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Monday, May 14, 2012

hey Mum...

It's been lovely to read all the Mothers' Day wishes and stories on every-one's blogs this weekend.
Here is one of my favourite photos of my Mum with my sister and I.
2011; Mum in the centre with my sister on the left and me on the right.
 Isn't it fun to get together your own family and to have a good laugh - each family seems to have it's own individual sense of humour that is unstoppable! I guess it's all based on shared memories and experiences which means everyone is on the same wavelength.
Here is a cross-stitch that Mum did for her Mum in 1989 which is now back on Mum's wall.
(Raewyn's having light issues again!)

Mothers' Day for me has stretched over 3 days! My ED made me a delicious lunch on Saturday when I was travelling back up home. She is at the half-way point of the journey so the break and meal was most welcome. Yummy Pumpkin Soup and homemade bread went down a treat, and a nearly-well-timed dash to the local coffee shop meant I had a nice coffee too!
 Had a lovely chat with our son on Sunday. He's just moved to a new job in Queeensland so it was great to hear all his news.

This morning YD arrived out at the farm (to work) with a lovely gift.
She's made another bear! And look at those cup-cakes!
I get to keep this bear!

Thank you my 3 lovely children.
I hope all you other Mums out there also were made to feel special. Have a lovely week,


Joanne said...

Sounds like a lovely weekend!

Leeanne said...

Cool little bear with the shower cap on! Mmmmm yummy cupcakes, too pretty to eat?
What a lovely sampler your Mum made. I guess that's a strange thing, your Mum made it for her Mum, but now she has passed on, your Mum has it back. Good that it stays in the family.
I got Russian fudge made for me & some gardening was done by the ES.

Michelle said...

Sounds like you had a wonderful family orientated weekend, with lot's of new memories to cherish!

Shirley said...

See, I told you that you had a talented family. I think you are all special.

Maria said...

Thanks Raewyn for sharing your lovely Mother's Day. You do have to keep that cute little bear. Great work YD..

Stray Stitches (Linda G) said...

Looks and sounds like you had a wonderfully long Mother's day. The sampler is beautiful. The little bear is so precious. Your daughter does beautiful work.

Michelle May said...

Wonderful photo with your Mum!
Pumpkin soup looks sooooooooooo good!
Love that adorable little bear!

Cottage Tails said...

the little bear is just way too cute. Sounds like a great mothers day
Love Leanne

Charlie and Wendy said...

Lovely mother's day pictures. That bear and those cup cakes look gorgeous and yummy!