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Friday, November 12, 2010

Stitching Around the Block

A few weeks ago I asked for friends to take part in the Hugs-n-Kisses Stitching Round the Block fun (see my side-bar for the link). We ended up with two 'teams' of 4 from that plea... some of my real-life-friends (as opposed to my bloggy-friends who I have met through blogging.... what do we call them all? In the skin friends, virtual friends?? And what about those friends who started off as bloggy friends and then you meet 'properly'  - are they real life virtual friends??? Sigh, I'm not sure where this is heading....!!)
Anyway, some of my friends are giving me ALL the blame for them getting involved.... but I did not make them push the SEND button after they said 'yes, they would love to take part...'  ANYWAY, inspite of it all, I think we are having a lot of fun with this project; there are a few challenges, like tiny hexagons, but we are learning new skills and mastering them!!
Here is my choice of fabric and the first block. 
I sent it to Leanne, and this (below) is what she has done so far....
OHH it was so exciting to see what she is up to!!
Janis sent me her block, here is all I am showing of what I have been up to on hers.....
I'm looking forward to seeing more and working on Leanne's and Nicky's blocks.

I thought I would show the fruit of my labours this spring..... we went out the back today to  vaccinate the weaner calves. Here's all 102 of them (plus 15 at home, still on milk)—

...with a touch of ginger as my
zinger colour
 I enjoy looking at all the different shades of brown, thinking what a neat quilt they would make...
I have worked out why my brain was working overtime at the start of this post, when I started rambling about bloggy friends - it is because I was extremely brave and drunk this just before I leapt on the computer.... ED is now at home and she decided I needed to try her smoothie!! I don't think I have ever drunken anything so green, but it actually wasn't too bad!!
Now, while my brain and body is working overtime from that healthy snack, I'd best go and get some work done!!
Happy stitching everyone,


Maria said...

Love your stitchery and hexie blocks. Very soft sweet colours.
I love to see what goes on around your farm. Thank you for sharing.

Char said...

I love what you all are doing. The embroidery is wonderful.

Maree: said...

Love what's happening in your Blocks and also Love your Choice in Fabrics...very Noice..
Have a Good Weekend..

Cottage Tails said...

mmm so not allowed to see... wanna see more of yours????

Love Leanne

ms lottie said...

Your calves all look in great nick, nice work! Oh, and nice work on those teeny tiny hexies too!

Leeanne said...

Well I think we had comfort in blaming someone for making us join, but we are enjoying it!Oh cheeky sneeky peak of Janis' block!

thecountryyard said...

So we may have "pushed the button" so to speak but the pressure to do so in the air may have been so great we had no option!! and let's face it when you dangle such fun (challenging) things in front of us what does one do??

I think I can class myself as a "real life friend, an in the skin friend and even sometimes a bloggy friend" and all as I can say I am glad you are my friend.

PS How did those hexies fit???

Brigitte said...

What a great idea for getting together and working on a project. I really like how everyone put something of themselves into it.

Sue said...

I love it! You are just so talented with your stitches and your fabric choices!


Cat B said...

And what is a bloggy friend who you've met in the flesh get called?

Lee Prairie Designs said...

Thank you for sharing all your fun pictures alway enjoy your blog.

Your stitchery is beautiful!


Stray Stitches said...

Your stitchery is beautiful.

LuAnn said...

Your stitchery is wonderful. Gorgeous cattle. They have to be a lot of work.

Carrie P. said...

The drink looks very healthy.
The stitch around looks very fun.
It will be interesting to see how you use those hexagon on the next block.