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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

What was I thinking?!

What was I thinking!!!!! Starting up a blog when I KNEW Febuary was going to be a busy one?? I am now the proud mother-in-law to the lovely girl who has just married our son!!
It was great to have all the family at home again and we all enjoyed the social activity that goes with weddings! Extremely proud parents indeed! Our household is back to normal now and I even had the chance to get my horse in and have a ride this morning :-)
Barely relevant to quilting you say.... but I have discovered that riding time is often great reflection time...not when we are hard out in 'training mode' (when I'm doing my best to keep upright, flex this way, flex that, get a decent rhythm, etc etc and a whole lot more I don't understand!!) but the walks to and from our riding spot give me an ideal opportunity to let my mind wander.
Today I was thinking of ALL the projects I have earmarked that I want to do...and Oh Dear the list was too long!!
HOWEVER, while on horseback, I realised that I could combine several of my ideas and maybe kill 2 birds with one I have invented the "In the Pink Catalicious Hexagon Quilt"!!! I aim to do the Red Brolly Catalicious stitcheries and insert them into the kiwiquilts "in the pink hexagon quilt" ... I have it all sorted out in my head ... I'm off to sort some fabrics and see if this idea will work!... watch this space...

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Lüthis said...

Hi Reawyn! I just started up a blog yesterday ;) and I don't know why but you're the first person I write a comment to. I'm from Switzerland that's why my English is pretty uncorrectly. We've got a farm house with a horse, a pony, a cat, some rabbits and of course my beloved family such a my husband and two children Tim (10) and Annina (8). Would be nice hearing of you. Unfortunatly my blog is in German but I'm thinking about doing it in English too. Have a nice day! Best wishes, Rébecca