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Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Weekend Wanderings and Palace Pottering

[A mouthful of a title but oh well :-)]
I got a chance to do a bit of pottering in The Palace (as the MOML calls it) last week —
One more block for my Snowflake Land project —
(from Quiltmania#80)
I love these chaps and always get a thrill when I finish one!

And a yellow Honeypot Star —
It took some effort to find enough yellow scraps but I guess that's a good thing!
Six made now, three to go.
A friend of ours' had a special birthday recently so, being quilters, we made her a quilt...she loves brights and gollies ... here is the block I made —
(without his eyes of course)
and here is the finished quilt.....Leeanne of qultmekiwi beautifully quilted it - she shows more detail in her blogpost *here* —

And my weekend wanderings took me down south for a couple of nights - Kerryn from The Country Yard and I visited with The Village Green Quilters where I led a 2-day class making a caddy.
The ladies were a lot of fun and I really enjoyed the class. What's more they were focussed too and nearly all of them finished their caddy by Sunday afternoon :-)

This one was finished (soon) after the class  and the photo sent through to me :-)
Thank you ladies for an enjoyable weekend!
Since the weekend the class samples have laid around looking neglected ... I have a great-nephew due shortly so I hope to get this one sewn up pretty soon —
'till next time,
happy creating,


Anonymous said...

Hi Raewyn ,wow lots of eye candy here to see and boy i love the caddy class you held the bags are amazing,hope you day is a good one my friend xx

margaret said...

lots going on with you what a fun snowman and liking the stars they look very complicated to make. I saw and admired the golly quilt yesterday. The bag looks very much like one I have a pattern for shame I could not evesdrop on your class.

Janet O. said...

The snow chap is delightful!
Oh, I am loving the star blocks in a rainbow of colors!
Looks like a really useful bag you helped those ladies create. The zebra fabric will make a cute one for carrying a wee one's necessities. : )

Lin said...

What a great quilt for your friend - it's a while since I have seen a golly so particularly nice to see. Lovely collection of bags by your ladies. xx

Jenny said...

Love the gollies - and what great looking bags too!!

Leeanne said...

Those snowmen look like they have lots of personality! All the caddy's look fabulous!
Di did seem rather happy with her quilt didn't she.

Karen S said...

Lots of lovely projects to share! The snowland block is wonderful. Love seeing each one grow. And your star collection is really growing.
The golllie quilt is a gorgeous gift, beautifully done.
Congratulations on your successful workshop weekend. They all look very happy. love the caddy.

Julierose said...

Loving your little snow persons' project. Just adorable-you always make the cutest things. Looks like that class was a lot of fun!! Hugs, Julierose

Chantal said...

I love your snowman. He is adorable. Snowmen are some of my favorite Christmas things. The caddies all turned out so beautifully. What a fun class.

Katie said...

I’ve made that caddy and it’s a bit of a challenge. Good for you!! Love your golly. :-)


I love the caddy--and that last one with the Zebra's is darling!! Glad you had fun teaching--and your other projects are looking just dandy--

love and laughter, di

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

I'm in love with your snowman. His figure matches cute.

Ali Honey said...

Congratulations. The ladies caddies turned out very well. I love the fabrics.

Fiona said...

busy busy where you are..... I do love that fat snowman ... makes me smile. Great golly quilt by you all and that carry bag looks wonderful too.... I'm sure everyone is thrilled with theirs


Julie said...

Love, love your snowmen Raewyn. Just gorgeous. That class looks wonderful - those bags are pretty wonderful too. Bet everyone just enjoyed themselves soooo much.

Linda @ kokaquilts said...

Love all your scrappy 'honey pot stars' Raewyn!

Bente-I like to QuiltBlog said...

Hello Raewyn,
I don´t know where to start, such wonderful blogpost for quilter.
I love these scrappy star-blocks and do look forward to se the quilt when its finished.
Sure that your quiltfriend got happy as she recived that great quilt.
Giving classes can be exhausting, but it is so great at the end when all these happy ladies shows what the have sewn, great caddies!
Christmas! Oh yes it is about time to start some christmas-sewing, the snowmen are just gorgeous.
Thanks for sharing.
Liebe Grüße

kiwikid said...

Love the snowman, they are such happy looking people!! Love your scrappy stars too. Your class looked wonderful, great some ladies got their finished..lots of sewing obviously and not talking!! That golly quilt is lovely your friend would be loving it I am sure!

Anonymous said...

Each snowman is cuter than the last. I loved the eclecticism of this post, just touching on so many wonderful things. Your blocks are great, and that quilt is adorable! The bag looks like a terrific one for so many purposes.

Maria said...

Gorgeous colourful blocks, love the Golly and the caddy I'd fabulous..all look you have a pattern?