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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Bunnies, sheep and a sew along -

Here I am, back fresh as a daisy after an enforced break from it all due to computer woes.....I didn't know how to get my camera to talk to the temporary set-up I had so I just forgot about it and kept myself more than busy doing everything else ♥
[Apologies if you have already seen this post over the last few days... I did something odd when I edited it to add the Sew Stitch Snap and Share link up. Surely it was Blogger playing up and not me...??!!]
So yaay for being in the habit of taking photos so at least I can remember what I've been doing!
Easter came and went. We had some nice family time over Easter. And we sent the girls off on an epic egg hunt which lasted all day....Yes!! All. Day!! Longer than we expected but loads of fun.
If you enlarge the photo you may be able to tell they had a good sized area
to cover!
I made two wee bags using this tutorial on the we all sew website. A quick and easy sew and a perfect size for yummy chocolate eggs.
I didn't make the faces which the pattern suggested and I made a slight change to the way I put them together so that all the raw edges were hidden (like we do when making a standard bag).

I've also sewed up the sheep blocks I had prepped in my last post...these will be for two row-by-row quilts.
Now to make some pigs to go with them on the same row...cos pigs and sheep go together, right ?
They do at our place!
Sorry for the poor photo.

(At this stage I'm calling the quilts Farmkids Vintage..).

Last week I also sewed up a storm and completed this quilt top.
It was a sample for a mystery jelly-roll class we held the other night at the shop. Half square triangles that can be put together in a variety of settings, this is the one I chose. The class went well, there's always a sense of adventure sewing away into the night with family left at home fending for themselves :-)

And now, a grand announcement —
I'm very excited as I'm joining forces with Fiona of bubzrugz to host a Stitch-A-Long which will be starting soon! Lots of us fell in love with Michelle's quilt 'A Holly Cottage Christmas' when she first shared it and released the book for it. Lots of us bought the book. Lots of us banded together to make her a replacement quilt when her original was stolen. And lots of us haven't yet made our own versions of the quilt.
So to motivate us all, we're having a stitch - along... if you're interested we'd love you to join in with us. We're not starting just yet, so people will have time to buy the book (or find it if it's misplaced in the sewing room somewhere) and gather some fabrics.
Here is Michelle with her new quilt made for her by friends from around the world.
All the details for it can be found on the Stitch-A Long blog and if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask me (or Fiona).

I had some happy mail last week. The very talented Julie of My Threadbear Life had a giveaway and I was the lucky winner! When it arrived I had a selfish session and savoured the opening of each little package.
I knew the stool was coming - but not the rest!
Thank you so much Julie, I love it all. The pin cushion now has pride of place in The Palace ♥

ED had a birthday recently.... she said she wanted something for her horse.... so as a little joke, I made him a carrot bag!
By the way, the Ed here is her horse's name.... although I guess it could
also be ED for Eldest Daughter.
Sigh, so confusing!
Boxed corners and free motion quilting - too flash for a horse, surely!
I'm linking up to Linda and Julie for Sew, Stitch, Snap and Share - thank you ladies for hosting this :-)

Just one last photo to share... the epic (yes, the second time I've used this word in this post but there is no other word that works) birthday cake we made for ED's birthday. YD gets all the credit for the total chocolate overload decorating but I did bake the cakes for the base! (And for those of you who know my family, yes, it was all gluten free!).
I'll leave you drooling ....
happy stitches,


margaret said...

how cute thanks for the link downloaded and saved but maybe it will be a while before I make it

Quiltdivajulie said...

What a very fun post - from beginning (awesome egg hunt map) to the end (gluten free chocolate overload).

Dawn said...

So many pretties in this post! Love the little bunny bags.

Needled Mom said... all day hunt!!! Fun. I love the little bunny bags and the great sheep blocks.

The strip hst pattern is really interesting and looks so nice.

Happy birthday to ED. Beautiful cake!

Anonymous said...

Raewyn, there's no other way to describe that chocolate goodness except EPIC! LOL I like all your blocks, but oh how I would have loved to be with you in the shop to create that oh-so-lovely jelly roll mystery! I do believe I would have chosen he same way to put it together, and I'm going to have to play with that idea for an American Hero quilt! The minute I saw it, it stopped my heart.

