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Wednesday, November 14, 2018

Auckland Festival of Quilts

Last weekend I left my calves in the trustworthy hands of my son-in-law and went down to Auckland for this year's Festival of Quilts.(Golly, it was nearly 2 weeks ago now!)
The Country Yard had a stand there again this year.....I worked at the shop on Thursday and by the time I got down to Auckland (with more supplies) Kerryn and Bernice had done a marvellous job of setting up our stand.
Friday morning - time for a quick team photo before I went off to play....
I met up with Linda and Julie and spent a lovely few hours in their company. Quilts and shopping. Fun :-)
On Saturday I worked on our stand and that was a good day too. Home that night, tired but full of quilty inspiration:-)

The photos are in no particular order and I apologise in advance if there are too many and that they're not all square, etc etc —
I actually thought this quilt was Best of Show, but discovered a day later it was Amateur Best of Show, rather than the penultimate.
Whilst the Hand Heals by Jenni Scott.
Using Yoko Saito's Traditional Pattern Lessons.
A lot of this quilt was completed while the maker had her wrist in plaster.
Who Am I to argue with the judges, but I didn't actually take a photo of the Best of Show.

I follow Esther Aliu's blog; she designs beautiful quilts which are always works of art. I started one years ago and didn't get very far but would love to finish it someday before starting another of her's.
Her designs often win awards, all around the world. Here are two by Jenny Henry —
Secret Garden
Red Delicious
It seemed that this year there were quite a few quilts in surprise fabrics (to me, at least). For example, below is a Dear Jane quilt in Kaffe Fasset fabrics. Quite a different look and quite pretty.
Dear Jane, by Margaret Reid.
Wendy Williams seems to be a popular Australlian designer here in New Zealand; there were a few of her quilts. 
Around the Garden by Rebecca Bishop

Sonya Prchal makes beautiful painted and then thread painted quilts. Her Cats is no exception.
Cats by Sonya Prchal
I was pleased to see a Foxley Village, designed by Natalie Bird. This was a BOM in last year's Australian Homespun magazine. The original was in Tilda fabrics, not sure what was used here. I've collected the patterns and fabrics for this and is another on my to-do list.
Foxley Village by Mary Metcalf.
There was no hand stitching in this version.
It was fun to see the Birds of a Feather quilt by Tish Brindle. I've often looked at these birds and thought I'd like to make some. They'd make a good swap or scrap challenge block.
Here are a few with a New Zealand flavour.
A truly unique Eye-spy by Ku Bailey

Neighbours by Dianne Dowd. NZ and Australian birds.
Helen Godden class using Lumiere paints and free motion quilting
Year of the Kiwi by Kathy Ronson.
Southern Hemisphere activities!
One of the more traditional looking quilts.
Little pieces of Yesteryear by Colleen Burr.
This hasn't photographed very well so I've shown a close-up photo too.
Bluebirds by Tracey Roberts
As usual, plenty of lovely quilting to look at —
Churn and Dash again by Judi Schon
Sue Flego's Just for Fun.
Her interpretation of a Sarah Fielke design
High Rise City.
Anne Joule makes beautiful EPP quilts from tie off-cuts. Most years she has
another one to exhibit.
This has got quite long!! But if you want to see even more quilts, pop over to Julie's post about the show.
Charlotte has also written about it in three interesting posts.
If you want to see what Linda bought - oh la la - head over *here* and *here*- it was exciting to be with her when she found this treasure :-)

Well done if you've got to the end! I hope you've enjoyed seeing the quilts.
Till next time, 
happy stitches 


Doniene said...

Fabulous!! What gorgeous quilts! Way outside my ability or time!! Glad it was successful!

Blessings and hugs!

Karen - Quilts...etc. said...

what wonderful quilts - I see a bird quilt something like the one I made - so nice you got to catch up with Julie and Linda I follow both of the to. Love all the quilts that you shared it is so nice seeing all of these - I love Wendy's designs and Esther's although I admit I have not finished one of Esther's that I started some time ago (many years now :( )

QuiltShopGal said...

I'm so happy you had a chance to getaway from your lovely cows and spend time with friends at such an amazing quilt show. Thanks for sharing photos of so many of the inspirational quilts. Looks like fun, fun, fun.

loulee said...

Looks like a fabulous quilt show. Thank you for sharing.

Karen S said...

It all looks wonderful. Thanks for sharing a part of the show.

Julie said...

Beautiful quilts Raewyn. I love the Round the Garden one ... gorgeous colours in it. Your stall looked wonderful, just as I knew it would. I have never been to the festival so I must try & get there one year.

Michelle Ridgway said...

Beautiful work! Thanks for sharing. I was sad that we were not permitted to take photos this year at Brisbane show. Its It's so inspiring to see others lovely work x

Lin said...

What a lot of stunning quilts Raewyn! I too love the first one, so beautiful and the KF Dear Jane is a stunner but they are all beautiful. xx

Helen said...

Lots of wonderful quilts there.....beautiful.

gz said...

all that inspiring work....mind blowing!

sunny said...

What amazing quilts! And the first one is considered Amateur???? Wonder what she'll be making next> Glad you had a fun weekend. said...

Thanks for sharing all of the gorgeous quilts.

Needled Mom said...

Those quilts are just incredible. Those birds really would make a fun swap quilt in so many different fabrics.

Glad you were able to get away for awhile and enjoy the show.

Mystic Quilter said...

Thanks for sharing the quilt pics with those of us who weren't able to make it to the show. Was it a successful show? Still getting the bus loads arriving?

Leeanne said...

A great series of snapshots of another great show. Nice you got so many photo's.

Fiona said...

a lovely post with lots to see … and lots of other places to visit. The quilts are incredible.... love them...

kiwikid said...

Wonderful post Raewyn, thanks for sharing ohotos of the beautiful quilts, love the fairy I Spy and the NZ quilts, love that bird quilt when I saw it of Julies post. Might have to investigate that one 😆. Wonderful for you to have a break from the calves.

Maria said...

Just WOW.

Vicki said...

That looks like a fantastic festival of quilts. Thanks for sharing so many photos.

Charlotte Scott said...

Finally got over here to see what quilts you picked to feature. I love seeing which ones people pick, it's almost like going to FOQ again! I hardly had time to visit the vendors, next time (I almost said year, but next year is symposium of course!) I must try and allocate 2 days.

Roses, Lace and Brocante said...

Lots of beautiful quilting here Raewyn and I imagine you collected more than a few goodies as you walked around!
I'll have to keep my eye out for the Festival of Quilts this year and then I can meet you!
Our daughter and family moved to Whangarei in February, they bought a cafe and refurbished it.
Now it is a french cafe called Le Bistro de Paris at 84 Cameron Street.
If you're ever in Whangarei and need a coffee etc do pop in and tell her you're one of my blog friends - she will give you a warm welcome!!!
If you check out my blog I've actually done a few posts lately....not before time!!!
Shane xx