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Thursday, December 2, 2010

Round Robin-ing

I was tidying a shelf the other day and came across this —
-it took me a moment to work out what it was, and then I realised that this is a quilt I haven't shared before.
Last year 11 of us formed a Round Robin group. We each made a starter block and put it in a bag with fabric and instructions. Throughout the year we swapped bags and made blocks for each other, keeping it all secret from each other, of course.
We had beginner quilters and longtime quilters in the group and it was a fun and challenging time for us all.
Below is the block I started my quilt with. I requested floral themed blocks of any size.
One of my first attempts at needleturn appliqué!
 Different sized blocks meant lots of cunning thinking!!
Patsy made me a label - cool idea!
Leeanne decided I needed a horse - cute isn't he?
Next week we have the grand reveal for this year's Round Robin, a Row-by-Row, which will be very exciting. However I have a row to finish before then, so I'd better keep myself focussed!!

Here are the first of my Life Is Beautiful blocks —

 The camera shows up the long piece of very light blue in my variegated thread -I think I'll re-do the second 'miracle' with a darker shade.
And why am I blogging this morning and not sewing?
  Katie Cat has decided that even unfinished quilts are perfect for settling down on. This is the jelly-roll quilt for the MOML for Christmas; I'm hoping to get the top finished today, I might have to get tough on the cat!!
Thanks for popping by, I hope you all have a great day,


Leeanne said...

I'm glad i popped by...that is soooo spooky because just yesterday I was looking for something(can't remember what) and found my sketch for my last Round Robin.....our minds must be on Monday night when we get this years treasures back!I found a photo of my row I did for this year...oh can I wait, well I will have too!Only 4 more sleeps :-)
P.S Katie cat...move!

Catswhiskers said...

Marvelous! So inspiring.


There is a law among quilters with cats--
and that is--
cat rules!!!!
so you did ok in doing a post instead of "messing" with the cat!!!!
Love your quilt---
Hugs, Di and Miss Gracie

Marion B. said...

Your round robin quilt is super, so lovely and nice colours. The life is beautiful quilt is on my wish list too as is.... and.... and ;-)
But watching yours grow in that lovely blue colour will be a great pleasure anyway.
Have a great day.

LuAnn said...

I love your round robin quilt and your stitcheries. The cat is cute. I'm glad you let him have his way with your sewing space!!

Carrie P. said...

That is a neat way to do a round robin.
Your quilt is fabulous. Everyone did a great job and your finished design is great too.

Quilting Nests said...

I Love your blue stitcheries - can't wait to see them. I also am looking forward to Monday night night - looking forward to you recieving yours !!! Ooops have I said tooooo much.

Rose Marie said...

Lovely RR quilt and LIB stitching.

I've been there with our cats and I know what you mean about getting tough with them to move. Cute kitty.

If my girls are on my stuff that I want to use in my studio, I just say 'look at the cat, look at the cat' and go to a window and they are there in a flash. Works for me! :o)

Leeanne said...

We can start counting the HOURS down tomorrow!