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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Another starry post!

During August the Temecula Quilt Company ran another one of their fun little sewalongs, posting a star block pattern each week for 8 weeks. I diligently sewed along at the time but have only just finished putting the blocks together.
Some of the blocks waiting for further action
I decided to go with a different setting to their one after seeing a zig-zag setting recently and being intrigued with it and it's effect. I realised its just setting triangles with the centre strip 'just moved down a bit' so I had a bit of a play on EQ7 to get the sizes right. This eliminated the need for cutting out lots of testing blocks in order to get it correct! An afternoon of sewing and here is my completed Temecula Stars mini quilt top.
On point and zig-zagged changes the look completely.
The blocks were 4" finished size so this will be about 16 1/2 " when quilted
 and bound.

I have also finished this Christmas Table topper.
 Another fun project where I used EQ7 to help me get sizes and cutting right. I found a block that I liked and adapted it to make the table topper. With pieces this size, the set-in seams were a cinch.
Sorry I've shown this photo before but I just realised the above photo hasn't
 turned out well colour wise. The fabrics are gorgeous!
It feels really good to be getting a bit of sewing done - long may it continue!!
Happy creating every-one,

Monday, February 20, 2012

Catching up (once more).

Once again I seem to have had a bit of a bloggy break. It's been a case of heads down and tails up for the last week or so. It feels nice to have a quieter week ahead.
Something I've achieved lately has been an apple core runner. It's very similar to my previous one, but this one is actually finished!
I had a few questions about the first one I was working on so I will answer them here.....
The cores are cut with a Go!Baby, which I am fortunate to be able to borrow when I want to. They are cut at approx. 5 1/2" by 7" and have little notches on them to help with the piecing. The notches and size of the cores — and I'm sure the accuracy of the die-cut shapes — make machine piecing a breeze. I easily put this together in an afternoon. I did use pins but it was no fuss really (you know, no cursing, and no tantrums!).

As this is a kit sample for my favourite quilt shop, I kept the quilting simple, with just walking foot lines, following the curve of the cores. [Grin, not that I do much more than 'simple' quilting anyway!]
Then the binding - first time I've used binding cut on a bias for a quilt. I cut it using that fancy technique of making a tube which results in continuous binding - that satisfied the child in me, it was quite fun, once I worked out what I was doing!

I've also been plodding along at my Triangle Surprise blocks, which I started at Retreat last year. (This is an Edyta Sitar pattern). At the moment it is my Leader and Ender project and I feel happy to be making progress (albeit slowly) on it.
51 blocks made so far--still not sure how big I will make it, but enjoying
the effect.
I was away from home for a few days last week. I had two surprises to greet me when I returned —
The sunflowers are out!!
The bumble bees love them.
And, the neighbour had sent down a stem of lilies. I could smell the scent throughout the house and it took quite a while to discover where the MOML had put them!

In case you hadn't noticed, I'm experimenting with labelling my photos... YD is out on the farm and can't help me get it just right - I'll get there! (I've also reduced the size of my photos---has anyone found the post quicker to open today?? How much difference does it make??!!)
Hope your week has got off to a good start; happy sewing everyone,

Monday, January 23, 2012

Applecores and houses

I had a bit of a play with the Go!Baby the other day, and before I knew it, I had this table runner put together!
I've been wanting to make an Applecore quilt for a while now. When I saw this runner made by Joanne on her blog the other day, I thought it a good way to have a bit of Applecore fun without embarking on a full size quilt. I was also egged on by our recent purchase of a new TV cabinet which really NEEDS a runner.
Still a flimsy but hopefully not for too long :-)
(While I was at it I Applecored a pile of Thimbleberry fabrics for a lap quilt. Another project prepped and ready to go when I have the chance.)
Speaking of food, ED was up visiting for a few days and made us a double batch of her fabulous Granola. I sense good breakfasts coming up!.

And she's making another teddy bear - he still needs a bit more surgery!
 I've made a few more of my scrappy houses. I am finding these to be relaxing and fun to make.
This week's theme seemed to have been brown. I'm hoping I can find enough feature fabric to have every house different.
The one on the right has been made into a stable!
(Different sized buildings due to my limited Photoshop skills).
This is 6 made now, so I'm on track for 2 a week so far (OK, we're only part way through the first month, but a good start nonetheless!).
Thanks for popping in - have a great week - happy stitching,