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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Friday Night Sew Out

After deciding to sign up for this month's Friday Night Sew In, the MOML and I decided we really needed a trip into town for groceries ... sometimes we like to go in later in the day so we can pick up takeaways for my Friday Night Sew In became a Friday Night Crochet Out!
Crochet is my go-to craft for car trips, it's the one thing I can do without getting motion sickness.
Ready to go, handbag, supermarket bags and my
My current crochet project is a baby blanket...a very easy pattern and oh so pretty. I was pleased with what I got done in the car - great how much I can fit into a one hour round trip! After tea I carried on with it and ended up using a whole skein of wool by the end of the night :-)
Thank you for your company, FNSI-ers..... I hope you had a productive and happy time too.
To see more work done on Friday night, please visit our lovely hostess Wendy. Thank you Wendy ♥

Friday also ended up being the day I celebrated a quilt finish! In 2012 I took part in the SewCalGal free motion quilting challenge. Each month we had a fmq design to practise from a different tutor or tutorial. We were encouraged to make a quilt of plain squares and each month we filled in another square with another fmqing design.
It was a great year but I ended up with one blank square so the quilt didn't quite get finished and has sat lonely since then.
The other day I saw a fun design I wanted to play with, pulled out the quilt, filled in the square, found some binding and now it's done!
 Below is the latest design I tried; it's hard to see on my fabric (the whole quilt was like that, not a good fabric choice for this purpose) and I got my plumes back to front but I had fun and it has a nice texture :-)
Here are some of the other designs I stitched during that year —
SewCalGal - now known as quiltshopgal - is doing another free motion quilting challenge this year. March's challenge is shown *here*.
 Friday night ended a little differently with us being woken at 2.30am by the farm dog barking persistently - long story short - the cows had smashed their gate and were having a lovely time wandering up and down the road! So guess who else spent time wandering up and down the road in the dark and the rain retrieving them all! We had a slow start to this morning!!
I'm hoping that is the only drama for the weekend.......and hoping that your weekend goes a bit more smoothly too!
See you next time, happy creating and thanks for visiting,


  1. Lovely crocheted blanket you worked on. nice to do something will sitting in the car..
    Your FMQed squares look great ,what a good idea to made then into a quilt .
    Oh No rounding up cows at 2am is not a fun thing to be doing at all.I am sure you secured the gate well when you got them all in...

  2. Such a pretty blanket. I hope that you catch up on your missed sleep.

  3. a great finish. love your stitcheries from your last post.
    Great time of the morning to be rounding up cows! your horsey friend would have been handy.
    hope you have a relaxing weekend after that start...

  4. oops forgot to mention your crochet blanket... so pretty in the soft green.
    great pattern too.

  5. It's a lovely blanket Raewyn! A few weeks ago I was all ready to get down to trying to learn crochet and what do you know I can't find where I put the hooks I bought! They are all sunggled up in a lovely pouch er somewhere! Guess maybe I'm not actually ready to learn yet! Gorgeous quilt finish :) What a fun way to spend the early morning, hope the herd has had enough adventuring for a while ;)

  6. Beautiful crochet and a stunning quilt!

  7. Oh Raewyn, that green baby blanket you are crocheting is just SOOOO gorgeous ....I adore that colour. So beautiful, as is your quilt. Hope you got all the girls back in their paddock okay - good you have had some rain. Hope you have a creative weekend Raewyn.

  8. Love the crochet got a lot done! Your quilted quilt...Lol!! is lovely, like the patterns you have used. Lucky the farm dog was on the job so you could get the cows back...but what did they think they were doing going for a wander at that time of the day!! Hope the rest of your weekend is more restful for you all!!

  9. Your quilting is great. Love the crochet blanket too :)

  10. Love your stitches, Raewyn!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  11. Lovely crochet baby blanket! Looks so soft :-)
    Hope the cows stay at home tonight :-)

  12. I love your crochet blanket.. Great work. I hope your cows behave and you have an uninterrupted sleep tonight

  13. Gorgeous blanket! Your fmq is wonderful... clever girl! I guess tonight its early to bed after your early morning round up.

  14. Haven't had to round up livestock in the middle of the night since I was a girl living at home...but I can certainly identify! and I also have an hour round trip drive to buy groceries, but nothing so beautiful to show for it as I'm usually the driver ;)

  15. Well done .... for the crochet and for your machine quilting. I remember you working on squares and now to see your project finished .... yep, well done! I love your quilt pattern!

  16. It sounds like an interesting (and tiring) night! The baby blanket looks so pretty. I love the color.

    The sampler quilt is fabulous. That is such a good idea.

  17. Your Friday Night Sew Out sounds like it was one to really be remembered. You do such lovely work. I'm only beginning (at age 72) to learn to quilt...I'm a newbie so I really enjoy seeing what can be done. I also love to do crochet work. What is the pattern for the sweet baby blanket. I can't figure out the stitches and would love to replicate it. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Hi Rosebud - thank you for your sweet words! Sadly you have shown up as a no-reply commenter so I hope you get this message. The pattern is one I got through Ravelry.... here is the link.
      I am having trouble accessing it again, I hope the problem is short term and you'll be able to get to it. Let me know if you have any trouble.

  18. Oh my goodness, do I remember what it is like retrieving cows in the cold dark rain! And they have to get frisky at that time of night too!
    Raewyn, both your crochet and your quilting are things of beauty! I really love the brown quilt block with the half dozen or so lines of different designs! My goodness - how far of a drive into town is it?
    Hope you have a restful weekend after the excitement of last night!

  19. oooh ... lots of pretty to admire.... I love your crochet blanket... (I also crochet or knit in the car to avoid motion sickness) and I love the quilt you did to practice all that lovely fmq...

  20. Beautiful quilting, Raewyn! I love the different patterns. They look great together! I can't believe how much you crocheted on your baby blanket! I forgot all about FNSI last night. Maybe next time!!

  21. I haven't crocheted any thing in years. Very pretty project--I love that shade of green.
    Nice quilt for your FMQ challenges. Smart way to do it. I just did little individual things with mine. You actually have a quilt to show for it! : )

  22. Lovely crochet there Raewyn... I bet the cows were not happy you ruined their fun!!

  23. Beautiful baby blanket you are crocheting, and I love the colour. Your quilt looks stunning, you clever gal you. Oh dear, wandering with the cows in the wee hours of the morning. All the joys of farming.

  24. Dear Raewyn,
    your Quilt is just awesome, what a lovely design and brings the quilting so wonderful to life. Great!!!
    And your little crochet project looks cute too.
    Many hugs

  25. What a lovely baby blanket, you crocheted a lot during the ride, the riding-time is well spent!
    I love your quilting, and the quilting is well seen on the photo's.
    What a night, with the cows wandering, how good of the dog to warn. I hope you sleep well while I'm writing this!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  26. WOW!
    Very very nice quilting!
    And your croched blanket ist so beautiful!

  27. I love the baby blanket-- the pattern may be easy to you, but it looks complex to me. Would love to learn to crotchet properly.

  28. Beautiful baby blanket Raewyn.... both the design and colour are gorgeous. I agree with Yvonne... the design doesn't look easy to me either which makes the quality of your crochet all the more impressive. Well done on finishing your FMQ challenge quilt. You are an inspiration. I might just have to check out this years challenge...... have fun....xxxx

  29. Your crochet blanket is gorgeous. beautiful work.
    A a great finish on the quilt, too. Lots of wonderful quilting.
    I am so pleased the cow drama had a safe ending!!


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