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Monday, September 2, 2013

More Kiwi flavour....

You are excused if you have a moment of déjà vu while reading this post. Please don't be alarmed - it is VERY similar to another post of mine recently. Be assured, however, that the pictures are completely different. Actually even the script is too.
I spoke about a fun postcard swap I did recently with Annette, and mentioned that I had also received one from Sheila (who had arranged the swap) .... and that she was waiting to receive one from me.
As it has now arrived in Canada, I can share them with you.
This landscape came from Sheila to me :-)
I sent this one to Sheila. A Canadian Maple leave and a NZ Silverfern.
Sheila has a neat postcard stamp :-)
In the same post I shared that I had tested a pattern which Juliet of Tartankiwi had designed. It was the NZ fantail, one of a series of foundation pieced New Zealand bird patterns she is working on. When she asked for a pattern tester for another block, I was keen to put my hand up again.
WOW, is all I can say. And again, WOW! Juliet did an amazing job of this design.
I'll show you the real thing first........ this is the Tui, or Parson Bird as it is also (but less commonly) known.
Photo uplifted from Wikipedia.
The yellow on its head is pollen.
When I was googling images so I would get my colours right I was intrigued to see how colourful the Tui really is. Usually I'm looking up into a tree and I see a shape rather than such a clear close up view! I really would have said the bird was mostly black but look at it!! Very vibrant! I was happy to find some pretty ideal fabrics in my stash.
Isn't it an amazing pattern?
Lots of little bits but they add to the lovely detail!
Disappointed with my eye fabric but a spot of embroidery will
sort this problem!
Juliet has 12 different NZ birds patterns in the pipeline now and I look forward to sewing more.
The Tui are everywhere in the garden at the moment, feeding off nectar and pollen. They have an unusual 'song' or call. Often we hear that, rather than actually seeing the birds. Hopefully the video below (borrowed from youtube) will work and you can hear them, too.
Carole, at Madness and mess has had some visiting lately. Visit her blog to see her lovely pictures.
Thank you for visiting, happy stitching, and have a lovely day,


  1. Dear Raewyn,
    you did a very good job, with this lovely PP-bird. Never before I saw this colorful bird.
    Many greetings to NZ...

  2. Love those postcards! You are both so creative! And that paper-pieced bird is amazing. Well done!

  3. You're so clever - the postcards are amazing.....and you've just been promoted to my fave Kiwi blogger.....Tui video clip and pic' a pohutukawa no less. Bless your little cotton socks.....wishing a little I was home again now!

  4. Marvellous work on the bird block....but those teeny tiny pieces are for the birds!

  5. I love the video and picture of the bird! I always notice different birds and bird sounds when I travel. The pattern is brilliant and you did an excellent job making it--especially with the fabric selection. I like making postcards, too, if you ever do another swap.

  6. another gorgeous bird block, I hope you will be testing more designs.
    the blocks are so clever.

  7. Great postcards! And your bird is quite interesting. A lovely job with the paper piecing.

  8. What beautiful postcards! I love them! I think I have a Postcard stamp like that. : )
    That bird paper piecing pattern is excellent, and you did a great job with it!

  9. Saw your beautiful postcard on Sheila's blog..the one you received from heirs lovely too.
    Love your foundation pieced native bird.. Thanks for sharing the you tube video on your blog.

  10. Thanks again for the great postcard Raewyn , it is perfect ! Great bird block , wow and such a pretty bird , amazing .

  11. Both postcards are beautiful and I love your tui block, very gorgeous! We have tuis that visit every year and we love their song too!

  12. Tui win my favourite bird award. They are just so beautiful and so is their song. You've done a really nice job on the block. Will you be off to see your kowhai trees soon? There is sure to be plenty of Tui in them.

  13. Beautiful postcards Raewyn ... also that bird block is amazing - such tiny intricate pieces. Your work is so lovely :-)
    I have been outside working on this beautiful spring day & can hear the tuis high up in the trees - I try not to take them for granted as they are lovely x0x

  14. lovely postcards and your bird is amazing, birds in NZ are far more colourful than the sparrows that visit my garden!

  15. Oh wonderful, this quilted postcard exchange. BOth pieces look fantastic.

  16. What a lovely colorful bird and his song is so nice!
    The postcards are great, both of them!

  17. Really WOW! Your projects are amazing. That bird!! You did such a good job with it. Her patterns are pretty awesome.

  18. Love the postcards! I love the idea of them but don't think I'd have the patience to make one! The combination of the maple leaf and silverfern was a great idea.
    What a cool bird and a beautiful rendition!

  19. Well done Raewyn, you did a great job on the paper piecing and I loved hearing the bird sound.x

  20. I have never participated in a postcard swap but have seen some really creative ones that others have made. Such a good idea.

  21. Wonderful postcards! And the bird block is fantastic!


  22. fun postcards.
    the bird is so neat and your fabric choices are perfect.

  23. I love the postcard swap! What a great idea. I bet the postmen loved seeing those. The PP birds are just amazing. What a great quilt all of those would make!


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