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Friday, May 6, 2011

Cushions, caps and climbs

Recently I have talked about joining the Free Motion Quilting Challenge but I was a bit shy to show my first efforts here :-)
Yesterday was Day 9 and I decided to attempted some fmq on a proper project - I was running out of quilt sandwiches to practise on and felt I had improved enough to take on something more. Below is the Easter Bunny foundation pieced cushion I made a few weeks ago...
Completed cushion!!
I just did some very simple stippling plus a bit of a pattern on his bag and a heart on his chest. Then I got brave and  did some simple zig-zags to represent grass.
It was interesting to fmq on a project rather than scraps - I found my stitches got a bit big because I was too scared to drive too fast!! {Now I have to hunt out another uncompleted project to keep practising on--- I have 5 more days of the challenge left.}

Here is a cushion I made a little while ago. Mr Scarecrow is a real favourite with adults and pets alike. 

 I also talked previously about some friends who came and stayed last week. It wasn't all talking and sewing while they were here.... Robyn and I got a chance to go shopping - Look at these caps we found for our dearly beloveds.......
We got them gift wrapped and gave them to them when we went
 out for tea - lots of fun!
 ... and we even got some exercise, climbing one of the 'back hills'.....
Quite a climb - you can just see the house in the distance
...And came down the hill through the bush.
(it was after the climb that we went to town and had a nice lunch - we felt we deserved it after that!!)
I hope everyone has had a good week. I have Midnight Madness tonight at my 'local' (my favourite quilt shop) so I need to organise myself for that. It's a UFO night from 5pm-midnight. Always lots of fun.
Happy stitching everyone,


Melody said...

Looks like you have been having lots of fun.

Leeanne said...

Yeah, no more sandwiches for you!
Looks great, keep playing and call it play, instead of practice....sounds more like fun that way!
Glad you had some fun time with your friend, you deserve it.

Marion B. said...

Looks like you both had a lot of fun (those caps are hilarious)
That Midnight Madness sounds super, never heard of something like that. Hope you have a nice weekend.

Helen said...

I think your FMQ looks great! I was just thinking.... "I wonder how she gets the stitches so nice and even and long"?????? I think the longer stitch looks fantastic:-) I have found that no shoes and a glass of red really helps!

Hope your Midnight Madness night was lots of fun!!

Maria said...

Your FMQ is looking good. I still find it difficult to keep my stitches even but I tell myself that is why it is handmade.
Have fun practising.
WOW what a magnificent view and you did earn your lunch after the climb.
Love the caps.
Have a great evening with your stitching friends.

Cisca said...

Thank you, Raewyn, for your lovely comment!
Your challence looks good, I had a try at it some time ago and found it very difficult! Both cussions are lovelY. The caps look great (lol), it a good time to me. The bush looks familiar, I think we've been there, Like to see it again!
Happy quilting, Cisca

Katie said...

Love those hats!

I think you're brave to enter the challenge. And I love your rabbit cushion. I have a large quilt to finish so I've been quilting everyday. But I don't think I want anyone to look at it too closely! LOL

Carrie P. said...

Your bunny pillow is so sweet. Well done on the quilting.