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Thursday, October 20, 2016

My Friday Mystery

Give us a Churndash —
Give us a Butterfly —
How about some Flying Geese —

From time to time this year I have mentioned a Fabulous Friday mystery project that I was leading through my local quilt shop, The Country Yard. I realised recently that I hadn't shared the final quilt so thought it time for a catch up :-)
The ladies participating were given a piece of the proposed border fabric and a couple of Fat Eights to get them started on a colour scheme (the cost to join included the balance of the border fabric).
Each meeting they were given a set of instructions for a block ... they had to show this block before they could get the next set of instructions.
Being a complete mystery I tried to keep them on their toes and there was plenty of guessing going on as to what the finished quilt would look like.
After making the larger block below, many were sure it was going to be a medallion style quilt —
But then they received instructions to make this block below which was also a big one —
Finally however, reveal day came and I gave out the finishing instructions.  I had my quilt top ready to share —
Friday's Garden, the Fabulous Friday Mystery quilt.
A month later we had a Show and Tell day - how exciting to see all the wonderful creations! —
I think we had about 11 completed quilt tops turn up for this. So much fun for every one to see what fabrics others had used and how different they all looked.

My photos don't really do the ladies' work justice; some had added extra embroidery or fussy cutting. Two had quilted theirs' already in a Quilt-As -You -Go manner. They all looked fantastic!
The one below has just been finished. This sewer opted not to use the supplied border fabric.
I had also made a scrappy brown version, as a way of testing my instructions... I loved diving into all my fabrics and finding all the different shades of brown!
Both my quilts are largely unquilted (in other words, I've started them but that's about it!)..... between July and October life on the farm rules and very little other major things (like quilting) can happen.
My Friday's Garden in it's semi-quilted state.
I had a huge amount of fun with this project; it was very rewarding to see the enjoyment of those taking part, and so fun also to see the finished quilts.
*This link* takes you to the gallery which shows some of the completed blocks. We haven't had a chance to upload the individual quilt top photos yet.
'til next time,
happy creating,


  1. What a neat way or running a mystery - looks like it was a very popular one, lots of lovely quilts.

  2. Very nice! One of my guilds does a BOM mystery, but I haven't participated. All they really do is the blocks each month, and then assembling them is up to the quilter. Some of them are pretty amazing when finished! It's hard to believe that they each started with the same instructions. I'm glad you had a good response, and everyone had fun.

  3. Such a clever design! I'll bet no one guessed how this one would turn out!

  4. What a great way to run a mystery project! You came up with a lovely design and I love that it was difficult to guess ahead of time how all those elements would come togethjer. The variety in the finished quilts is really fun to see.

  5. Those blocks are fantastic Raewyn and what a good way to do a mystery project .

  6. such variety inn the blocks used here, they must have all been delighted. Loving the one you did with all the browns brown is very underrated but seen here shows how spectacular it can look

  7. great quilt, the same but different! I have a couple of them in my quilting pile!

  8. I love mystery quilts and your design for this one is gorgeous. The ladies all made beautiful quilts. xx

  9. Gosh that looks wonderful Raewyn ... & how great to see them all in the different fabrics - all different looks but stunning.

  10. What fun! Amazing how everyone's take on the same instructions can be so different.

  11. How fun!! What a darling quilt! And the ladies did a fantastic job!! It would be so fun to quilt with you!!

    Blessings and hugs!!

  12. A totally fantastic show & tell!!! I really luv your mulit-color/first version of the top!!!! The gals did you proud!!! Definitely a successful mystery!

  13. Those all look amazing. I love your soft colors you used.

  14. How fun Raewyn! I love how they all turned out. So many interesting blocks. I bet they were all excited to find out what the layout would look like. It is October - maybe some serious quilting time in your future?

  15. Well done Raewyn and great that the ladies had tops to show.
    Once those calves are weaned hopefully you will have more time for quilting and projects!!

  16. Oh that looked like fun--reminded me of Quilt club at the local quilt shop up north--
    (which has since closed a bit after I moved south)--
    love all the quilts--and your brown one looks so 'warm'--
    love and laughter, di

  17. Looks like lots of fun, and a great mystery idea! I really like your 1st version!

  18. What a fun project and amazing results
    Well done you xx

  19. Oh, what fun! They are all beautiful! Good job! XO

  20. What an amazing quilt Raewyn, so nice to see all the different quilt tops, well done on the creating.

  21. Oh WOW! What a great Mystery Quilt and all the tops look fabulous....
    Would be great to have an on line one all your cyber friends could do????
    Both yours are sew different but look lovely...

  22. Well done creating this fantastic Mystery Quilt! It was lovely to see, and in so many different colourways! Both your quilts look fantastic!
    Barbara xx

  23. those are great... lovely to see all the different ones too and I love your two versions

  24. Great end result with your quilts and those of the participants. How rewarding to see them all together. Love the variation in colours.

  25. Great to see an unusually set quilt, and something that really does look different depending on the fabrics/placement chosen. They are all so unique and turned out terrific. I'm sure everyone is very pleased with them!

  26. This is such a fun post. It is wonderful to see so many different quilts made with the same blocks. This is a great post for stimulating the imagination. Thanks for your get well wishes, I truly appreciated it. I'm on the mend and I got a very positive report from the doctor :)

  27. I think they may want you to do that again! It looks like it was a lot of fun, and there was good participation. It was so much fun to see all of them, and they are all lovely. I think my favorite is your brown one!


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