KaHolly said...

Oh, you goodness, Raewyn! What an awesome post full of all kinds of goodness! Those sheep blocks.....can you direct me to the pattern? I love your scrappy HSTs, too! That cake! Wow! It's pure genius! XO

Maker Joy said...

Lucky you! What wonderful gifts to win. You have been so busy with all of your sewing, the sheep are adorable and that jelly roll quilt looks like a fun one to make.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

A lovely post Raewyn, heaps of pretty bits to look at! Thanks for joining in with 'sew stitch snap SHARE'

Leeanne said...

What an epic Easter, treats and all! That cake......wooooowzier! Lovely farm animals, fabric and the real kind. I think every horse should have it's own carrot bag! LOVE the jelly roll wanted to make it, but family came hopping by to visit.

LethargicLass said...

I will be dreaming of that cake tonight!! I love the HST quilt, will have to try one that way sometime

Linda in Calif. said...

The sheep are so cute! Funny sheep used to be so in style, years ago. And now they seem to be making a come back. And yes, cows, sheep and pigs go together.


I want to know if there is any cake left???? send me a slice!!!
I really do love those sheep blocks and what great fabrics you find for each one--
love the 'carrot bag' how cute is that--and I was --was going to make some little bunny bags too--but--it never happened--boo!! Your's are so cute=I am jealous now!!!
Happy Birthday to ED--my daughters was Monday--!!!!
enjoy the moments, di

Kerry said...

Love the Easter Bunny Bags!! And what an adventure the children went on exciting and how exciting for you to be hosting a stitch along well done. Also love the parcel you received form Julie that pincushion was my favourite too! Have all my blocks cut for the jelly roll just need some more sewing time to get it to the same stage as yours. Hugsxxxx

kiwikid said...

Fantastic Easter you had, the girls would have loved the Easter hunt, I am not surprised it lasted all day!! Love the sheep blocks and of course pigs go with sheep, very happily I woould think!! That birthday cake sure is epic!!!! Mr Ed is a lucky horse to have a special carrot bag. That mystery quilt would have been wonderful to join in with and do. Well done for organising the stitch along to do Michelles quilt. Beautiful gift from Julie, she is a very generous and lovely person. That pincushion is beautiful .

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful work Raewyn and i will be joining in the SAL,thankyou to Fiona and you for hosting it,it will be a lot of fun sewing along with friends xx

Julie said...

Everything is beautiful here Raewyn, love those Easter Bags you made. Might have to give that a go next Easter. So glad you enjoyed the parcel & that it arrived safely. That cake .... Oh My ...I would've been in chocolate heaven !!!!

Julie said...

So much to look at on this post, but my eyes keep coming back to that epic cake. Wht a wonderful giveaway to have won too.

margaret said...

you have shared lots today, loving the little bunnies and checked out the link so now following the blog. Sheep are adorable and will look great with a few pigs. Cake looks beautiful and I am sure tasted wonderful too. Liking the Christmas project will be watching your progress with it. HSTs make wonderful quilts

Michelle Ridgway said...

Big hugs to you and Fiona for being delightful hostesses for the SAL. I love your cute bunny bags and that was some egg hunt! Love your cute sheep too! Boy all those HST....eeek! Lol! You certainly hit the jackpot with your great win too...lucky ducky!

Lin said...

What an amazing cake! I love the bunny bags and your gorgeous sheep. What a fantastic parcel of giveaways! Lucky you. xx

Maria said...

What fun having an all day Easter hunt... Pretty wee bags to pop eggs in...
Love the Sheep 🐑 blocks and look forward to seeing the Pigs 🐷
Haha ! Great Carrot 🥕 bag for ED...
Am amazing Cake 🎂

Lisa J. said...

The Easter Egg Hunt looks like it was a lot of fun. I love your sheep blocks and even though you don't think its a great photo I love the shot of the sheep and the pig hanging out together. Have fun with your sew along.

Mystic Quilter said...

Raewyn do you ever sleep? You have been busy stitching on so many lovely projects, I don't know how you fit all this in especially with the farm work but the results are splendid!

Narelle said...

Your bunny bags are adorable and cute sheep blocks.
Yay, I'll be joining you in the stitchalong and my book has arrived 😊