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Thursday, June 27, 2019

I've been quilting

I have a couple of finishes to share that I've nearly forgotten about! With the end of June closing in on us, I thought I'd better focus and write about them before they're totally old news!

Recently I shared a block I'd made; another of the ones I've tested for Juliet of Tartankiwi. I'm pleased to say that it's now a finished cushion.
I figured the front didn't need a lot of fancy quilting, the sweet hedgehog takes centre stage, so I cross hatched the light background and stitched in the stitched in the ditch of some of the spines, the eye, nose, etc. The first border I didn't touch, apart from more ditch-stitching, then a simple feather in the last's been ages since I quilted feathers so I quite enjoyed that!
The back was a different story. I like quilting my backs as well - it gives the cushion a lovely finish and is another way to practise some new quilting designs.
I'm not sure but I think this was Lori Kennedy's Fantasy Flower

And this was her Modern half circles.
Quick and easy.

Juliet has now released this pattern - *here* is a link to her Etsy shop.
I added an extra border to make it a bit bigger than Juliet's pattern asked for. That way I could use it on the nook sofa with more of Juliet's designs.
Just fabulous!

Last month I finished the two heart quilts I'd made to send to Christchurch for victims of the terror attack down there.
There was a phenomenal response from all over the world and I think they will receive close to 1000 quilts. There will be quilts to gift to all those affected; family members of the dead, the injured, affected members of the Muslim community, emergency services, support workers.
I hope my two small contributions bring a bit of love and support to those who receive them.
A lot of my heart blocks were made by ladies in Australia, who I gathered with at retreat in NSW. I then pieced the tops and then quilted them. 
(Green being the colour requested as a colour of significance for the Muslim faith).
This quilt I stippled/meandered in the light areas and did a bit of straight line stuff in some of the borders and coloured areas.
And popped the odd extra heart in too.
On the second quilt I did a looser meander, more of a loop de loop.
— some straight lines, and this loopy thing I cant remember the name of in the sashing/border.
I used the same green fabric from the front as the backing and hoped to bind with it too, but soon discovered I didn't quite have enough left for traditional binding.
Out came the tutorial for two fabric flanged binding by Karen's Quilts Crows and Cardinals .
This uses two narrower strips of different fabrics sewn together and is a good little trick in situations like this!
And viola! just enough green for this binding!
I'm trying to keep my quilting machine (Sweet 16) busy with another flimsy on it at the moment but that's slow going as my piecing machine needs humming time too! (Have to get my One Monthly Goal finished!!).
'til next time,
Happy stitches, 


Janice said...

I love you grouping of cushions. Your latest one is gorgeous. The Christchurch quilts have turned out so well. It as a pleasure to contribute just a teensy bit to them. I’m sure the recipients will love them.


i love your aqua hedgehog--he is sooo handsome--
and then he joins his friends on the couch in a cute grouping--and isn't even afraid of the living fur ball on the couch--!!!!
and that is a lovely green heart quilt--nice donation--
luv, di

Fiona said...

Love the hedgehog cushion and he looks so good with the others.... Lovely quilts that you have sent off... great effort and the quilting is perfect for them. I haven't done line borders much and it looks so effective with the wiggle inside...

Jenny said...

The heart quilts are beautiful, I'm sure they will be treasured.

marina said...

Love your new cushion and it’s friends on the couch!
You have put the heart quilts together so beautifully and the quilting completes them perfectly
Have keeping both machines humming, You could do it with your eyes closed!

Janet O. said...

The hedgehog is adorable. My second daughter's family used to have a hedgehog pet. Your grouping of cushions is very cute.
Great job on the heart quilts. Wonderful to hear that there was such a great response.

kiwikid said...

Well done Raewyn,, love the cushions, the hedgehog is so cute!! Well done with the Healing Hearts quilts, you have done a fantastic job, putting them all together and quilting them, they will give someone much comfort. So good to hear people rallied to the call.

Maria said...

love the Hedgehog cushion and the three look beautiful together..
Both HEART quilts are lovely and the quilting on all the projects is fabulous.

Leeanne said...

Your quilting looks great. I have the hedgehog pattern too I'm keen to make that spikey dude too. There has been a tremendous out pouring of heart quilts for Christchurch, awesome to see. said...

Your hedgehog pillow turned out lovely. The Christchurch quilt is great too. Your cat looks very similar to my cat Lucy.

GittaS said...

Ein fantastischer Herzquilt,wunderbar!!

Michelle Ridgway said...

Don't the cushions look wonderful! Love them all! Fantastic job on the Christchurch Hearts quilts. It was So special the way the quilting community wrapped their arms around all concerned. I love knowing that I was able to send a little love too xx

Susan said...

Looks like the cat gave a final inspection of your cushions....they look great!
Looks like the green hearts I brought down were put to good use. such great patterns and lovely quilting.

Suz J said...

Wow... so busy Raewyn! You are like superwoman, but a little birdie told me you haven't been well so hopefully you are keeping warm and recovering well.

Mystic Quilter said...

A darling little hedgehog Raewyn, these little testers certainly keep you busy!

Sandra Walker said...

Love that hedgehog cushion, oh the colours!, and you remind me to check Lori's blog when I need inspiration too... Beautiful quilts for Christchurch too. I sent them some blocks...1000 quilts?!! Doesn't that show there is much more love and care in the world than hate and intolerance....