it's finished' photo :-)
So I've been having lots of fun quilting - I've been using my quilting rulers quite a lot and have enjoyed the practise.

Just to give you a laugh I thought I'd share this photo... the MOML decided it would be a good joke to give me some bright pink farm overalls for Christmas!! Those who know me well know that I am not a pink girly-girl. However being the good sport that I am, I wore them the other day and made his day.
Don't tell him but they were actually very comfortable;
they are the first Women's fit overalls I have had (ever) and
weren't baggy in all the wrong places as my other ones are!!
I may even wear them again :-)

With four finishes to start the new year I'm feeling rather pleased with myself. Long may it continue!! (ahem!) I have a bit more catch up stuff to do the meantime,
Happy stitches,


Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

I don't think I have one thing pink in my closet! but hey if they are comfy you could always dye them. that looks like a beautiful spot to take a vacation at and so nice to have others volunteer to take care of the cows and other animals on the farm. Love your quilting

Julie said...

Gorgeous Raewyn ... glad you managed a wee get away. We lost lots of branches from the storm but no trees thank goodness. I love your pink overalls & definately think you should wear them again!!

Leeanne said...

Nice finishes..........and fabulous overalls! What did the cows think?

Michelle Ridgway said...

Glad you had a minibreak somewhere pretty. Boy those winds did some damage! Glad it wasn't worse. Very snazzy least hubby could always find you lol! Intriguing secret sewing xx

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Oooooh I love the overalls!!!! I would wear them everyday! So glad you had a few days away, and love all your finishes xx

Karen S said...

Your holiday spot does look lovely. I can see why it is becoming a favourite.
Shame a bout the storm but I do know it could have been a lot worse. Glad you are all okay.
Pleased you have also sorted out the knitting in the round.
And how about you with all those finishes. Wow!
And I am extremely impressed with the pink overalls!!

Anthea said...

Lovely that you & MOML could get away for a break, Raewyn... and wow love your overalls pic... you could be seen from a few miles away! said...

Your get away looks wonderful. That was a very large tree to fall, I always hate losing the big trees. Glad it wasn't too bad of a problem when it fell though. Great finishes, and I kind of like your pink overalls. :D

Wendy Caton Reed said...

Happy New Year to you. I'm not a "pink" person either, but I must say those overalls look smashing with your boots!

KaHolly said...

Your posts are alway chockablock full of interesting 'stuff'! Looks like it was a lovely get away, despite the pending storm. Glad you didn’t have more damage than you did! Your new pink overalls are delightful....did everyone else get sunglasses to wear when they see you coming?

Doniene said...

Hello my sweet Kiwi friend!! Oh my! The beaches looked lovely!! What a treat for you!! Your ED and Hubby get gold stars from me!

Your finishes are delightful!! I’ve been working on some stitching, but just haven’t purposed time to take photos and post! Maybe soon!!

Absolutely LOVE the pink overalls! I would wear them every day!! I know you’re not a pink girly girl, but those muck boots tell the true story!! LOL!!

Love to you my friend!

Sandra Walker said...

Long may it continue indeed! Thank you so much for the gorgeous photos of Taipa, where you had a great getaway. People who don't have farmer relatives, or aren't farmers themselves have no idea that it pretty much never happens that you can get away. IT's beautiful there! Love the runner, and will be watching for the reveal of those Christmas finishes. btw LOVE those hot pink overalls - you'll be easy for him to spot! Yay for women's fit. :-)

Needled Mom said...

It certainly has not been an uneventful year for you so far. I'm glad you managed to get away for a short time anyway. Those pink workpants are too cute!

sunny said...

Love the pink pants!! Your little beach getaway looks very nice! I could use some beach time, so we're heading for Florida at the end of the month. Can't wait for some warm weather. Great job on all your projects. When do we get to see the finishes?

Anonymous said...

Hi Raewyn glad you were all safe,and nice for you both to get away xx

Lesley said...

What a beautiful beach! Glad you had a little getaway and also glad the damage wasn't worse on your property. Your projects look beautiful from what I can see! Happy New Year!

Sharm said...

A nice holiday, and productive to boot - shame about the pump power line, but there always is something isn't there! Do love the overalls and if you hang them out in the summer sun they will soon fade - beware they don't colour run through other clothing - glad they fit nicely as that makes such a difference!

canuckquilter said...

Sounds like you had a lovely few days away. Yay for your finishes! I'll be watching for the full reveal photos. And here's to overalls that fit, despite the colour :)

Fiona said...

A lovely post for the new year.... I like to knit or crochet for drives - not that we go too often so those projects take forever..... lovely quilting - I think you can't go wrong with those orange peel continuous curves and cross hatching.... love the overalls!!


Lisa J. said...

Awesome to have finishes so early on Raewyn. Pat yourself on the back.

Jenny said...

I'm sure townies don't realise just how difficult it is for farm people to get away for a while. So pleased you had a wee break, but it was a shame to come back to storm damage. Congratulations on your finishes - that's a great start to the New Year!

Kerry said...

Happy New Year> So glad you got away for a few days Raewyn and such a nice spot!!
And well done on finishes something I need to look into (sometime)
Love the overalls, can I ask where he got them from as I have been looking for some ladies ones and like you if you have to wear them they should fit!!
Happy Sewing/Crafting for 2018 xxxxxx

CountryMum said...

A great post to start off the New Year.
Love those pink overalls... but like you I am not really a bright pink person! Least you will stand out amongst the cattle... and the green grass.

Suz J said...

Hope you had a good time at Taipa. You must have timed it just right to get home before that WIND! It was terrible. Love the pink overalls... at least he won't lose you!

kiwikid said...

Ha ha love the MOML, pink overalls!!! He can see you wherever you are now!! Good they are comfy and not made for a blokes body. That beach looks beautiful Raewyn, perfect for a few days away for you. That storm came thru when we were in Tauranga, a few trees down in town but ok at Mums house. Quite a few small branches were on the ground at the home but the gardners were working furiously to clean it up. Well done kn the finishes, great start to the year.

Chookyblue...... said...

great start to the year a holiday and some the pink overalls..........