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Friday, January 7, 2011

Stitching and Sheep

A bit of a peek at my latest hand-sewing —

...this is a shop sample so I'd best not show more than this... The Aurifil threads are lovely to work with.
I'm back down at my parent's place for a bit so I'm making myself at home; there's bits of Raewyn scattered all over the house. My bedroom has the sewing machine, cutting board and ironing boards all set up. ED is coming down tomorrow night so I'll have to clear a spot for her to sleep!!
I thought I'd show a things that Mum has done. She's a great embroiderer and I'm sure she has more UFOs than me...however she also has a few more completions than me.
Often when she travels she will get a chart of a place she has been.
Byron Bay, the most easterly point of Australia.
Long and short stitch in wool.
Pretty roses, all in cross stitch.
(Framed in glass, hence the reflection)
A design by Teresa Wentzler;
a lot of blended thread, beads and specialty stitches.
Absolutely beautiful.
 And here are a couple of my works, made for Mum and Dad YEARS ago - Granny and Pop doorstops!!

I remember having fun making these but they are now looking a little bit their age!! Granny has survived years of cats pulling at her knitting!!
Hope you are all having a good day, thank you for visiting,


Leeanne said...

wow your Mum does lovely work!
Cute doorstops, good that they have hefty tummies to hold the door on a windy day :-)
Cute stitchery you are working on........Take care.

Catherine said...

Hope all is as good as can be. I like the idea of taking the crafting with me .. .. .. I took our stitching round the block camping with me and stitched by gas lantern in the evenings (I'm convinced there is no end to this stitching around the block ;'( ) Your Mums work is amazing xxx

Marion B. said...

Your mother's embroidery is lovely and I also do hope things are well.
But I wonder, what are door stops?

Cisca said...

Lovely embroidery your mother made! And the dfoorstops are still looking good! Isn't it nice to see they are used for so long?! And the peek at your stitcheries makes me want to see more, I don't know Aurifill for stitcheries, yet, so I'll look for it in the shops.
Have a nice evening, greetings, Cisca

Maria said...

Your Mum's embroidery is just gorgeous.
It is great when you can do your stitching away from home.
Hope all is well Raewyn

Farm Girl said...

How lovely to be back home with Mum and Dad - and stitching too! Love your Mums work especially that Teresa Wentzler - I have one of those in my WIP list and those blended threads are painful! Can't wait to see the new shop project - I think you might be lucky if your Aurifil makes it back home to you. LOL
Only kidding, though I've almost used all the red - Sorry!!

Shirley said...

Your Mum is a clever stitcher, those Teresa Wentler samplers are not for the faint hearted. Hope all is well there.
Love Shirley.x


wow--what beautifully done stitchery's--and so detailed--she sure can do lovely work--you must take after her???
Have fun while there!!!