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Monday, November 1, 2010

Exhibition and Challenge revealed

 On Saturday The Country Yard (My most favourite quilt shop ever) had it's annual exhibition. We had an awesome day with lots of people coming through enjoying themselves. I was busy being a helpful person so only managed a few photos...
The photos below help to show the atmosphere - relaxed and happy.

  All the quilts were on display in the house; I didn't take photos inside but Leeann did - you can see some fabulous photos on her blog here....

A little while ago I showed a sneak peak of my challenge quiltlet—
The criteria was to use at least 2 inches of the challenge fabric in an 8" x 10" sized quilt, using the first letter of your name as inspiration.

Being a scrappy sort of a person who tries to waste NOTHING, I decided the most relevant R-word for me was Remnants.
Here is my finished quiltlet. As you can see, I've made crumbs, maverick stars and foundation pieced flying geese - all out of scraps! LOTS of fun!!
The challenge fabric is the little blue floral at the front of the scrap basket.

WOW - here it is with the second prize!! Smiles all round!!
 Two other members of my round robin group made challenge quilts too —
Janis' Journal was full of photos of her quilts - very clever
Kerry's Kereru in a Kowhai Tree was just gorgeous!
- 3rd place!!
And changing the subject entirely,  here's a sneaky look at something to get you thinking about Christmas. It's from our Round Robin work so this is all I can show just now.

Have a good week everyone,


Cisca said...

Nice to see there was an exhibition in The Country Yard! Congratulations with the secong price, Raewyn. It's a lovely little quilt, made of remnants, good find to make that pocket with remnants. It looks as if it was a lovely day, love the hat of one lady, a little roaring twenties. Nice photo's I saw at Leeann's blog, I see she lives in Whangerei, Iḿ going to see her blog again.
Like the rendeer, I suppose it's a baby rendeer, lovely!
Greetings, Cisca

Cottage Tails said...

wacko 2nd place well done!!

Love Leanne

Leeanne said...

Wow I'm glad you got some photo's.Leeann took some nice ones as did Janis.It was neat to see so many people enjoying themselves, us included!

Marion B. said...

Gratulations with your seond place! Well done!
And not that it matters, not really that is, but I like your quilt very much. It makes me smile looking at it.

Karen said...

The Remnant piece is so creative.

Karen said...

I LOVE the remnant quiltlet! Very clever.