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Monday, December 28, 2015


Just like that, here we are on the other side of Christmas! We've had a lovely few days, and with some family still staying, the relaxed summer holiday feel is continuing.

First up, I must show some Christmas goodies - I took part in Chooky's Secret Santa Swap and Sonia(foreveralwaysonline) sent to me. Here is the gorgeous runner she made me —
A better photo, had to hunt to find a place out of the sun :-)
Here it is with the tree decoration I opened earlier in the month.
Thank you very much Sonia, I have found a nice spot for my new runner - it looks quite at home!

You may remember recently I showed some little tree hangings for some friends that I had made from wee (2 1/2") star blocks... the bug well and truly struck and I made some more. This time I joined them and made them into a little runner for another dear friend —
This photo shows the 'organic' straight line quilting - this was fun to do.
It's a little daft giving a gift that gets put away as soon as it gets unwrapped but I really couldn't resist!

I also recently took part in another postcard swap, organised by the lovely Sheila over at sheilasquiltworld. Virginia of Canada and Florida (who has no blog) sent me this sweet one...there is light gauze over the applique which gives a neat effect, and little sequins sewn on too. I always wonder what the posties think when they come across these delights in the mail!
Thank you, Virginia
Below is the postcard I made for Virginia. This is where my small star decoration craziness started!

There's been no crafting around here lately, although I did tidy up The Palace and can actually move from one end to the other without tripping over 'debris' now! It felt like I was clearing my mind and that was a good feeling!
Summer has come with a vengeance, we are having very hot days and the farm is quickly turning very crispy... the MOML (man of my life) is busy making sure all our stock have a good supply of water, the odd leak or blocked intake at the pumphouse result in angry thirsty cows!
Mum and I had an outing today, visiting the Quarry Subtropical Gardens - amazing what has been done with this area considering it supplied rock for most of Whangarei's roads till the 70s and then was a dumping ground for the next 20 years! It was hard to get the lovely effect in the photos but you get the idea anyway.
Chiling out totally, Mum has read about 4 books while she's been here :-)
Other family members have been wakeboarding and fishing (not at the same time),
We're really enjoying laid back meals and long evenings on the deck.
Watching the sun go down.
I have a few more makes to share but really need to sort out my photos first so that will be for another time. Hope you're having a safe and happy festive and holiday season,
till next time,


  1. Looks like a very blissful chilled out Christmas. A good mix of this and that!

  2. Love the runner sent and received, your little bauble blocks certainly were versatile
    Sounds like you are all making the most of the festive season in lots of ways.

  3. What a wonderful family Christmas you are having Raewyn. The Quarry gardens are a treat aren't they. I can certainly vouch for your wonderful tiny Christmas decorations having been the very spoilt recipient of one. Thank you very much. The grand daughter thinks it is so special and has informed me I have to leave it hanging from the mantelpiece all year!

  4. Lovely swap gifts. I cannot believe those wee star blocks! You are very clever. Your break sounds just perfect. Gary wants to know what kind of fish are they?

  5. What great swaps both received and sent by you The fish looks delicious. Here is it wet but still very mild, our city centre was flooded but I am 4 miles out on higher ground, Helen had trouble getting home from work last night though as she works on the other side of town and had trouble going though the city centre. The gardens look glorious and to have come on so quickly ,how lucky to have such a nice places to visit with Mum

  6. Looks like you had a great time!

  7. Both runners are just beautiful I love the hand quilting on the one you received.

    It looks like you are enjoying those lovely evenings.

  8. The weather has been good to you for your outdoor outings, the gardens look so full of colour. Best of all the lovely balmy evening photo.

  9. Hi Raewyn ,wow I love all the gifts,they are all so pretty,love your garden pics and boy those fish that were caught are whoppers,hope you have a lovely day my friend xx

  10. sometimes a good tidy up is just what is needed before creativeness! sounds like a lovely Crhistmas and I love fresh fish .... oooh yum

  11. Lovely tablerunner and decoration from Sonia - enjoy! I love your little star blocks, they look great as a tablerunner...

  12. Sounds like you have had a good holiday. Like you, I haven't been stitching and I just cleaned the sewing room today. It had become the dumping grounds during all of the family gatherings we hosted last week.
    I am so in love with those little ornaments with star centers. Made a delightful postcard--I can see how easy it would be to get hooked making them. : )
    What a nice thing to have such pleasant weather for your holiday.

  13. It looks like a great Christmas, and your stitching shares are terrific! Happy New Year.

  14. Gorgeous swap gifts both received & sent there Raewyn. As always, your postcards are delightful. Hope you are finding some creative time over this festive break ... we are experiencing the hot, HOT weather too but my sewing room is lovely & cool & shady.

  15. Sounds like. Great holiday! Love your star hangings you made. Gorgeous runner!

  16. Oh my goodness that grilled fish looks amazing! Wish I was there, LOL.
    I love seeing the warm weather and sunshine in your posts. I'm looking out at a frosty snowy landscape . . . it's beautiful, but very cold.
    Happy New Year and thank you for your sweet and encouraging get well wishes.
    Connie :)

  17. It all sounds and looks like heaven to me Raewyn! So glad you have been having such a wonderful time with family!
    Love the swaps you did - especially those itty bitty star ornaments! What lovely post cards and beautiful runners.

  18. PS - I need to follow your example and do some "clear my mind" cleaning!

  19. The quarry gardens look so lovely, good weather for a wander around somewhere beautiful too. I love this time of the year, hanging with family and friends, dining on fresh fish, cooking on the BBQ, and basically just kicking back and enjoying life. May you continue to make more happy memories, bet you wish those gorgeous twins were with you.

  20. a beautiful gift from Sonia for the SSCS...........thanks for being part of the swap once again......

  21. Lovely to see all your projects - given and received. Great ideas with the runners and the postcards.
    And the seafood BBQ looked delicious!!!!

  22. Perfect, spot and well photographed enjoy and happy New Year


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