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Wednesday, March 18, 2015

A little bit of....

There have been lots of bits and pieces going on here...I'm really ready to get up to my elbows in a big project but have a few other things needing attention.....
Hence this post title ♥
We have a little bit of stitching —
Michelle Ridgeway's January's Calendar Bear - what a sweetie.
Yes I was a klux and trimmed my block too small - I sewed the extra back on
but may re-stitch at some stage.
Not a good look when it has to go on the wall at the shop!
This is a block holder we made for our Calendar Bears Club... Michelle kindly
designed us a special stitchery for the front of it :-
A little more stitching on another project —
Love me, Love my Cat is a Bird Brain design.
Another one for The Country Yard.

A little bit of bottling and freezing —
Cyclone Pam was threatening over the weekend so I picked all the peaches
rather than losing them to the weather. The cyclone didn't amount to much
but there was enough wind that I'm pleased I picked them.
Most of it went into the freezer but a few in bottles always looks good!
A little bit of knitting —
It's the Year of the Baby for us this year, family and friends expecting :-)
I'm sure this will be the first of many pair of booties.
 A little bit of yard work —
My horses have been neglected for a while.
How nice to sniff that gorgeous horse smell again.....
...and awesome to hop on for a short ride.
I'm expecting sore muscles in my future!
 And a little bit of socialising tonight - off to sewing with a few friends so had best get moving. And speaking of socialising, this Friday is FNSI (Friday Night Sew In) ... head over to Wendy's to sign up if you want to take part.
See you next time, happy creating and thank you for visiting,


  1. The birds got to our peaches GAH
    I have lots different projects on the go at the moment too
    Oh I still have a childhood dream of owning a horse

  2. Glad you finally have got to start Calendar Bears!! Love the block keeper, I hope everyone enjoys my little bears xx Yum! Your peaches looks delicious and love all your projects. Those stitcheries are sooo cute. Lucky you having a horse. They are such beautiful creatures!

  3. You have been busy. We didn't have many peaches this year, well not enough to bottle so we have just been eating them, and they are delicious. Good to see you on your horse!!

  4. Love this post Raewyn - your stitching is just lovely. Knitting and canning too ? WOW!! Loving those horse shots too... thank you for sharing.

  5. Oh I too love that horsey smell! I laughed because I know exactly what you're talking about. The kitty stitcheries are wonderful and the peaches look beautiful. almost too pretty to eat! I always feel immensely satisfied after bottling (we call it canning) homegrown fruits and veg.

  6. oh those beautiful horses... gorgeous! goodness you are always so productively busy! Looks great!

  7. Delightful to see all your stitcheries! You look so good on your horse. I'm so glad you shared that picture.

  8. You look so comfortable on the back of your horse. I haven't rode a horse in almost thirty years. I bet it feels wonderful to be back in the saddle again . . . have fun.
    Connie :)

  9. Your stitcheries look so cute. I'm glad you were able to salvage the peaches before the winds came. Ahhh....I can smell that horse smell from here. Glad you had time for some riding.

  10. Lovely catch up - and yes those peaches look beautiful all bottled ready for winter.

  11. Gorgeous stitching , why not just make the bottom border larger instead of redoing the whole stitchery . The booties are so cute and will keep some baby very cosy . Oh I am glad I am not alone in loving the smell of horses , I miss that so much . I am sure you really enjoyed that ride even if it does result in sore muscles :-)

  12. You have been busy in so many ways!
    Those cat stitched blocks really caught my eye. So cute!
    Good job on the fruit harvest and preservation.
    Very sweet little booties. Don't think I could knit those if I had a year!

  13. The kitty basket is absolutely darling! Love the smell of a horse......miss mine! And those peaches are glorious, so glad you saved them. I can totally relate to a bit of over-zealous trimming and having to creatively deal with the result! But that stitching is so precious (as are those little booties!!!!).

  14. This post was a bit of everything! I love it all, especially the riding. Beautiful horse, you are looking pretty good too.

  15. Loving all your little bits especially the sweet.

  16. Great post Raewyn, lots to catch up on. Your sewing is beautiful (as always) & those peaches ... yum. My stepdaughter bought me a bag from her tree & I have been freezing them too. Yes we have "the year of the baby" in our household too. You look really happy on your horse.

  17. Lovely post
    Iam doing Michelles stitch a long too

  18. You are so multi-talented! Love your stitchery projects and so much fun to see the fun you are having riding your special friend. Awesome!

  19. lovely stitcheries... it's fun seeing those little bears... how frustrating to cut your block short... we have all done that .... love the special folder you have made.

  20. My goodness Raewyn - you have so very many talents! Love your embroidery projects and the wee booties! Ahhh - peaches... yum! Glad you didn't get too much damage from the cyclone!

  21. I love all your stitching and peaches and such, but I really love the little knitted booties! What a lovely job you did. I too am glad you posted the horse picture. It's good to see you.

  22. Lots of bits to see. Nice to see you back on your horse, that was always your thinking place.

  23. I wonder where you find the time to do all those things! Love all your stitcheries and especially the bears with quilts on the block holder! Sweet baby shoes, how lovely new babies expecting! What a nice photo of you riding your horse! I hope you had a fine sewing night out!
    Happy quilting, Cisca

  24. So lovely stitcheries dear Raewyn!
    I love your horses!

  25. Lots happening! Love Michelle's designs and also those from Bird Brain. Lovely work from you!
    I think it must be the year of the baby - we seem to have lots here, too.
    Love the look of those delicious peaches. Yum!

  26. all those little bits sure can fill up a day fast , as well as get things done ..... a little bit at a time.
    good job on your bits
    in stitches

  27. Love all pictures here, especially you on the horse :-) Also such beautiful pictures all the way from the wedding as well, Raewyn!

  28. Enjoy your FNSI and great to see you on a horse......I remember what its like to not have ridden on a horse for a wee while and get those sore muscles!!! Enjoy your weekend xxx

  29. Wow you have been busy I can almost smell the peaches. I don't think I have been on a horse for at least 15 years.

  30. Lovely, lovely stitching.. I really like the little bears! I stewed up & froze our peaches in little practical amounts, yummy! Linda

  31. I love the embroideries you are doing. Bottling your own fruit as well-- what a nice feeling. I hope you weren't to sore after the ride.


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