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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Sewing and stitching again

Since my last post, when I wrote about being a bit of a ditherer, there's been no time for slacking... Mum was here for a week and she kept the whip cracking as we got stuck into some secret Christmas sewing. Of course, I have nothing to share with you... because it's Secret Sewing(!) but I can share that it involves hours of me sitting tied to the machine with Mum standing over me cracking that whip :-) Actually she was a dab hand with the iron and a pile of pins, together we made a mean team and were the ultimate in efficiency!
But I did get a chance to do a little stitching in the evenings, when Mum decided it was time to put her feet up and rest the whip.
Here is where I am at with the Country at Heart Alphabet. These are a RagTag Stitchin' design by Michelle Ridgeway - I'm continuing to LOVE these :-)
 I've also made a little more progress on the Christmas Sewalong blocks by Wendy of Sugarlane Designs.
These will make a delightful wall hanging for a special friend - I'm looking forward to getting them finished and sewn up for her. (Wendy has a Craftsy store if you are interested in stitching these).

While going through my photos recently, I came across my Spring mini hanging (below) which I had forgotten to share.....I made this as part of a seasonal series for my favourite quiltshop. It's on a 12" stand.
And this was a little belated gift for Mum; she commented once that she had made many scissor keeps as gifts over the years but didn't actually have one herself! (Isn't that the way?) I've remedied that!
Popped some Ric-rac in the seam for a bit of extra charm.

There are a few other things to share with you also.
First up a big Thank You to Carrie of A Passion for Applique. I was one of her giveaway winners after she received and shared a prize after donating a quilt. Carrie is a talented quilter who is currently showing sneak peeks of a King George III coverlet re-creation  - I'm enjoying watching her progress on it.
And I have two new thimbles for my (so far) small collection. The pretty one on the right is a Yoko Saito thimble. Fellow blogger Raewyn wrote about Yoko and her thimbles *here*. I haven't actually got the hang of using a thimble but if I did, it sounds like this one would be an ideal one to use!
 The one on the left is one Mum bought me in Dubai, on her way to Italy recently for a holiday of a lifetime with her 3 sisters. This thimble brings back memories of a photo of the four of them clowning around at the top of  the tallest building in the world, Burj Khalifa :-)

Thank you for all the lovely comments on my Red and White quilt. Did you get a chance to go to SewCalGal's site to what others had designed and made? And did you know that you can vote for your favourite quilt? And that you can be entered into a draw for a prize just by leaving a comment after you vote? This has been a fun year of challenges. SewCalGal works hard to get sponsors and prizes so if you get a chance, please head over *there*, enjoy the eye candy and vote for your favourite :-)

And speaking of eye candy, on Saturday our local quilt shop, The Country Yard, has its annual exhibition. Quilts, a beautiful garden, a band, yummy morning tea and a sale; where else would one want to be?! It's always a pleasant day :-) When I was there at work yesterday the quilts were busy arriving so I'm looking forward to seeing them all displayed in the house. (Hanging them is tomorrow's job!).
I think that's all for now.... I need to sort exactly what I am doing for some more of my Christmas sewing (don't you hate it when people say how many days until Christmas? It always makes me feel panicky!) so I really must sign off.
As always, thank you for visiting, Happy creating,


In stitches and seams said...

well you sure have been busy and very lucky as well those patterns look fun and the thimbles lovely
in stitches

Janet O. said...

Sounds like Mom is a real slave driver! Good thing she ever puts her feet up so you get a break. : )
All of your stitchery work is so cute!
So how long have you been collecting thimbles and how many have you so far?
Your red/white quilt is so pretty! Love it!

margaret said...

you have been busy with Mum your task master cracking the whip, how good to have a Mum that comes to stay, my Mum would have been 100 last weekend what a celebration that would have been So many nice things here, love the embroidery and the mini quilt and Mum must be thrilled with the scissor keeper. Plenty of patterns to keep you busy in that good win you had

Leeanne said...

Sounds like your Mum kept you on your toes! Love the "J" stitchery and little jar of jam.The Scissor keep is lovely, i Like the touch of RicRac.
See you tomorrow for the 'hanging'................of the quilts that is!

antique quilter said...

I love that scissor keep, so pretty , glad you had time with your Mum and glad she had you sewing away, great memories as well as production is always good!
loved the little quilt very cute….
great post

Anonymous said...

Hi Rarwyn what a lovely post,glad you got to spend some time with your mum.xx

sunny said...

Great post! Treasure every minute with your mum, even if she is cracking the whip.

Shirley said...

Lovely post Raewyn.x

Maria said...

how wonderful to have Mum there cracking the whip. Pleased you got lots done.
Lovely thimbles and prize.
Will pop over to look at the quilts and vote.


Hi Raewyn--
It sure sounded like fun with your mom--even if she did hold the 'whip'!! My mom was my 'official' stuffer when I sold crafts years ago and I miss that companionship!!
Love those ABC's and I really must order some of her patterns--but when I look at them--I want them all and can't decide which one to order!!!
Are we already in a count-down to Christmas--really???
hugs, di and miss gracie

Connie said...

Young lady there is never time for moss to grow under your feet, is there, LOL. I get tired just hearing of everything you accomplish in a week. I loved hearing about how you and your Momma work together. It sounds like you have a lot of fun and that you both have a great sense of humor.
Love that letter J design.
Have a lovely weekend.
Your blogging sister,
Connie :)

Karen said...

Such a busy time. You have been working on a bit of everything.
Lovely to see your gorgeous stitching. It sounds like you and your mum make a great team.
Have a lovely time with the annual exhibition.

Julie said...

Hi Raewyn, Gosh I wish my Mum cracked the whip when she was here ... I would get more done. Instead we are kind of on a "go slow" when she visits. I love your alphabet stitcheries so much & the scissor keep is just gorgeous. Happy weekend to you at your favourite shop!!!

Leonie said...

So much loveliness!! I especially adore the alphabet blocks :) Have a fun day at the shop tomorrow!

Fiona said...

lots of lovely goodies to see... nice to sew along with your mum and glad you 'finally' made her her own scissorkeep!!

KaHolly said...

What a delightful post, Raewyn!! I love sewing with someone and I'll bet you had a blast with your mom at the helm!!

Unknown said...

My O My, you have been going along great guns! Your Mum has been one powerful motivator...LOL. Loving all your projects and your achievements, those stitcheries are so cute!

Nice sunny if not ever so slightly chilly morning for the exhibition. No doubt you are having a fab time with all that inspiration around you. XO and look forward to the post... :-)

BillieBee (billiemick) said...

Wonderful stitching!

Angie in SoCal said...

What lovely projects! Love those alphabet blocks and the scissor case. All of them are great. You should enter your red and white in BQF - just take a head on shot, mention the size and direct them to the great post you did on the first. Love it!

Wendy said...

It sounds like you have had a busy time but lovely to spend it with your mum. Your stitching is beautiful, lovely designs.