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Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Blocks and family time

It's been a case of "Blink and you miss it!". I can't believe that the month is nearly gone ... high time I posted a quick update on what I've been up to lately.
Not much, it seems — the month is ending quietly, with just one finish (which I shared *here*) and a few blocks made. There's also been some secret sewing going on but that sort of project makes for an empty post, doesn't it?!
I've come to terms with the fact that I won't finish my OMG (One Monthly Goal) this month - it felt like a realistic goal at the time, but oh well it's just not going to happen. Now that I have the 'forgotten' box out and in a prominent place, I like to think that I'll be able to work on it in the not too distant future!

Last post I mentioned the Fabulous Friday mystery quilt I am doing with my LQS... the first clue was Churndashes and you can click *here* to see The Country Yard's gallery of all those fabulous blocks - it was very exciting seeing everyone's finished blocks when they brought them in for 'checking' the other Friday.
The next clue was for these flying geese.... here are my 'proper' blocks —
One row of Geese is on the shop wall, there should be four rows  :-)
and another set in some scrappy browns as well —
The next 'show and tell' day is this Friday; I cant wait to see what everyone has done.
For those who have done their homework, below may be a sneaky peek of the next block —
(You'll see on Friday!)
I surprised myself when I counted up this month's leader and ender scrappy 9-patches. The Rainbow Scrap Challenge colour for this month was purple, and I managed a few plus completed some of the brown ones leftover from last month.
I don't think I've shared what these 9-patches are for...two fairly ambitious projects... the larger ones (3" finished size) are for Leesa Seigele's Ring Cycles quilt and the small 1½"finished ones for Sue Garmen's Omigosh quilt ... both beautiful projects but very much long term ones! (And hopefully good scrap busters!)

I'm hoping you all had a wonderful Easter? For our family it was a time of celebration as a niece got married. Of course with that came the gathering together of lots of family. It was a beautiful wedding and a second highlight (for some of us) was the arrival on NZ soil of our two wee grand-daughters.
Family photos follow, so feel free to stop reading here :-) —
First party dress
All tuckered out
The rest of us in our party clothes too. Hubby and I with our kiddies
 and grand kiddies.

Kaliah and Saydee and their Mummy.

With Great Granny. The girls are 8 months old now.
Just another family shot but think hubby was busy yakking and cooking
brunch on the BBQ! 
I feel caught up now,
'till next time,
happy stitching :-)


Michelle Ridgway said...

I love all your blocks. You must be so loving your family time. Beautiful family shot in your party gear. Your little girls are delightful xx

Anthea said...

Beautiful family snaps there Raewyn... & not only the babies!
Wow, some of those blocks so tiny tiny tiny... patient you must be to put them together!
A x

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

another visit with the grandbabies how nice is that!! you must have been excited to see them, they grow so fast when you are not able to see them every day.

sunny said...

Family time is the best, especially when there are wee ones involved. You'll get around to the sewing when they're gone. :-)


The flying geese are great--I need to do the 9 patches for leaders and enders--too--
love the family photos and so happy to know that you got to spend time with them all--
love and laughter, di

Janet O. said...

You do have two very ambitious 9-patch projects in the works!
What a happy time it appears you had with family! Got to love those grandbabies some more and have your family all together. Wonderful!!

Melody said...

Fabulous sewing, a lovely family and the most adorable babies...what more could you want

Cisca Heiden van der said...

Gorgeous blocks, Raewyn, and the girls look so cute in their lovely dresses. An they're already trying to walk! Nice your husband could see and feel them at last! And beautiful family!

Gretchen Weaver said...

I've started the OMG quilt too! It is going to be a very long term, slow project. Your grands are lovely! Blessings, Gretchen GretchensLittleCorner,

Needled Mom said...

It was a wonderful month of memory making for your family. Those little girls are growing up so quickly and look like they keep their mum quite busy!!

Your blocks are really pretty.

Julie said...

Beautiful family photos Raewyn, especially that "party dress" one. Gosh those wee girls are growing up so fast, love her pink party dress. Your tiny blocks are looking amazing too.

Julierose said...

Such lovely family pictures--the girls are just so adorable...
I like your little 9-patchers--they sure are tiny...hugs, Julierose

Sheila said...

You have a beautiful family! Sounds like you had a great Easter. Thank you for sharing pictures, dear.

Mystic Quilter said...

Flying Geese are always favourites for me and I think you are very brave taking on the two small 9 patch quilt alongs.
Lovely family photographs and the girls are growing quickly!

Fiona said...

How lovely for you all to get together - the family pics are fantastic.

I'm sorry to pop your balloon but 1 1/2" finished nine patches is not going to do anything to your scraps!!! and the 3" ones not much more! How utterly gorgeous are those....


margaret said...

what a wonderful time you must have had with your granddaughters such precious time.
Geese are all perfect. Amazing to make 9 patch blocks that are only 3" I struggle with 6" ones

Shirley said...

Lovely family photo's Raewyn. Your girls are growing nicely. Good luck with the scrap busting.xx

Julie said...

So special spending time with those little girls and your family, Wow those nine-patch projects are very ambitious - love the ring cycle one.

sigisart said...

Dear Raewyn,
the most wonderful thing concerning this post is your lovely and happy family coming together at easter and to the wedding.
Of course I love the blocks you did, but watching all these lovely photos of your family I feel thar our home and our kids are the most important gift of all.
Many hugs and until soon.

Peg - Happy In Quilting said...

Awesome blocks ... Your family are gorgeous and your twin Devine xxxx

KaHolly said...

You may not have reached your OMG goal, but you've accomplished an awful lot instead! I just love seeing pictures of your lovely family and those darling twins! XO

kiwikid said...

Amazing blocks Raewyn, love all the churn dashes too. Lovely to see the twins and how nice to have all the family together...wonderful family photos!!

Karen S said...

I think you are well and truly excused from finishes when there are weddings and family visits. How lovely to have everyone together.
But you have obviously still been stitching away when able and the blocks are coming together.

Chookyblue...... said...

woohoo.......the girls in NZ..........

Sue said...

Fabulous family photos Raewyn. My god the babies have grown, and party frocks too!! you have a very beautiful family, good looking bunch!!

Anonymous said...

No way I'd stop when we get to family photos! Those are great, and I'm glad you got to have family time. The nine patches - so tiny! But leader-ender adds up quickly, doesn't it? I love the brown flying geese especially and look forward to seeing more of those blocks you are doing with your LQS. What fun to have an actual, in real life, BOM where you see everyone else's! You will finish that BOM goal eventually.

Lara B. said...

Kahlia and Saydee have grown so fast Raewyn. Those family photos are wonderful! Of course we are not going to stop reading there, LOL.

Love all you mystery block examples. What a fun thing to be running from the shop. Wow I checked out Ring Cycle and Omigosh and am so impressed. They will be amazing quilts!