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Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Our New Year's Launch

About this time each year we get busy at The Country Yard, sprucing up the shop and announcing new programmes and classes. On Saturday we had our New Year's Launch; our day to introduce all that we've been working on lately.  We had spent Friday hanging new quilts, freshening up areas and reorganising the shop. 
At the front door, this is the sight that greets you.
Although it had poured all night and it was still raining on Saturday, we had lots of keen ladies visit to see what we'd been up to.
Every time we change the shop around we think it's the best it's been...but then next time we do it, we think the same!
Below is the work room. On these walls are some of the classes we'll be offering and works in progress.. we didn't get everything sewn up that we wanted to but we have made a good start on most of it.
You may remember some sneak peeks of cute applique from my previous post.  Here is a little more of what I was doing —
And below shows the 'block' (row, actually) in its entirety. It's forming part of a Row By Row quilt. I completed the applique using iron on Applique papers, a glue stick and invisible machine applique.
My row is just one of many in the quilt, and the only applique row.
There is a much loved and faded old quilt we used to hang at the front door of the shop. For years we have said we'd like to re-make it and finally we have made a start. I volunteered to make this one, I figure it's right up my street.
Here is the cow block... you can see part of the original quilt to the right.
I just love her 3-D ears...and had a lot of fun getting them right!
The pigs were next.
I think I'm going to change those snouts and make them a little more pointy
and pig like!
I'm looking forward to working some more on this quilt!

I mentioned the rain earlier on ... this February is surely going to be remembered as one that had plenty of heat, humidity and rain. There's been flooding in several regions but we are thankful nothing severe has happened here. (It's not often NZ dairy farmers say "we've had enough rain" in the middle of summer!)
At the start of the month we were spending time in the river; all of us cooling off.
Lately we've been able to see the same river from the house..which
is not normal.... here at least 5 metres above the usual level!
Cooling off now consists of paddling in the 'floodwaters'.
You can just see the wooden railings on the right leading to the bridge.
The bridge itself is completely covered by water! 
It's great fun being a dog when the river's up as there are all sorts of smells not normally found.
I wondered what was going on here —
Two dogs trying to climb the tree......
Ahhh... there's a wee possum just out of reach.
It wasn't there the next day -  it had found a safer hiding spot!
So there's plenty keeping us out of mischief at the moment. More rain is forecast for later in the week and I see more sewing on my horizon too!
Until next time,
happy stitches,


  1. I hope it doesn't rain so much that it floods higher than it is now! Love seeing the shop that you work in so many nice quilts hanging!

  2. The shop looks wonderful, I have to agree that it is the best its been - wink! I adore your applique row, especially that little travel trailer. So cute! Your cow is adorable. I rarely think to use 3 dimensional elements in quilts, but this is so effective!

  3. That looks like a shop I would love to visit! And it looks like you ladies work very hard at making it a great place to shop.
    The cow's ears are so clever. Yes, the pigs could use a little more definition to their snouts. I'll be interested to see what you do to them.
    My goodness, you have been inundated with rain!!

  4. What an adorable shop and glad that folks came out in the rain to see your new look--
    and those projects really look like fun--
    we could use some rain here in my area of Florida!!!
    enjoy, di

  5. I'd love to visit your shop, looks like a very enjoyable afternoon. We haven't had rain but we got 10" of snow last week.

  6. Loved a little glimpse of the shop, I've never been there actually! Lots of progress, I love the cow's ears!

  7. The shop looks wonderful with all the lovely quilts and projects. Great to hear you have had good rains.

  8. The shop looks most impressive Raewyn, I remember walking in the door and having a wow looked wonderful then! Seems like you have had enough rain for now, it sure was heavy in Auckland on the weekend. Love the row you have done with the car and caravan and the cows ears are very cute. The dogs pick up on everything don't they, that possum must have been a bit worried 😆

  9. The shop looks amazing Raewyn with lots of tempting projects. You girls do a wonderful job of your New Years launch. I am glad that the crowds came despite the weather. Yes we have had the rain here too & the paddocks are looking very green for February. The weeds in the garden look amazing too!!!!

  10. The shop just keeps looking better! Impressive crowds despite the rain.......quilters are a hardy bunch! Must be like farmers in all the rain.

  11. Your cow block is the cutest ever. Then I saw the ears. Wow! Just too cute. The shop looks amazing - wish I was close enough to see it in person. Thanks for the tour.

  12. The shop does look so nice. It must be fun to look back at past years. I just love that barnyard quilt. I can't wait to see it all done.

  13. I was thinking of you up on the farm with all the wet weather, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that the water doesn't get any higher!

  14. So nice to see photos from the launch.....I was gutted that I missed it. Look forward to popping into the shop when I can to see for myself.
    You have all been so busy! I look forward to seeing the barnyard quilt finished and hanging up outside.
    The rain has been good but maybe a few days of fine weather would dry things out a bit. As you say farmers don't usually complain of rain in the summer, almost feels like Autumn weather apart form the humidity!!
    Happy sewing hugs xxx

  15. Shop looks gorgeous! Love those little pigs and cow block.
    Your row in the quilt is fantastic too.
    Looks like the dogs made the most of the wet, I know mine would be in heaven too

  16. Such a fantastic shop .. lovely to work in and help do some of the projects on display.
    Do hope that water doesn't get any higher as 5mts isn't far from the house.
    Cute possum hiding in the tree.

  17. A lovely fresh start for the new year - lucky you to be working there. xx

  18. The shop looks so lovely! I would love to come and visit one day!!! Need to tell hubby he needs to go on a business trip over your way :) Love all your applique and sewing too.. and hope the water doesn't get any higher... xx

  19. I love your shop ..... and am always amazed at how moving things around just gives a totally different look and one notices things not seen before..... I did notice the lovely walkway decorations to the Christmas area too! How cute is your new farmyard quilt .... you do get heaps done.... lovely rain... we should share!!


  20. The shop looks fabulous! Love all those quilty ideas! Maybe someday I’ll visit in person!! Your row by row looks like loads of cuteness!

    Oh my! Lots of rain! We’re ready for some here. So very dry!! The tank is nearly dry!

    Big hugs from Texas!

  21. The shop must look lovely each time it is rearranged. I always enjoy that because I find things I had not seen before. The new quilts are always great to see. Love the cow and pig blocks.
    I thin there are a lot of people here who would love some rain. It is unusual for you to have so much in Feb.
    Obviously the dogs are making the most of it.

  22. Great post. Love all the photos especially the little critter....grin.

  23. You look like Tennessee! We had our first day of sunshine in well over a week today, and most of the next week will be more rain, with a couple of partly cloudy days thrown in - how partly is anyone's guess. I'm really glad I live on a hill! That river of yours is amazing. It must have taken an awful lot of rain to flood it that high! the shop looks fabulous, and I can't compare it to former times, but this is very inviting. The cow is so appealing, and I like the pigs, too; their snouty noses are looking good to me.

  24. The shops looks wonderful! I wish I could rest the shop I work at once in a while...but that's not going to happen so I'll just live that experience vicariuosly through you :) I hope the extra rain didn't make the river rise further out of its banks.

  25. The shop looks great. Love all of the projects and the new cow and pigs are going to be moovelous. Or is it oinkilicious? We have flooding but we are late spring, about 4 weeks to spring.


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