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Sunday, March 21, 2010

What is it with pets and quilts....?

The chocolate quilt for my ED has been progressing nicely; I am at the stage of sewing all the blocks together to form the top. It took me quite a while to arrange them to my satisfaction on the spare bed BUT DO YOU THINK THESE TWO CARE!!!!!?
I had been so careful to shut the door when I wasn't near but popping off to make a coffee was my downfall!!
I'm really liking the combination of chocolatey-rich browns with the pinks.
  At times I stress about what colours go where and if this colour should really be used and so on (ie have I got too many different shades of pink here?!) but then I was looking at some roses I cut for the table the other day. I had flowers from lots of different plants and realised it was quite a mish-mash of colours, lots of different shades of pink and the odd red and it didn't matter at all!! They looked great! (And smelt lovely too!) So maybe I need to lighten up a bit in my colour arranging and not worry so much!! The photo doesn't illustrate what I mean very well but I hope you see what I'm trying to say.

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Joanna said...

Hi Raewyn! Just had to stop by and thanks so much for your comment about my needleturn tutorial. You'll have to tell me - do I still sound like a Kiwi?!! My family in NZ thinks I sound so American yet every day here, after 11 years, I'm still asked where I'm from. Go figure.

Anyway, I see you're a dairy farmer in Northland. Which part? We used to vacation up there a lot. My sister and her family live in Pahia - they run the backpackers there and love it! We are originally from Dunedin but I grew up mainly in Hamilton.

Now onto the question of too many pinks - I would do even more!! I understand exactly what you are saying with the roses. Great example:) I find you can pick a color family(pink in this case) and absolutely any combination of pinks will work together. You could even go into the reds and peaches and still be OK. It looks beautiful!