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Friday, May 17, 2019

Time to catch up again!

Since my last post I've fitted a little sewing in but I'm determined to do a photo catch up before getting back into my quilty crafty posts.
So if you're here for the fabrics and threads, you're out of luck, come back next's post is all about family and farm.

Easter of course is long been and gone - my sister and her family came to visit. We worked out that it was 10 years since they'd been out to the farm; they live a ways away and in their previous visits up north they've been to wedding venues and then back home again. SO it really was great to have them visit.
My sister and I ♥
Easter time was all about family. It was great to have everyone together. YD and I organised an egg hunt for the younger ones which they totally enjoyed nephew spun a great yarn about seeing something fluffy out in the garden the previous night and led the younger ones off Pied Piper style.
The cousins had a fun time playing together. Nice to see the older girls sharing one of their favourite farm games with the younger.
And some just posed gorgeously —
The older girls are living up north full time now so we are enjoying seeing a lot more of them. They now have the opportunity to take part in school sports and are both playing Saturday netball. While the MOML spends his Saturdays following our son and the two son-in-laws and their rugby games, I'm now a Netball Ganma and spend Saturday mornings at the netball courts! I was a netbal girl myself so am enjoying it a lot!
J on left in black.
One time the girls came home with me after netball to stay the night. They're keen cooks so there was no meal making for me while they were here. We ate well :-) 
Wednesday has become another Ganma day. I drop these two off at kindy —
— then carry on to ED's to look after these two while she works.
Aren't I lucky? ♥♥♥
OK, enough of the family. Now for the farm pics.
I took this one back in April while I was shifting the cows one afternoon. We have a few paddocks over the road which we graze in the weekends when there is little traffic (and definitely no logging trucks!) (If you click on the photos they should enlarge for a better look).
Here is me shifting the cows again. We've really greened up since a bit of rain.
Because we don't get very cold here, and there is a lot of evergreen native bush,  we don't get a huge amount of autumn colour. This year I missed getting out wit the camera but I got this one from the deck. Liquid Ambers never disappoint.
Random shot, peeking through some trees.

The cows are looking a little woolier than usual.
The sheep always looking wooly :-)
We had some beautiful sunsets a few weeks ago. Dinner was late some nights while I was out looking at them. I really liked this photo —
Yahoo - caught up again!! Here's hoping I can stay caught up and next post will have some stitching goodness :-)
If you got to the end, thanks for persisting!!
'til next time,
happy stitches, 



Family is everything--so glad you and your sister were finally able to get together
and share some good times and catch up--
and look at all those fun 'kid' times--
enjoy every minute of them--
luv, di

Jenny said...

Lovely family pics and I always enjoy seeing farming photos too. The Easter egg hunt looked fun!

Needled Mom said...

As I always say, I'm too busy enjoying life rather than posting about it! Great seeing all the family pics. I can't believe the twins are in school now. They grew up too quickly.

The Liquidambers are our colorful trees too in the autumn. It's too warm for much else to show colors other than golden.

Michelle Ridgway said...

How wonderful to have your Sister visit. Such happy family photos...they are all growing so quickly! You do live in a beautiful spot Raewyn. Loved seeing your photos xx

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

Love seeing your family and farm again - I think it is nice that you do not get really cold weather in your winter. I think it is so great you get to spend time your grandchildren I missed out on that as mine are a distance away and now almost grown - well grandson would say he is grown as he is in the army now but to me he is still a kid!

Quiltdivajulie said...

Yes, you are a very luck Gamma with those adorable young ones. Enjoyed the farm photos, too.

Janet O. said...

It was fun following along on your "catch-up."
Looks like Easter was a very special gathering.
Love the shots of your cute grands.
Wow--gorgeous sunset. Haven't had an amazing one around here in a while.

Mystic Quilter said...

Love the photos of both family and farm!! Seems like the grandies keep you occupied for part of the week and the cows for the remainder! The photos you took of shifting the cows took me way back to my childhood when we just had to go through the gate two doors up and we were in the farm fields, cows and the shire horses too when they weren't working. Are you on the milking shift?

Maria said...
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Maria said...

I always love seeing the photos of your gorgeous family. Sew nice to have had your sister visit....
Fun Easter hunt with the big ones helping ... great photo of the wee one hehind the orange tree, sew cute.
You are lucky to have a happy Grumma day ....
lots of nice farm shots.
Amazing sunset......

Karen S said...

It is lovely to see everything that is going on at the farm. And so good to see family having fun together.

Leeanne said...

So wonderful to have these special times with your family! The Easter Bunny has lots of cool places to hide the chocolate treats!

Fiona said...

so lovely to catch up with the family and farm.... and clearlty you are having a lot of fun enjoying Grumma times...

kiwikid said...

Wonderful post Raewyn, wonderful Easter egg hunt and fantastic all the cousins could be together. I bet the twinnie girls had a great time with the big girls. Lovely for you to be a netball ganma!! Always good to see photos of the farm and the animals, and how good to spend time with your sister! !

Joy from Days Filled With Joy said...

Such lovely memories for you and I'm glad you're sharing them with us! Aren't all your grandies sooo adorable :) You are blessed! xx