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Wednesday, March 16, 2016

Churndashes galore

It been all about Churndashes lately —
These ones are part one of a Fabulous Friday mystery I'm doing through The Country Yard....
Twice a month there is another clue - as long as the homework from the previous time has been done!

I may even be doing a scrappy brown colourway of this one too...

Then one of these appeared-
And a couple of these-
Next came the scary bit, cutting into some of Mum's embroideries-
Time to assemble-
And hooray we have one of these!
A block holder.
This is a belated Christmas present for my sil.... they are here in New Zealand at the moment and staying with us right now. My niece's wedding is fast approaching so we have some fun family time coming up.
Some of you may remember a couple of years ago, Mum and I played with some of her orphan embroidery blocks and made bags for all her granddaughters -
When we had finished, Mum still had plenty of orphan blocks so I nabbed two more for this  block holder :-)
Here is a closer look at them, they're only about 3 inches square so tiny work.
With visitors here, there's not too much sewing and stitching going on right now, but plenty of chatting!
Time to go, thanks for stopping by,
Happy stitches,


  1. I love all your blocks--but especially those tiny ones from the cuttings of your Mom's things--way to go--have fun with family--
    love and laughter, di

  2. Lots of beautiful blocks Raewyn, the block holder looks wonderful!! Have a great time with your family!!

  3. I like the variety in your churn dashes, and it's such a great way to use those embroideries of your mum's! Enjoy your time with family!

  4. Oh I do love your Mums tiny delicate work Raewyn. The block holder turned out great - what a great idea. Enjoy your time with family & have a great wedding get together.

  5. Love me some churn dashes!
    Oh, what a delightful use for your Mum's leftover little blocks. Made a great block holder!!

  6. Always hard to cut into those embroidered cloths, but so nice to give them a new and useful life.

  7. Love all your blocks and the sweet embroidery ones look beautiful in your SILs block holder...
    Have a lovely time with your family and hope it's a beautiful day for the wedding.

  8. oh I love all those different churn dashes - especially the one in one and another one in one....

  9. Your mom's embroidery blocks are gorgeous! So tiny! Love the churn dash block. It's so fun to see it done in so many different ways!

  10. Fun, fun, fun! So fun that family is together!! Your mum's work is fabulous. Please tell her that I admire her detailed hand work!

    Big hugs from Texas!!

  11. P.S. Your work is fabulous,our too!! Love it!!

    Love ya!

  12. so much variety in your churn dash blocks will have to try some of these. Loving that Mum`s embroideries are being used both in the churn dash and the bags think I missed them before or maybe it was before I was following you will have to spend a bit of blog time back tracking your past blogs

  13. Love your blocks, especially the ones with the tiny embroideries!
    Have much fun with your family!
    Happy days, Cisca

  14. Lots of beauties but my favourite is third photo down of the multi churn dash with the bright red outside - love this one!

  15. Your churn dash blocks are amazing and have made a fantastic block holder. Your Mums blocks are so special. Enjoy your visitors xx

  16. Churn dashes are among my favourite blocks to make. Those little windows are such a wonderful way to show off beautiful prints or in your case your Mom's lovely embroideries!

  17. Dear Raewyn,
    your blocks are very beautiful also with the sticheries. And I remember your post with all the bags you made with the stitcheris of your mom för all her grandchildren. The stitcheries are once again very lovely.
    Many hugs

  18. That's my second favorite block, and I love what you've done with it. That block holder is terrific, lucky SIL that you have. I liked the way you put those cover blocks together, very unique!

  19. Lots of interesting play with the churn dash blocks. I like the way they are looking.
    Great idea with the orphan blocks and the bags.
    Good luck with the wedding.

  20. I'm all about churn dashes these days, too. Mine are of the wonky variety. Oh, those bags! What an awesome project. Your mom must be so very pleased! Everyone that receives a loving bag will be, too! XO

  21. I really like how you have made the large churndash blocks in the block holder butt together - very clever, and a nice way to include the work from several family members! Will make it very specil.


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