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Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Bears and Houses

What happens when you finish your exams and study for the year and have a knee operation that renders you immobile for a time....
...if you are my ED you make Teddy Bears!
These furry little creatures were both completed in time for Christmas fun —
YD had fun making a Gingerbread House for Christmas too —
A hive of creativity - Bear Sewing and House Building
She was inspired by the Master Chef finals and it's the first time we've had a Gingerbread House - a new family tradition perhaps?
Ooops, Peter and Kristabear couldn't help themselves!
I so much enjoy seeing the girls immersed in creativity; having the confidence to give something a go is something I have tried to encourage in them since they were little and it's so rewarding seeing it happen at times like this.
On that happy note ---happy stitching  :-) --


  1. I hope those greedy bears don't have an upset tummy. Great teddies and beautiful gingerbread house. Your girls have your creative gene without a doubt.

  2. Two things I've never tried because they both look a bit scary - bears and gingerbread houses! Well done - they both look great.

  3. Naughty teddies!!
    These house look too yummy to eat :-)

  4. What clever girls! The bears are just wonderful. Good job. As is the gingerbread House. I love the concentration on the faces. Such determination. Funny old bears, as they are born old you know, gobbling up the Gingerbread House.

  5. Oh my gosh - how awesome! I love teddies, and those are both adorable. The gingerbread house is much too cute to eat. I've never made one, but maybe a project with dgd for next year? Very talented girls you have.

  6. How fabulous. Hope the teddies will come on the picnic in February.

  7. The bears are very nice. And I love the gingerbreadhouse.

  8. LOL @ the bears eating the house...a very COOL looking house I might add!

  9. Oh my I'm just laughing at the bears and the gingerbread house!!! Hey her house looks so much better than ours. We did one every year until this year. Needed a break from them. Next year we'll make one again. They sure are fun. The bears are really cute.

  10. Happy New Year! We never made the gingerbread houses but we made the men and decorated them every year. The kids had fun.

  11. Those teddy bears are gorgeous and your daughter has made a perfect job of the gingerbread house!

  12. congratulations Rawney,
    you habe very talented and pretty daughters, lovely fotos! please tell your daugthers that I said so *smile*


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