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Friday, May 11, 2012

Minis on the mind

Just a little to report this week.
I've finished my Silhouette Challenge piece (more about it here).
I went around the applique shapes with a tiny zigzag and fine monofilament thread.
Then had fun quilting in the background - A Deborah Louie Quilters Companion DVD I watched called this pattern Teardrops, Erin Russek calls it Turkey feathers. It was a great filler to use.
I was a bit stuck with my binding but decided the backing fabric would look great - so I used that - easy in the end!!

I've managed to keep up with the mini friendship sampler quiltalong by Joanne (Threadhead). It's been fun doing just a little block a day - even when I got behind one day I caught up really easily :-)
These are my blocks so far. Next step is to join them all and add some applique.
(Colours are a bit washed out in these photos - they look better in real life!)
I've just had a peak at today's instructions and the 4-patches will be cornerstones.
The light 9-patches will be used for some applique.

I'm helping out down at my parent's this week. Here is a pic of my sewing cave when I left home (yippee we are adding a bit more on to this end of the house - mostly to benefit our small bedroom but my sewing cave wins too!)
I wont show you the room that now has all my sewing stuff piled in it - put it this way - the MOML stood at the door gobsmacked!(It was no small task to move 'my stuff' either!)

Hope you are all having a great week - and managing to fit a bit of creativity into it.
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  1. Your finish looks lovely and I'm so looking forward to seeing your WIP. I think you may need to share your sewing cave online when its the statement about the gobsmacked husband!

  2. Your sewing is always exquisite.

  3. I just love your challenge wall hanging--that is just so pretty and the quilting is delightful--great job!!!
    I am doing the Friendship blocks too--
    blocks are done and in the morning I hope to stitch it together!!!
    Hugs, Di and miss gracie

  4. Love your appliqué challenge. The fabrics are just so fresh!
    Also love your blocks for the mini- quilt!

  5. The appliqué quilt is beautiful - the binding is a great frame.
    Love the little blocks - my favourite colours!

  6. Looks like you are having a very busy time. I think I need an extension to my sewing room too.

  7. Your applique looks lovely and you are doing so well with your tiny blocks..
    Lucky you getting a bit more room in the cave... I can imagine it was not an easy task to shift your STUFF.
    Enjoy your weekend and have a Very Happy Mother's Day. or is it not Mother's day in NZ??

  8. Looks like you have been pretty busy to me... a fun busy though... how exciting extending your sewing room, looking forward to the after pics!

  9. Yippie more sewing space!Your mini sampler is looking cute.

  10. A larger sewing room, good for you! Pretty, pretty blocks and I so love your challenge piece.


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