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Monday, December 6, 2010

The big reveal tonight!!

Some of us have been counting down the sleeps until today... we're so looking forward to meeting at Jenny's tonight to have the BIG REVEAL of this year's Round Robin - Row-by-Row. Our first meeting was in January, I think, so I haven't seen my project since then!! Each month we have met at someone's house.The hostess usually has a spare room set up with quilting books, etc for us to sit in while the rest of the group pulls out our bag, discusses it, oohs and aahs, and so on.
The first row of mine was a representation of the 4 farms we have lived on since we have been married.
The photo isn't too good sorry, that's the only trouble with this year's project - the long rows are difficult to photograph.
I have asked for farm related rows and I CAN"T WAIT to see what everyone has done!!!

Now for a teaser photo - (thank you to Leanne for her cleverness and sharing how to do a photo montage).
AHA, you say, but what is IN the montage??
I've had fun this year trying out new techniques and doing blocks I things I haven't tried before. These are sneaky peak looks at some of the things I have done for other members of the group. There's a couple not here as I must have forgotten to photograph them.
So, I will spend today counting down the hours till we meet!!!
have a good day everyone,


Anonymous said...

Oh, how exciting that must be for you, I hope you have a wonderful evening and that your quilt looks marvellous!

Leeanne said...

11 1/2 hours to go my Round robin friend! see you soon.

Leeanne said...

Oh dear I've just looked at your that some check fabric in there?????????

Are you sure it's not 10am we meet? :-l

Unknown said...

Sounds like your in for a Fun Time...Looking forward to seeing your quilt top...

LuAnn said...

I'm looking forward to seeing photos from tonight, and I know you are anxious to get your own quilt, too.

Leeann said...

Looking forward to the photos. Next time I see you, you have to explain to me how do make a montage too.